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Friday, August 12, 2005

The risk of assigning too much competence to tyrants

Fear is something we freely embrace.

Sometimes we do this when we assign too much power and competence to something that is an illusion.

I've noticed this lately and wanted to share with you a couple of anecdotes.

I hope you'll see that we sometimes assign too much competence and ability to things in hindsight. In reality, those we oppose have demonstrated no superior ability to organize or lead.

A close examination of their legacy shows there is a disconnect in what they actually do vs. what we might assign as their ability or organization ability.

To defeat them, their real vulnerabilities need to be exploited. To ensure our defeat, we must assign to them competence where their results demonstrate otherwise.

Anecdote One

Larisa Alexandrovna, of RawStory, wrote a very though provoking article on the Senate efforts to stifle public knowledge of White House misconduct. We were pleased that there's building momentum in the wake of the Downing Street Memo to re-examine the basis for war, the WMD claims, and the 9-11 failures.

Here are the details, on page 2 of the article on the Raw Story website:

  • First, blame the CIA

  • Second, blame the Democrats

  • Finally, blame Wilson and close the books

  • Now, blame Fitzgerald

    The details are located here. She does an outstanding job of putting all the information together in a single snapshot. Good work and thanks!

    Update: 12 Aug 05 Larisa Alexandrovna responds: "Constant: I am, as always impressed with your analysis. Thank you."

    Anecdotes Two

    In a similar spirit, The Bulldog Manifesto argues DoD wanted 9-11 to happen: Either Let it Happen on Purpose [LIHOP], or Make it Happen on Purpose [LIHOP].


    One of the themes of the article, "Senate Intelligence chairman quietly 'fixed' intelligence, and diverted blame from White House over Iraq" was that there were a number of phases in the Senate-White House plan.

    For purposes of discussion, I shall not dispute the fundamental contention that there was Senate involvement in the fixing of facts.

    Rather, my concern is that there is the arguable presumption that there were a number of phases that the Senate and White House went through. This may be true in hindsight; but my comment stems from whether these phases were actively planned; or are merely a useful construct to organize the unfolding pattern of misconduct.

    I make no claim that Larisa Alexandrovna explicitly said this, nor implied it. Rather, I feel it is appropriate to explore whether the White House-Senate phases were orchestrated going forward from 2000; or whether was a reaction in an effort to cover up, as each successive effort failed to work.


    Back to Bulldog. I do not dispute that this is what may or may not have happened: That government personnel knew of 9-11 and let it happen, or contributed to it.

    Rather, my contention is that we need to explore the contrast.

    let us suppose that the LIHOP/MIHOP construct is valid. This implies that someone was effective in either through inaction or action contributing to an outcome.


    Now, put that aside.


    Now consider the current situation in Iraq in light of both the Bulldog and Alexandrovna pieces. If we are to presume that the Senate and White House worked to suppress intelligence information about 9-11 and WMD; and at the same time there are rogue government forces that contributed to 9-11, we have to ask ourselves a few question:

  • Why is the government so "effective" at contributing to disasters, but not able to contribute to lawful action?

  • How can a national leadership that so abysmally fails in Iraq pre-war planning, so "effectively" engage in "effective" efforts to suppress information about intelligence, WMD, and agreements between the Congress and White House to do the most outrageous things?

  • If these events were "fully expected" or "by design", why isn't the same "grand design system" that created 9-11 able to train its personnel so that they would respond appropriately on 9-11?

  • If there is some grand force that is behind 9-11 and the White House responses to the "public's knowledge of the intelligence getting fixed," then why the abysmal ability of these "grand forces" to prepare for Iraq?

  • If there were "grand forces that wanted 9-11 to happen," or "wanted to wake people up to the importance of national defense," why didn't this "grand, all powerful force" not use 9-11 as the catalyst to mobilize with a draft for additional manpower; or allocate the funding to programs where there were shortfalls; and focus the "outrage" after 9-11 on credible solutions to implement plans to prepare for the full spectrum of possibilities in Iraq?

    My answer is simple: They're making this up as they go along; they are poorly organized; and the reason they're in this mess is that they are poorly planning a disorganized and lawless effort.

    Thus, back to the Alexandrovna piece. My point in speaking out isn't to reject the conclusions or construct. My point is to simply state that we should not give them too much credit where credit is not due.

    My point is that the salvos analogies shouldn't be something that is construed to be necessarily one "by design." It may be.

    However, another view is that the White House simply asserted greater action and efforts when it realized that each previous "salvo" was ineffectual.

    In other words, my view is that no one should walk away with the conclusion that the White House necessarily planned all for phases. It is my contention that the White House assumed each salvo, on its own, would be sufficient.

    Conversely, had the White House believed that Fitzgerald needed to be "blamed" before it started the salvos, then this would presume the White House would know that Fitzgerald would find something; but that the appropriate action was to do nothing.

    Again, Larisa Alexandrovna has not stated this, nor am I attempting to suggest that anyone has.

