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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Impeachment warmup: Chicago grand jury indictments

Here's a first cut at the indictments from Chicago. Use at your own risk.

Warning: This is a guess


Fitzgerald has put it all together.

Who's on the list? Pick.

Update 3 Oct 05: Cole says Bush orchestrated the Plame-name leak.

Update 5 Oct 05: Rumblings of 22 indictments.


Factions inside the intelligence community exist. Mitigation plans are available and being executed to prevent personnel from leaving CONUS.

Witnesses before the Grand Jury were making deals and turning on each other, creating more evidence to impeach witnesses.


The indictments include to 9-11 government coverups and inaction. Many civilians are the subject of the indictment.

The indictments relate to civilian involvement and advice to the President in re war crimes in Iraq. The indictments not only mentions the civilian and military leadership, but the President more than once.


Members of Congress are implicated for allegations of inaction despite being informed. There is a reasonable basis to conclude ethics investigations will occur.

Wide Conspiracy

The intimidation to be silent about the coverup and obstruction of justice is pervasive within the Executive branch and public universities and think tanks.

After the initial violations, subsequent required communication actions were not adequate or consistent with policies. The indictments also relate to tampering with FBI agents in their effort to investigate misconduct at all levels of the government. FBI agents traced campaign funding and were well aware of unlawful use of US military forces CONUS.


The Grand Jury has had access to unimaginable NSA intercepts of civilian and contractor involvement and obstruction and funding flows.

The evidence can be traced to Guantanamo. White House and DoD JCS have been linked to the obstruction. Subsequent cover-up actions and falsified evidence proved ineffectual.

The evidence is not only from US sources but also from overseas with transcripts.

Of interest

I found this list of interesting tidbits about the CIA leak case.

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