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Thursday, July 07, 2005

DSM: American prosecutors continue to assert the Constitution over a tyrant

The media and RNC have been given a rude wakeup call. But rather than reform, they will likely blame the very forces of law and order most appropriate to impose discipline.

The Downing Street Memo shows us how far the absurdity has spread. A professional inquiry is needed, other wise the civilian population will only expose it to more risks.

If the American civilian population refuse to assert the rule of law and the Constitution over a tyrant, it may be just a matter of time before external forces impose consequences for the lawlessness to spread.

RNC is in trouble. They are reversing themselves to side with the momentum of the opposition.

This note explains their strategy.

RNC recognizes that it is overwhelmed. The trick at this point is to shift their alignment from the RNC base, to those forces that are overwhelming RNC.

In this case, there are two major efforts that are going against the RNC: The Constitution; and the public.

The RNC trick has been to realize that the momentum is overwhelming and then create the impression that the interests of those aligned with both the Constitution and the popular support will be undermined if there are consequences on those who are protecting the RNC.

There are two examples. First, there is the jailing of the media; second is the RNC effort to align themselves with the families.

What the media has done over the years is been the RNC mouth piece. At a time when the White House and RNC is under scrutiny for allegedly supporting unlawful wars, the RNC approach has been to mobilize the base to create the illusion that anything done to threaten the RNC-media relationship is contrary to the Constitution. This is absurd.

Also, the RNC realizes that at this desperate point in time, they have to align themselves not with the rule of law, but with the emotional sympathy for the families.

But take a step back. What the RNC is actually hoping to do is shift your attention away from the legality of the war, and get you to gradually identify not with the war directly, but to indirectly support the war through the families.

This is another way of personalizing the conflict, although the underlying efforts are unlawful.


This note outlines the broader RNC trend of reversing itself. No longer is the RNC able to successfully prevail over the gathering public outrage over the Downing Street Memo.

Rather, what the RNC is doing is to realign itself with those forces to appear that the RNC is with both of the forces that are actually most threatening to the RNC interests.

This note will explore the curious RNC reversal. We speculate that the RNC knows the noose is getting tighter. Rather than directly fight with those forces that are overwhelming the RNC, the leadership has sought to align itself with the momentum, thereby suggesting that anything that opposes this momentum is a threat to the Constitution.

There is one small problem: RNC remains at the heart of the threat to the Constitution.

This note will look into the strange reversal and outline some indicators of other events and trends emerging; and point to some indicators that RNC is very desperate.


The major problem with combat operations in Iraq is that they are unlawful. This late in the game many people are still not linking the “lack of evidence” with their “personal support for the war.”

During WWII, those civilian contractors who materially supported the war were found liable for war crimes.

Today, in 2005 there is the real possibility the same liability could attach itself to not only US contractors but the civilian population that has supported the unlawful war effort.

Some suggest that the contracts were issued. However, contracts that support unlawful efforts are not enforceable.

The RNC has a major problem: The world knows that the war is unlawful; and the number one fund raiser for the RNC is the man who is in charge of this unlawful war of aggression.

Rather than assert something that is not getting traction, the RNC has now shifted from openly smearing the opposition to getting the opposition to support what is unlawful. But they do so indirectly.

Rather than ask or compel the civilian population to embrace unlawful war, what they’ve done is ask the civilian population to support the families of those in the military. This should be seen for what it is: Merely a prepatory step to get more of the public to accept that which is unlawful.

RNC knows that the war is unlawful. And it also recognizes that the civilian population recognizes the same. The objective at this point is to gradually sway the powerful opposition to the side of the RNC.

This effort should send a message of congratulations to the Downing Street Memo advocates. For it is now evident that RNC recognizes you as a viable political force that cannot be easily dissuaded.

Rather, RNC recognizes your strength. Rather than combat you head on or attempt to defeat you [which has proven ineffectual], the RNC simply recognizes that there is a powerful force that must be manipulated.

Thus, we arrive at the true purpose of this note: It is a word of warning to those in the Downing Street Memo coalition. Know that you are being manipulated.

The real issue is one between the constitution or a tyrant. But what the RNC has done is shifted the focus from whether there has been war crimes to a question of whether you are for or against the families.

This should be taken for what it is: A deliberate reframing of the debate into terms that are irrelevant to the real objectives. At this juncture, the military families actually have a problem. They have supported war criminals.

Further, the RNC is using the military families’ losses as a rallying point not just for the RNC, but also the RNC opposition. To be clear: RNC doesn’t care about the families at this point.

Rather, RNC cares about its own power and crumbling foundation. RNC has a major credibility problem. But rather than respond to questions related to war crimes, all they hope to do is shift attention from the war crimes onto something that the opposition might be less inclined to attack. In turn, the next steps is to then align the White House with the families; and then imply that anyone who dares attack the White House on the grounds that the war is illegal is actually being unsupportive of those who are facing losses.

Well, let’s call this what it is: Non-sense. What the White House is actually doing is admitting that it no longer can successfully argue for the war on the basis of WMD. Rather, it’s turned the argument into something related to support for families who are suffering losses.

Yet, let’s be clear. The White House undermines it’s credibility when it openly shifts from the legal foundation for war [which there is no defense or evidence] and openly moves to an emotional argument [the loss of the families.].

There is nothing before us that suggests the original reasons for war are suddenly compelling. Rather, the point is that RNC’s position is to tenuous that it can only ‘win” if it engaged in more emotional arguments.

This is no different than Rice creating images of mushroom clouds to get Congressional support for war. Small problem: The Downing Street Memo shows us it was a fabrication.


The other reversal has been the media.

Recently, the issue over sources has come up. Originally, the White House was rather quiet over things. However, this prosecutor appears to know something which the White House does not. The prosecutor is not letting go. This has the RNC worried. They don’t know how far this will spread.

Up until now, the White House and RNC have looked at the media as a pawn: Something to be manipulated and sacrificed for the good of the state.

The media has only just woken up to the ruse. However, the real issue is not whether the media is free, but whether the media is going to hide war criminals or expose them.

The RNC hopes to frame the debate in something that will split the opposition. But this is shown for what it is: A ruse.

For RNC, as it did with the military families, has shown that it will align itself with the momentum of the opposition in order to manipulate that opposition.

In the case of the media, the RNC knows that the overwhelming support is for the Constitution. Thus, rather than openly and directly fight that overwhelming force, the RNC has reversed itself.

