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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Democrats join the fascists

Bob Just talked about the spreading fascism in the Democratic party. But it wasn't a premonition of 9-11.

He was talking about the problems in the DNC in 2000. Those fascist tendencies are resurfacing.

The problem the Democrats have is that they rationalize their conduct in that they're fighting a "greater enemy."

Today, it's clear that the ghosts of the 1930s have not only infected the RNC, but the DNC as well.

Look around you

I've been noticing alot of belligerence. There's smearing going on on both sides.

People aren't reading things, but making accusations based on "what was said."

And people are asserting wrongdoing without being able to point to compelling evidence.

Rather, instead of rising above it, the DNC appears to be sanctioning the conduct.

All in the name of keeping people focused. Huh? That sound like more of the Nazi-stuff of the 1930s: "Keep them focused," "define success."

I'm all for free and open debate, but the issue isn't to choose between the RNC and DNC.

Rather, both sides needs to realize the real issue is between the Constitution and tyranny.

Unfortunately, some have suggested that asserting there are problems within the DNC, or that people are acting in abusive ways, is immediately turned around as if the person making the comment has the problem.

That's all well and good. But that's no different than the problems we've been seeing in the RNC.

What is the DNC's approach? Not to take a step back, but to smear those making their concerns known.

See what you notice. Be mindful of the following abusive, manipulative practices in the DNC:

  • Smearing those who speak out

  • Requiring people to explain themselves over and over

  • Calling those they disagree with "mental cases"

  • Mandating absurd levels of "proof" that are not needed

  • Shifting the burden of proof

  • Denial of their conduct

  • Rationalization of their misconduct

  • Demand others not speak out about issues, or focus only on narrowly focused topics

  • Dissuade others from helping those who have been targeted

  • Labeling

  • Demanding evidence to justify belief; then rejecting or not reading that information once it is provided

  • Using compliance with unreasonable requests as proof of illusory infractions

  • Asserting wrongs and deviations that are not supported by evidence

  • Using allegations, not evidence, as the basis to make decisions

  • Shifting the focus from the problem to the messenger

  • Mobilizing the masses to assert an infraction, where no real problem exists

    Only listening to sources when the information is consistent with their agenda; implying the source has a "problem" when the conclusion points out something that is not consistent with their agenda

    Bullies are quick to embrace fascism

    In short, they're simply being bullies. And this was supposed to be the stuff that they were fighting against when they go up against the RNC.

    But the choice isn't between one bully or another. The real question is whether the DNC will wake up to their slide into fascism, or simply embrace that which they are fighting.