    My concern is that we can only arrive at a conclusion about "what is going on" through reason; yet, the actual events, planning, and results are completely at odds with that organized construct.

    In other words, with reference to the Bulldog Piece, it is a great leap to suggest that there was an organized effort to "let it" or "make it happen" [about 9-11]; while at the same time not assigning responsibility on those same entities for failing to plan in re Iraq, WMD, and the subsequent coverups.

    In short, my message is simple: We do ourselves a disservice when we assign greater ability to the forces of tyranny, when in practice their current position and status is because of their failures.

    The real problem is to explain why "despite this clear and obvious pattern" and the clear organization problem within both the White House and the RNC, that the forces of opposition have not simply asserted a marginal improvement to ensure the disorganized are destroyed by the forces of marginally better organized opponents.

    Translation: These guys in the White House and DoD are idiots. They have personnel resigning. For example, within the Pentagon, there are countless personnel resigning and they no longer will support or contribute in any way to the nation's acquisition community. There is a leadership problem. The experience is going out the door.

    This government is falling apart. The ones that got us into this mess are leaving us the mess to clean up.

    It is time to find these people that created this mess, bring them back, hold them accountable, and fix this mess.

    The time for giving them some sort of respect or deference needs to end. They cannot be given the respect of having created some sort of "grand plan to suppress information," when the evidence before us suggests that they have no grand plan. Rather, they're muddling along.

    Put it this way: If they truly had a "grand plan," would they not know before which of the options would work, and simply employ that option?

    If they truly had "superior" planning ability, would they not have simply employed that option that would have solved the problem?

    On all counts, they fail to demonstrate this. They fail to credibly show that they do plan; they make things up; they ignore information; they focus on the outcome without regard to reality.

    That is not leadership. That is recklessness.

    Thus, we fall into a trap of assigning them certain "phases" or "salvos", when the actual truth: Everything they thought would work, has failed.

    What they have thought "would be good enough to fool us" didn't work.

    That's not leadership. It's evidence that they're clueless. Out of touch. And that they have to rely on greater non-sense and lawlessness.

    The world is watching. It notices. And people are speaking with their feet.

    Those who are left behind have no choice but to rely on greater non-sense in order to avoid accountability. As time marches on, their stories are not matching. This means there are greater chances to find inconsistencies.

    That means there is a greater chance that their arrogance and stupidity will trip them up before the grand juries. Let them fall.

    It is not our job to stop that which refuses to stop. If they want to commit more crimes, then that information needs to be discussed, shared, documented.

    At this juncture, it appears the forces of lawlessness have impeded the courts. Have created roadblocks to evidence. Have injected a sense of "nothing can be done" attitude.

    That is non-sense. For we all have a memory. We all can notice what is going on.

    And there will be a time when the truth will come out, be slapped against the laws of war and jury instructions, and they will be held to account.

    So as you discuss these issues, do not fear that you are alone, or that nobody notices, or that the world "hasn't woken up."

    Rather, the world is noticing, the woken is waking up, and the world is looking for the right time to close the trap.

    They are already in it. They cannot get out. The more they struggle, the worse it gets.

    So let loose a little. Enjoy the struggle. Know that your contribution has assisted in bringing down these tyrants.

    It is time to enjoy the show. Do not be afraid. But now embrace those you see are acting out and acting strange: For they now feel safe to let loose the emotions they feel.

    Now is the time to begin the healing, the recovery, and the accountability.

    It will be emotional. It may seem confusing. But in reality, what is happening is the cards are getting set on the table, and the world is seeing how much nonsense has been behind these "leaders" and how quickly a nation embraced absurdity.

    Your job is to clear your mind. To challenge each other in your thinking. And to prepare to slay the tyrants with the final push.

    It will be some time. Pace yourself. But know that they know their options are running out.

    Most of all, they know they cannot fool you as easily. Your job is to keep your mind alert, to challenge the thinking and assumptions of others, and to focus on reality.

    That means facts, evidence, and the laws. Know they will do much to distract your attention from the law: It is something they created, and now it is something they will have to answer to.

    All the other things they talk about are just illusions. Their goal is to distract you from what actually happened, and make you embrace an illusion; then get you to believe that "what they did" was appropriate, regardless the laws.

    That is backwards.

    A. The starting position is the law.

    B. Then the next step is the evidence and facts. That is "the reality."

    C. Their "defense" rely on non-sense and absurdity. That is the delusion.

    Their goal is to get you to ignore A. and B. and get you to embrace C.

    That game is over.

    There is a danger is attributing the enemy with too much competence. Especially when "the fear of that competence" is unfounded, and only contributes to our embracing fear, absurdity, and non-sense.

    They are not Gods.

    They are criminals.

    They shall be defeated. And your job is to remind yourself that you are not alone.

    Things are going along as well as can be expected.

    Keep the faith. You have many allies who are waiting for the right time.

    That time is approaching.

    You have done well in your contributions.

    Keep it up. But don't lose your head about it.

    Enjoy your weekend.