No longer is the RNC willing to openly oppose the Constitution. Rather, the RNC hopes to feed off this momentum by implying that the people’s interests in the Constitution are best served if they do what the RNC wants.

Again, the issue should be seen for what it is. The RNC’s real goal here is not to preserve the constitution; rather, the real goal is to use the support for the Constitution as a force that can be manipulated to serve the interests of the RNC objectives.

If the RNC really was for the constitution, it would not have encouraged its members to remain silent about the war crimes in Iraq; nor silent about the larger number of people involved in fixing facts.

But the RNC is contrary to the rule of law and the Constitution. At this juncture, the objective of the RNC isn’t to preserve the Constitution, but their own position. The real objective is to use whatever they need to do to achieve that outcome.

At this juncture, the forces behind the Constitution are more powerful than the RNC. So rather than fight the inevitable momentum, the RNC hopes to shift this momentum. In doing so the RNC is showing several things: That they are reversing themselves; that the core principles that they are talking about are not consistent with their actions; and that they are openly abandoning their primary loyalty to the RNC base and putting greater focus and emphasis on aligning themselves with the momentum to shore up their inner leadership circle.

It will be only a matter of time before the RNC base understands the real reversal and it’s implications. Again, what the leadership has done is realized that the statements it has made to mobilize the RNC base are failing; and that the underlying momentum of its own party if far less of a force than what the RNC membership has been led to believe.

This means that once the RNC base understands the reversal, there is going to be a sense of doom and foreboding setting in. But there will also be confusion. Because at the same time, because the RNC is aligning itself with the opposition’s momentum [the media, the popular support, and the constitution] then the RNC base will have to embrace greater absurdity to accept this construct.

But both conclusions are tenuous. For the RNC is doing two things that are not only signs of desperation, but are actually further destroying their popular support.

First, they are aligning themselves with those who are most in opposition to the RNC, and hoping to create a larger consensus based on the idea of popular support for the military and the Constitution.

Second, by using energy to align themselves with the opposition, they are spending less time working with their own base. But this actually works to the RNC leadership’s advantage. At this juncture, as the base is both confused and ignored, the RNC base is going to attempt to lash out to get attention.

When the RNC base realizes that it has gone too far, the RNC leadership will walk in, impose discipline, shake things up, and the RNC base is going to feel corrected? This will ensure that the linkage between the RNC leadership and the base remains in tact, although the relationship is more openly based on abuse and manipulation not a strong support for moral choices.

Overall, the RNC is gambling that is membership will remain loyal despite the reversal; while at the same time it can convince more people to embrace the larger issues, and not see through the RNC ruses.

The remains of this note goes into the details behind the RNC ruses and goes though a number of points showing why the RNC calculations, although bold, are very risk and going to fail.

What the RNC has not counted on is the very opposition that can see through the Downing Street Memo will also see through this ruse and show the RNC base that the RNC leadership is gambling with their good will.

Let’s go through the detailed issues before the RNC and show how they are being exploited for the RNC ends; why their real objectives should be seen for what they are; and how the RNC efforts are going to backfire.

Military families are being exploited

At this juncture, the military families have a major problem. They’ve supported troops waged in unlawful wars of aggression.

What the White House and President are doing is asking the world to embrace their losses as a means to generate support for the war that remains unlawful.

What the White House is doing is fixing the argument, just like it fixed the facts in the Downing Street memo. In this case, rather than compel people to support an unlawful war; they hope to generate support for the families. In turn, the next step is to then marshal this support for the families into momentum for the war, all the while never addressing the issues of legality.

The RNC-White House objective at this point is to shift the public attention away from war crimes and use the public momentum for the RNC interests.

But there is one small problem. The prosecutor is not swayed on the basis of popular opinion. The prosecutor has a larger master: the Constitution and the law.

Thus, what the White House and RNC are signaling is that their only hope of defending themselves it to generate public opposition to the prosecutions case and efforts so as to dissuade deeper inquiry.

The lessons of Ken Starr should not be lost. Starr learned too late that the Clinton spin machine was personalizing the attacks on Starr so as to dissuade the prosecutor’s efforts. The RNC is doing the same thing with the current investigations.

This will do two things: First, keep the media focused on the prosecutor’s conduct and distract attention from the White House; and generate public comments to the Congress that dissuades action on the inquiry.

Again, both efforts are likely to fail so long as the opposition recognizes how they are being actively used by this White House to undermine the investigation into the Downing Street Memo.

Let me say that again. The White House recognizes that the Downing Street Memo coalition is a formidable opponent. The goal of the White House is to take control of this movement by aligning the White House with the goals of the movement.

But this is just an illusion. For the White House has no interest in ensuring that the Constitution is preserved or that the popular will is addressed. Rather, it is only when the overwhelming force of both he Constitution and the popular will put the White House interests at risk that the White House both opened up to using that momentum; and then developed a strategy to use that momentum for their own objectives.

What is being done

The White House and RNC have one goal: to protect the president from war crimes liability. To achieve this end, they initially used the same arguments before the Iraq invasion to assert, without proof, that the war was lawful.

This effort failed.

The next step is then to openly fight the opposition. This too failed.

Now we are where we are: The RNC recognizes their foundation is weak and that the public knows the real issues are war crimes.

The only option the RNC and White House have at this point is to throw their lot with the very forces that are behind the Constitution and popular will; capture that momentum; and then manipulate it to support their own objectives.

At this point, the RNC is growing restless. They are unable to figure out how the opposition is able to move faster. They believe there is some divine force guiding them.

On the contrary, this is simply the people waking up to reality. But the RNC knows that the population is not familiar with his new position.

The RNC hopes to exploit the sense of unfamiliarity, and regain the upper hand by guiding the newly emboldened at a time when the opposition is also in a less familiar territory.

But this should be seen for what it is: A ruse.

RNC illusions

The big illusion at this point is that the RNC suddenly is concerned about the Constitution. This is absurd.

Keep in mind the primary goal of the RNC at this point has been to shield itself from scrutiny by aligning itself with the media against the population.

Now, in the wake of the White House leaks, it is clear that the RNC and White House have a problem: they do not know where the prosecutor is going to go next.

The White House and RNC are doing something very familiar to propagandists: they embrace the enemy’s position and argument, and then turn it back on the opposition.

In this case, the opposition’s momentum is the constitution. Thus, the RNC position is that any effort to hold the White House accountable is contrary to the constitution.

Let me say that again: The White House and RNC have publicly asserted accountability as a core value; but their actions show that they do not value accountability. Rather, they hope to paint the issue of accountability for war crimes and other criminal acts as something, if asserted, would jeopardize the Constitution.

This is how they are doing this. Rather than openly attacking the forces which hope to hold the RNC accountable, the RNC is aligning itself with the media in asserting that the effort to require information to impose accountability is protected.

But what this agreement does is require the public to embrace an absurdity. For the reporters are not protecting the right to free speech; they are actually asserting they have the right to protect war criminals.

This is the distinction which the RNC seeks to exploit. Rather than embrace their responsibility for war crimes, the RNC hopes to dissuade accountability by shifting the debate from war crimes to one of the Constitution.

But in a larger context, recall which institutions have been contrary to the Constitution: the White House and RNC.

Again, rather than openly require the public to align itself with the RNC; the RNC hopes to create the fiction that issue has nothing to do with war crimes. But this is absurd. The only reason we continue to emphasize the Downing Street Memo is to show that the White House Conduct is at odds with the laws of war and the Constitution.

RNC and the White House know they are going to lose. But the problem they have is that their leader is addicted to success. Even when the odds are against him, the President is so confident in his ability to escape that he will continue to assert immunity to accountability, even when it is no longer feasible.

It remains a question how many within the RNC will get taken down in the President’s efforts to insulate himself from reality. Rest assured, the RNC is being asked to embrace greater and greater levels of absurdity on behalf of supporting a man who is delusional.

What the RNC is doing

The goal at this point is to pretend that any effort to hold the President accountable for violations of the law is somehow linked with an effort to undermine the Constitution.

The President hopes to create the illusion that requiring disclosure of information related to criminal acts is a threat to the Constitution.

In fact, what is happening is that the Press has for too long remained silent about issues and has gone along with the tyranny. The press has embraced a tyrant over the Constitution.

In practice, it is the disclosure of misconduct that will preserve the Constitution.

Indeed, the Press has already begun to threaten not to cover issues. This should be shown for what it is: The press, after many years of providing worthless information, is now throwing a tantrum, “We aren’t going to do that.”

OK. Then we aren’t in any worse position than we were before: Worthless information, Press refusing to do anything useful; and government corruption going unchecked.

In short, what the Press has failed to understand that the choice is between tyranny and a Constitution. By asserting they have the right to be silent about criminal conduct, they are asserting they have the right to protect their freedom of the Press; in practice, by keeping silent about the misconduct they are allowing the momentum behind the attacks on the constitution to grow.

This is at the core of the RNC efforts to manipulate the media. By creating the illusion that cooperating with the prosecutor will threaten the Constitution, the RNC hopes to dissuade people from taking action that would hold the White House staff accountable for leading the nation on an unlawful war of aggression.

The opposite is true. By holding the leadership accountable, it will put tyranny where it belongs: Locked up and away from the Constitution.

What is most laughable about the RNC position is that it actually believes the public is going to embrace the absurdity:

  • A. Silence is freedom to exercise one’s right to not hold leaders accountable;
  • B. inaction and silence is a right that should be asserted in order to protect a tyrant from accountability; and
  • C. tyrants are for the Constitution.

    In other words, what the RNC and White House are doing is hoping to confuse the public who assert the Constitution and the Downing Street Memo to believe that their own interests are at risk if they assert the rule of law.

    How absurd!

    For the right only has value when it is asserted. And any effort to dissuade anyone from exercising their rights to speech is an effort to stifle freedom and free thinking.

    What is going on is that the RNC hopes to create many levels to the argument that they hope to defeat the opposition into compliance and inaction.

    This is their goal. The create such a convoluted mess, that the only way one can truly get out of it is to fight through such a convoluted struggle.

    But the RNC knows that most will give up. Most will grow tired. And most will fall for the trap: To naively believe:

  • A. freedom is protected when tyrants are not held accountable;
  • B. silence is asserting one’s right to be silent about the misconduct of tyrants; and
  • C. the Constitution is protected only when tyrants are given the free right to continue their misconduct.

    But what is actually going on is the opposite. When tyrants are not held accountable, we are less free. When tyrants convince people to remain silent about a tyrant’s crimes that does little to inspire confidence in the constitution. The Constitution remains in place, but now targeted by the tyrant.

    This tyrant has one goal: To put all, including the Constitution, under his arbitrary enforcement. He makes up rules – but this power belongs to Congress.

    The RNC and the White house hope to create the illusion that if the media asserts its right to silence about crimes, then the constitution will be strengthened. The opposite is true. By remaining silent about the tyrant’s crimes, the Constitution is put under greater attack.

    The RNC hopes to create the construct that the issue is one of choosing between the Constitution or lawlessness . . . in terms that are consistent with the tyrant’s paradigm.

    This is another way of saying that the RNC now knows the public knows the debate is between tyranny and the Constitution.

    This is a sign the Downing Street Memo-coalition has succeeded: the RNC now embraces your paradigm: The issue is one between the Constitution and a tyrant.

    This tyrant hopes to create the illusion that it is the prosecutor who is the uncontrollable one, when in fact it is the tyrant in the White House who moves without regard to the constitution.

    Again, the key is that the White House recognizes the public knows the choice is between tyranny and the constitution. The White House and RNC hope to create the illusion that if the media assert the right to remain silent that the Constitution will be preserved.

    But this is false. Remaining silent about crimes appears to embrace the Constitution, while it actually supports the tyrant’s foundation: lack of accountability in practice, despite the verbal assertions that they were for accountability. [See Karl Rove’s speech on the disconnect between conservative principles and conservative values: here]

    The irony is that the white House has baited the editors to assert their “first Amendment rights” to silence [an illusory right] despite the many years of the media failing to truly exercise their freedom of the press to challenge corruption.

    What is most laughable is that the media now says that because it is required to reveal sources that the corruption will go unreported; and that whistleblowers won’t come forward.

    This is absurd. Because this presupposes that the only source of information about corruption is from those within government.

    But look around you! There are multiple public sources of information. All of them saying the same thing: There are problems. But does the media use this outside source?

    Of course not, for they do what the FBI does: Run to the source of the information, and simply interview them. When the source denies the information, the media dutifully reports that, just as the FBI does in the 302s.

    The FBI and the media share a common problem. They take people at their word; but they also interrogate and abuse those who are in the know of what is going on. For those who have the most to lose [those in power] have proven themselves very adept at painting those who dare come forward with information as trouble makers.

    Isn’t it curious that the most arrogant in government are those who have the longest tail and string of abuses in their wake. They lie at every opportunity then deny it; they accuse those who see what is going on as having some sort of problem; and then when the heat is really on, they simply lash out and justify their arrogance as the needed defense.

    They are incompetent. They have risen to powers of authority far beyond their capabilities. And in many cases they have only gotten to those positions because they have convinced others to remain silent or cover-up problems.

    So it remains unclear why the media suddenly is concerned about a lack of information. On the contrary, the evidence remains. The media’s problem is that it is lazy just like the FBI.

    Jail time wakes up the media

    But the media is slow to awaken to reality. Rather than recognize the public in the wake of the Downing Street memo has lost confidence in the media, the media would have the public believe that by forcing revelations of criminal activity government is threatening the Constitution.

    How absurd! For the constitution is strengthened when the criminal activity is exposed.

    The problem is that the media has fallen into this delusion that its loyalty to sources is higher than the loyalty to the law.

    The media like to argue that they are supposed to be neutral. But this is absurd. For every time the media takes information and refuses to investigate it is siding with those who seek to send a green light to government abuse, corruption, and malfeasance.

    That is not neutrality. That is a compromise. That is choosing to side with the tyrants today in the hopes that “one day” they might get close enough to bring down the tyrant.

    But the problem with his approach is that the longer they remain aligned and dependent on the tyrant for information, the more associated they become with the tyrant. In short, there is no difference between the media and the government.

    The media isn’t neutral. They have a higher loyalty to sources than in exposing problems. They like to talk about the principle; but they do not like to assert the right to inquiry.

    What is to be said of a society that is so corrupt that the media is worried about losing its access to sources of information within government?

    The media suggest that the efforts to impose consequences for refusing to reveal criminal activity are contrary to the public interest in the constitution. But the public interest is not in the right; it is the exercise of those rights.

    One cannot credibly assert the right to freedom, when that freedom can only be exercised under very narrow conditions, and subject to arbitrary cut offs from information.

    The real wakeup call

    The American media have been given a rude wake up call. Yes, there is tyranny. Yes, the media is under attack.

    But the attack is from the White House. This prosecutor hopes to cut the symbiotic relationship between the media and government.

    Rest assured, there will be many screams. The editors will claim that the prosecutor is being reckless, moving without any plan, or not being clear.

    Let us be clear: The prosecutor has no obligation to the moron-editors who whine about being confused.

    Ask again! What is stopping these lazy editors from dispatching people to talk with those who have appeared before the grand jury? Nothing.

    The only people who are not allowed to talk about grand jury proceedings are those who are officers and jury members. But there is nothing stopping someone from talking to a witness.

    But where are the editors? Oh, they cry about being locked out. That the prosecutor isn’t explaining himself.

    Oh, such is the groveling absurdity of government. For this is not different than how government operates. When government is under the spotlight, what does it do? It imposes a requirement on the civilian population to appear and justify the requirement.

    Wake up! The White House and government are the ones who are under the needed scrutiny. And their ruse is to shift the burden of proof onto the people.

    “Oh, explain yourselves,” these arrogant government officers chime.

    On the contrary! It is the government that has the obligation to defend and justify itself. Why should we believe you are truly for the constitution?

    There is no merit to their argument. For their power is derived not on the basis of legitimacy, but through threats. They leak information to stifle the public from holding them accountable for war crimes.

    Changing subject

    Ideally, the Constitution is there as a guide to effective government operations.

    In practice, the RNC and White House have shifted attention away from prudent government operations and made the debate something else.

    Rather than focus on what evidence supports and indictment for war crimes, the White House and RNC hope to shift the debate to:

  • A. Will the media get access to whistleblowers?

    Again, these are red herrings. For the real issue isn’t the media, nor their access, nor the status of the whistleblowers, but whether to government is effectively managed.

    Simply by their public action of shifting attention from the real abuses and focusing the debate on whistleblowers, the government ha publicly shown that is remains ineffective.

    Let me say that again another way: We no longer have to have the details [through whistleblowers] about whether government operations are or are not ineffective; rather, by the very nature of government and the free choice to distract attention and deliberately make the issues confusing, we have all that we need to know that the RNC and White House are reckless and unfit to govern.

    All that they do is about creating more non-sense to avoid consequences for war crimes.

    And the layers of debate and non-sense to get at this issue, remain focused, and wade through all the non-sense is simply a sign of how much the Downing Street Memo has caused problems for the White House.

    At this juncture, I see little difference between either government or the media.

  • A. They both spew forth non-sense and are not reliable.

  • B. When under the spotlight, they whine about their status and position, but it is illusory.

  • C. They make promises to look into things but don’t follow up.

  • D. They assert they are for principles, but when push comes to shove they are more inclined to engage in conduct contrary to those principles.

  • E. They have a greater loyalty to the criminals who are sources of information, than in ensuring that the misconduct is wiped out.

  • F. They dismiss reasonable public concerns about issues using sources that have an interest in having issues not looked into.

  • G. They are more concerned with the public perception of competence than in actually demonstrating competence.

  • H. There are many people who are not all that bright in both institutions.

  • I. There remain no formalized and institutionalized lessons and crafts that either embrace as standards of excellence. They spend more time crafting new things that repackage the principles but in the moment of choice they are quick to compromise their values and not able to see the implications of emerging trends.

  • J. Mediocrity is allowed to run amuck.

  • K. Independent thinking is stifled. Controversial things are suppressed. Those who pay the bills are only given lip service. On one hand when there is inaction that is noticed, they blame the source of the funding as the reason why something wasn’t done. But when there is a problem the source of the funding is the last one to know about the abuses.

  • L. They nod their head in agreement, but are ineffective in translating emerging trends into credible adjustments to their responsibilities.

    In short, both the media and government suffer from a leadership problem. And who do they ultimately impose the consequences for their own failings? Onto the public.

    Because in both cases, the very people they are designed to serve [the public] are then used as the excuse for inaction.

    When they refuse to act, they blame others for inaction -- “Oh, if it was important, we would have already heard about it.”

    Strange, new things have to start somewhere. In short, government and the media remain forces of inaction until things are foregone conclusions.

    What is the media and government being manipulated to do? It is manipulated to package myths.

    That’s why the RNC and White House are running out of options when it comes to the Downing Street Memo: The pubic knows that the mountain of lies doesn’t add up. But those lies have now mushroomed into war crimes which deserve an inquiry.

    American media disconnected from reality

    The public has woken up. The public knows the media is worthless. The public knows the media is a tool of government. And the Downing Street memo shows us that the government and media are aligned in efforts to spew forth non-sense.

    The media gets its power by having access; but by claiming access it creates the illusion that that ‘access’ means they have access to information.

    Absurd! For if the information was reliable, it might be material. But the media cannot claim they are performing any “service” when they are simply the hand puppet of the RNC and White House in their efforts to spew forth more non-sense.

    The media doesn’t care about the constitution. They want the public to believe that the media remains on the fence. They want to stand there, make no choice, and demand the public justify their position.

    The media simply approaches the current debate of the Constitution and a tyrant as if it were some public event.

    But the media has already chosen sides. It would rather side itself with a tyrant than with the Constitution.

    And the public should note the choice the media has taken: To side with a tyrant, not with the Constitution.

    But now that that choice is known, the media wants to spin the choice and pretend it is the opposite.

    Then they feign some sort of slight, throw a tantrum, and claim that they’re not going to be able to do their job if they are forced to reveal the tyrant’s crimes.

    What good is the media if they remain silent about what they know?

    The idea of access is to report, not use that access as the greater prize.

    How bad was this situation going to get before the media spoke out about tyranny? Oh, but the media is silent about the tyrant. The media is upset at the prosecutor.

    Watch as the media hopes to rally the public against the prosecutor. To suggest that he prosecutor hasn’t explained himself.

    Yet, who has the real responsibility to explain themselves? The media! They have chosen a tyrant over the Constitution, but they freely choose to shift attention from their poor choice and find a scapegoat on the grand jury or prosecutor’s office.

    How absurd! For if the media truly was doing their job, there would be no problem with the credibility – there would be no question whether the rule of law should prevail; nor would there be any question as to whether the Constitution comes before a tyrant.

    But this media would like the world to believe that if it embraces silence to protect a tyrant, that it is somehow embracing the other.

    Indeed, the media does one thing but asks the world to believe it is doing the opposite. This is no different than what the White House and RNC are doing.

    The media doesn’t give a squat about the constitution. The media, like the RNC and White House, is more concerned with power.

    The American media has lost touch with reality. Has lost touch with the public. And when they spew forth this nonsense about “protecting the constitution by remaining silent bout crimes” they show how absurd they are.

    To think that the media actually believes the public is going to continue to lap up this non-sense. But like the government, the media has no other option other than to use non-sense to distract attention from what they’ve failed to do: Assert their rights, ensure the standards were met, and preserve the Constitution.

    But each day we are reminded that both the media and government want to put the Constitution up for debate, to give those who have an interest in destroying it equal footing with those who are doing their best to ensure the Constitution is protected.

    The debate ended in 1776. The shots were first fired. And when the framers penned their name in 1781 that is when the issues should have been over.

    But in 2005, suddenly the media and government want to play stupid. Pretend that things are so confusing. Act as if the fundamental principles in the Constitution are somehow up for debate again: Accountability; rule of law; prudent decisions; and checks on power.

    This media failed. They hold those who abuse power with greater reverence than those who report the misconduct.

    What is done to auditors who dare stand up? The media and government embrace fiction. “Oh, that abuse was unrelated to their efforts to expose procurement fraud.”

    How absurd! Once again, the media and government are quick to embrace the illusion.

    “Not a problem. Move along.”

    How absurd.

    The big choice

    Now the media is under attack. As it should be. For many years the media has sat on its rear end. Simply parroted the government line.

    But now that the prosecutor is actually holing the media accountable, will the media dare go after government? Of course not. The media, like government, will find a scapegoat.

    Will the media go after the information? At this point, the media a threatening the opposite: That they won’t report.

    Will the media serve a real function? Self evidently, they’ve survived this long without doing so, there’s no reason to expect them to start doing what they cannot do.

    What can be done

    Fire the media. And start an inquiry into the White House abuses under the Downing Street Memo.

    The media isn’t reliable. It chooses tyranny over the Constitution.

    The media like to whine that there is going to be a chilling effect on their coverage by this ruling. How absurd!

    What is actually happening is that the media can no longer rely on the people’s blind faith in the media. They’re going to have to earn it.

    The media will have to decide who they really serve. The advertiser or the public.

    I see nothing before me that says that the media has to have advertising. Nor do I see anything before me that says that media commands high salaries.

    But the media wants the world to believe they offer something of value, when it is actually worthless.

    Look at the clap trap we’ve been fed since before 2003-Iraq invasion. Every time someone dares raise a question, the media was there reminding the public of the consequences for exercising freedom: You may be detained.

    Great! And what did the media do? Nothing. It just continued to report.

    How bad was the situation going to get before the media stood up and said enough to this tyrant?

    At this point, it is clear they still don’t get it. They continue to blame the prosecutor and completely miss the fundamental issue: The media and the government are locked in a death spiral, have aligned themselves with tyranny, and are embracing an illusion of a constitution to avoid additional public intrusion.

    The media and American government are worthless. They don’t listen. They require foregone conclusions to show up before they act.

    Why should the public continue having any confidence in either the government or the media? They spew forth non-sense, are not reliable, and are choosing a tyrant over the Constitution.

    Poor choices

    But the government isn’t the only one making a poor choice. And the public realizes what is going on. Thank you Downing Street Memo.

    That is why the RNC and White House are worried. The public is waking up. But the RNC and White House cannot put down this movement.

    Their only option is to align themselves with those forces with the hopes of manipulating them.

    Which brings us back to the military families. These are people who have chosen to support war criminals.

    The families have been manipulated. To send their sons and daughters to war, and then ask the public to support them.


    Why are war criminals being given any consideration?

    There is no answer. But there is a reason. The RNC hopes to mobilize the public. The RNC hopes to generate support for an unlawful war.

    But who are we to support war crimes?

    And who are the families to whine about those who freely volunteered to commit war crimes?

    They deserve no support. They have brought discredit upon the constitution. And in their time of loss, they want the world to blindly come to their aid.

    How absurd.

    For it was the families that freely chose to embrace war crimes. But what do they want the rest of the world to do?

    They want the public to give up the right to sanction the families who support war crimes.

    The families who chose to stand by war criminals, want the world to stand with them in supporting this unlawful war of aggression.

    These are volunteers! They chose to engage in war crimes.

    And the RNC wants the public to embrace those crimes by standing with them.


    For it is time for the families to make a choice: Do you want a constitution or do you want a tyrant?

    I have no sympathy for anyone who freely chooses to embrace war crimes. Your military personnel freely chose to continue with this unlawful effort despite the Downing Street Memo and despite there being no lawful foundation for war.

    Military families: You are being used by the RNC to rally support for a tyrant. It is time for you to make a choice.

    You are being used just as the 9-11 families were used. They were required to make a decision about settling a case without having all the information known about their own government’s role in the 9-11 attacks.

    Today, the military families want the rest of the world to embrace the same fiction: As if these personnel find themselves in Dover because of some strange set of events.

    This was a war of choice. And those who freely choose to engage in an unlawful war of aggression deserve no support.

    But the RNC wants you to whine louder to distract attention form the real crimes committed by the White House.

    What is going on

    The RNC and White House are in trouble. They know the public is waking up. They know the real issue is between the Constitution and a tyrant.

    Their only option at this point is to create non-sense to create the illusion that they’re somehow aligned with the Constitution.

    In turn, any effort to hold the tyrant accountable is asserted to be “unconstitutional.” How absurd! For it is this tyrant that goes out of his way to undermine the laws of the land; ignore the Constitution; define rules of capture when he has no power to do so.

    The RNC loves Clinton! For he is the one that they can turn to blame for everything. How is that for leadership “accountability”?

    Every time there is a question of Bush’s war crimes in 2003 in invading Iraq, the RNC spews forth non-sense to say that Clinton this, and Clinton that.

    It is irrelevant! For Bush’s war is just that: His war, not Clintons.

    Bush is the one who took the oath of office. Bush is the one who fixed facts. And Bush is the one who launched the unlawful war without any legal foundation.

    Where is Clinton? He’s running the halls of the RNC. And the RNC loves his ghost for he is a perfect opponent.

    But what is the RNC problem now? The Downing Street Memo shows that the RNC has no defense. And that Clinton isn’t in the Downing Street Memo.

    Read the Downing Street Memo again. Do you see Clinton there? Only the RNC wants to see him there. Notice what they are doing: Where Clinton is not mentioned, he is brought up. Why is the RNC still referring to Clinton as if he is running the country?

    Because a tyrant is in trouble. And this tyrant is grasping at straws.

    The RNC is afraid. For the do not know what the prosecutor knows. What is the RNC strategy? To assert that the “lack of clarity” is somehow the sign of a reckless prosecutor.

    How absurd! For we will only have true clarity when we have an inquiry. But what does the RNC do? They don’t want to know the facts.

    They whine about things being confused; but when given the chance to clarify things, they show they would rather embrace absurdity and non-sense than find answers.

    This is merely a sign of their delusion. And the RNC continues to hope the Prosecutor will be dissuaded from digging.

    How will they do this? They will call the prosecutor a traitor. They will say the prosecutor is undermining the war effort. They will accuse e of prosecutor of sewing seeds of doubt.

    Absurd! For the actual source of this new awakening isn’t to be laid upon the shoulders of a single prosecutor.

    Rather, it need only rest upon a single tyrant, as evidenced by the Downing Street Memo.

    Who is giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the Constitution? The military families. For they have been deluded to support war criminals.

    Who is undermining the Constitution? This tyrant. For he is in his last throes. His support is waning within his own party. He is now desperate.

    Who is sewing the seeds of doubt? The revelations in the Downing Street memo. Reality has arrived. The past cannot be suppressed. No matter how much the media might desire otherwise.

    All this should have been debated before the Iraq invasion. But rather than debate, the Downing Street Memo shows how operations like MI6’s Operation Mass Appeal were used to fix the facts. To manipulate the population. To justify war where there was no legal foundation.

    But, in 2005 the RNC and White House want to pretend that the debate is open again.

    Absurd! The debate is over. It is time to dig through the RNC cess pool and pull out the stinky document called the Constitution and wash it off.

    Where was the media when the constitution was thrown into the cess pool? They were there, cheering it on, claiming we were all safer.

    Let the media be seen for what they are: The stool pigeons of fascists. The willing support for those who engage in unlawful wars. Those who are willing to spew forth non-sense to rally a nation to continue to engage in war crimes despite no evidence of WMD.

    But what do these buffoons in the media do when reality smacks them in the face? They continue to rely on the assertions of 2002 as if they were true, without mentioning either the evidence, or the laws of war.

    That’s right. They focus on the allegations in list C, and ignore the actual evidence in list B, and completely ignore the laws of war and Constitution is List A. [There are three lists: One is the Constitution and laws of war; a second is the list of evidence of war crimes (the fruit of inquiry); and the third is the illusion (RNC and White House). [More . . .]

    There is no difference between the media and government. They both:

  • 1. Create ruses to distract attention from their failures

  • 2. Are more concerned with power than in reality

  • 3. Are committed to supporting what is more powerful than what is real

  • 4. Are not reliable unless required to submit to the laws of the land

  • 5. Have joined each other to undermine the Constitution for a tyrant.

  • 6. Embrace tyranny and have the audacity to pretend it is freedom.

  • 7. Celebrate war and call it peace, freedom, and security.

    What happened recently?

    A single prosecutor slapped the media across the face with reality: That there are laws and you will follow them.

    Just as a tyrant is not above the laws of the land, so too are the media not above those laws.

    Just as a tyrant cannot wrap himself in a flag to avoid accountability, the media may not wrap itself in the first Amendment while it assents to a tyrants trashing of the entire Constitution.

    This media was actually convinced it was going to put its own interest before that of the Entire Constitution.

    The prosecutor gave them a needed wakeup call. And the media’s problem is that they have no clue what the prosecutor knows.

    To which they whine like victims: “It’s all so confusion.” Hay! Your job in the media is to make sense of things, not use the confusion of our own making as the excuse to generate public sympathy.

    There is no reason to have any sympathy for the media that went along with this nonsense.

    The media isn’t a victim.

    It’s a willing co-conspirator in this war of aggression. There the media was spewing forth lies.

    It remains to be seen what role, if any, the media was given in the Downing Street memo planning.

    Which contractor and publicists were part of this sham?

    Who was lapping up this “evidence” as if it were facts?

    Where was the fact checking?

    To those like Scott Ritter and Ambassador Wilson who dared peep a hint of common sense, what happened? They were smeared for simply speaking the truth: Things were not adding up.

    But what was done? Did the media challenge the government to produce better evidence? No. The media embraced the fiction. Stuck with the timeline. And lapped it all up.

    The media, just like the military families, freely chose to go along with this. Chose to not ask questions. Chose to get embedded. And chose to race to Baghdad despite not comprehensive plans.

    Where were the questions about “what next” before things started?

    Why was there no challenge in support of those who were speaking out against the imprudence?

    But we find the media and DoD were joined. At the hip. Racing to Baghdad without a plan. How fitting. And now they both find themselves stuck. Together.

    DoD feigning stupidity about interrogations and war crimes that were documented on camera and in reports.

    And the media feigning stupidity about evidence that they were getting form their sources but ‘couldn’t’ reveal” because of some non-sense reason.

    When it comes to the constitution and the rule of law, why was the media so willing to not demand clear answers to reasonable questions?

    The questions were well known, but the answers were not forthcoming. Yet, despite the sea of ignorance and confusion, the media went along with it.

    What happened to checks and balances?

    Why was this nation so quick to embrace war?

    What was the real urgency to start a war that had no credible plan?

    Thanks the media, we are rewarded with ignorance. Stupidity.

    Where was the backbone in the media? Where was the call for action to find the facts before the war was launched?

    The answer is that the media allowed itself to be browbeaten, become afraid, and not stand up for the rule of law.

    The media chose to support this tyrant. And it chose to align itself with the families who deserve no support.

    In the absence of information, the RNC accuses the opponents of accountability as being traitors. In fact, it is the RNC membership who continues to support an unlawful war.

    Will the RNC membership choose between the Constitution and a tyrant? Fear not, for their choice will only come when it is self-evident they have no other options. At this juncture, the RNC senior leadership actually believes they can fool the public to embrace this current absurdity.

    The RNC’s major problem is that they have no idea what else the prosecution is going to look into. Yet, despite no information they assert without evidence that someone is engaging in treason.

    How absurd! For it there were true treason going on, we’d see support for unlawful conduct contrary to the Constitution. As it is in the White House. And the RNC. And in the military families.

    The problem the RNC has is that it is trying to outmaneuver a ghost. But what’s the real reason they are nervous? Because they know that they are engaging in obstruction of justice. That they are delaying. That they are spewing forth non-sense. That they are tampering with the jury.

    This conduct is at odds with the RNC fundamental principles: Law and order; responsiveness; accountability; and the rule of law.

    The rule of law only works when you agree to follow it. But the RNC wants lower regulations simply because it means they can point to it as a principle.

    But what does lower regulation really mean? It means that RNC members and their donors can have greater confidence that abusive conduct will go unpunished.

    The RNC likes to point to the idea of civil society as something that is desirable. But their confusion comes when they believe that the goal of a civil society is what is going on; and then they make a further error in believing that “because we have a civil society, there is no reason to have laws.”

    Humbug! Civil society is based on laws, enforcement, and sanctions for failing to enforce those laws.

    The RNC wants you to believe they embrace principles; but look at their actions. Look at what they are really doing.

    Simply look to the Downing Street Memo: Where is the rule of law there? I see none. I see facts and fiction being thrown around to “justify” what is unlawful.

    That doesn’t inspire me to have any confidence in either the RNC or this government. For that matter, neither the media: For they knew what was going on, but continued to embrace the fiction; and then used their association with that message as “proof” that the message was true.

    How ridiculous. And to that end, let the RNC and media and military families stew in the cess pool they helped create: A war of choice, by a “democracy” to invade another nation and commit war crimes.

    Call it that! Don’t prattle this non-sense about the Constitution when all the conduct was done to subvert that document.

    The new calculus

    RNC has major problems. Their membership knows that the public knows that the RNC is the party of buffoons, morons, and small minded people.

    The public knows the RNC embraced fiction.

    The public knows the RNC is afraid and worried.

    We see that the Downing Street Memo has slapped them silly. And now the debate is shifting. From one of a simple war, to the larger issues of the constitution and tyranny.

    We see the propaganda to mobilize a nation for unlawful wars.

    And we also have no fear in calling the White House staff war criminals. Freely choosing to violate the laws of war. And fully expecting the nation to go with it.


    But the RNC leadership is not foolish. They know there is much doubt within their own ranks.

    At this juncture, the RNC leadership has the goal of turning that doubt on itself. The RNC leadership hopes to mobilize the doubt within the RNC ranks against itself. They are fueling an internal battle with the hopes that those who dare raise questions can be beaten into submission.

    Will the RNC membership see through the ruse? They will only see through it after it is too late. For the internal battle will be blamed on external forces; and the real catalyst for the dissension will be sidelined.

    There will be no mention of the laws of war. Rather the focus will be on a “reckless prosecutor” who “dares to undermine the Constitution.”

    As if the RNC credibly had any foot to stand on. For it is the RNC which remains the threat to the Constitution.

    What caused this?

    The Downing Street Memo surfaced without prior coordination with the RNC leadership. They remain dumbfounded how quickly the years of propaganda and non-sense have come undone with a single release.

    But the larger problem was the swiftness to which the RNC was trashed as a credible source of leadership. Around the globe, the world knows the RNC remains a force that can only inspire its membership when it relies on non-sense.

    What of its grand plans for the future? The future is one without the Constitution. The RNC’s vision is a land where the world silently assents to all outrageous actions from the RNC, and dares not whisper a peep.

    But look at the RNC membership. What have they been told? “Oh, if you have any concerns just share them.”

    Yet, notice the yelling and outbursts within the RNC ranks. Why do they ask their members to speak out if they notice things, but then pretend those problems don’t exist?

    Surely, if the RNC was truly serious about its reputation it would be concerned that its members are being abusive to each other.

    “But we’re doing this for a greater good.” Ha! They know only abuse.

    “Oh, but we’re doing this to serve the public.” You really believe that? Then why are you so abusive in that “service”?

    This is not service. This is outrageous, unlawful conduct. And the RNC and its membership continue to sanction it.

    Where is the call for investigation? RNC is behind inaction, not accountability.

    But then they give a speech. “Oh, if you notice any problems, just call us.” How absurd!

    For the RNC has no intention of actually listening. They feign compliance with statutes. But when the public dares point out the deviation from the laws of war and what is actually going on, what does the RNC do?

    They lie. They feign stupidity. They act as if the problem rests with those who dare come forward.

    Yet, we can only ask how many rules and regulations have they read and ignored?

    It is clear that the laws of war were there. But how many times did they consciously choose to lie about their responsibilities?

    for they simply lie about what initially happened. They blame the public for “not putting the information in the proper form.”

    How absurd! For the RNC shows that it is not fit to govern. It wants the public to treat the RNC as if it were nobility.


    The RNC has shown time and time again that it is unable to take simple information and translate that information into credible solutions.

    Look to Iraq. How many members of the RNC were part of the planning meetings?

    How many of those plans were ignored?

    Why do you bother paying people to plan when you ignore both the plans and feedback that your plans are failing?

    But let’s not stop with the buffoons in the White House. What of the small minded ones in the House Armed Services Committee? They continue to rubber stamp the funding requests for the unlawful wars of aggression.

    To which the staffers claim, “Oh, but these are legislative activities and we are above the law.”

    Wrong! For a nation that embarks on unlawful wars and continues to fund those unlawful wars remains associated with those unlawful wars.

    Civilians can be tried for war crimes. Especially when the ultimate sanction is not simply removal from office. But far more serious consequences.

    What was the catalyst

    The Downing Street memo is the spark of reviews. It changed the popular view. The civilian population no longer looked at the situation as simply one that could not be stopped.

    The Downing Street Memo was tangible evidence that what we long suspected was true: That the war was knowingly started without any legal foundation; and that the reason the story didn’t add up was simply just that: Nothing added up.

    And every time a question was raised, we got more non-sense. Piles of it. Mountains.

    But despite that huge pile of uncertainty, there remained one certainty: The decision to commit war crimes, regardless reality or the efforts to stop the insanity.

    We are now in a post-Downing Street Memo period. This casts the RNC is being more than just irrelevant.

    The waves of doubt continue to crash upon the shore. Popular opinion continues to wane.

    Bush’s addictions

    The question becomes when will the RNC pull their support form this tyrant. For this tyrant will take many with him, casting one by one overboard to ensure his ultimate survival.

    Bush is addicted to escaping. But this addiction isn’t simply a belief in immunity. Every fiber of his body is geared toward that as if it were destiny.

    Anything which is in the way of that outcome is treated as if it were a foe to be slain, even the law, constitution, and military families.

    They are but pawns to be used to ensure his ultimate survival. Bush remains convinced and has an inner knowing that he will escape. This drives him to continue, despite reality closing in.

    Bush believes that he will be the last man standing to achieve his destiny. All those who dare to question that destiny are enemies.

    It is only a matter of time before he unleashes his insanity on his own RNC members. It is likely they will not be ready for the onslaught.

    It has already started. For in the end, Bush will be alone. It remains to be seen who in the RNC he is going to take within him, vs. who he will cut off.

    But in the end, Bush’s destiny is victory, even if reality is at odds with that. That means that anyone within the RNC who speaks out will be shown the door.

    It is time for the RNC to decide how far you want your party to be trashed before you act. The longer you wait, the worse it is going to get. The longer you wait, the longer it will be for you to get you base rebuilt.

    The longer you wait, the more the civilian population will understand your abusive conduct and see that you are not fit to govern.

    Bush’s Deception

    Bush has one goal: Himself.

    Anything he does or says is a ruse. His current plans to align himself with the constitution is simply a ruse to protect himself.

    Bush doesn’t care about the Constitution. Look at the illusion over the 1st Amendment and the leaked name. It wasn’t an issue of the 1st Amendment; but what the president had to do to intimidate the press to continue to protect an alleged criminal.

    The traitor in the White House revealed a name not simply for retribution. But to stifle lawful inquiry into the larger issues related to BCCI and the funding that was flowing around. The same accounts are linked to the Government’s efforts on 9-11.

    You will find the ABAs# through the Tampa accounts.

    You need only contrast his actions vs. his principles. Look to Karl Rove’s speech. He outlines fine principles. There is one small problem: Those principles are not followed, but ignored.

    Why does the President align himself with those he does? He’s running out of options. He can only point to illusions.

    He will not accept responsibility. He will blame the prosecutor for imposing much needed discipline.

    But the Prosecutor can also play a game. For the prosecutor knows the longer he waits, the more evidence he can gather.

    And the Prosecutor already knows there is a cess pool in the White House waiting to get cleaned up.

    What the White House needs is discipline. Just like the RNC needs it.

    But the prosecutor also knows that if he delays imposing discipline the White House will be more likely to lash out. For all to see.

    Either way, the prosecutor will win. And the White House and the RNC will lose.

    All the more reason why the White House wants to rally the nation against the rule of law, to avoid discipline, and to avoid consequences and accountability.

    It would be prudent if the Downing Street Memo coalition learn more about the RNC and White House efforts to discredit the prosecutor. These are failed efforts. Know that they are desperate acts.

    It remains to be seen whether the RNC justifies additional misconduct on the grounds of “protecting the constitution against a prosecutor” or whether more lawlessness is given a green light in the name of preserving a tyrant’s legacy.

    Yes, it is absurd. That is why the public needs to plan for it. Know it is coming. And do not back off when they begin more non-sense. They will point to you as being crazy. But it is simply the RNC and White House that is growing more reckless.

    The burden belongs on the RNC and the White House. Why are they to be trusted. What is the basis for their plans. Why do they have any credibility.

    They have none. They can only offer more distractions.

    Military families

    Overall, the military families need to get a larger perspective on how they are being used to rally the nation to support unlawful wars.

    The Downing Street Memo shows us that the leadership knew the war was unlawful. But now despite that evidence, the money continues to get spent supporting an unlawful war.

    The military families chose to support their troops in their unlawful war. That was their choice. They freely chose. They always have the option to withdraw their support.

    But now the families are getting used. The White House no longer wants the public to support just an unlawful war; but to also support those who support an unlawful war.

    These families made a choice, but now they want us to follow them. That is absurd. For one can only support unlawful wars if they choose to not to choose.

    In other words, the military families want it both ways. They want to be able to afford themselves the right to choose whether to support an unlawful war; but then they want to deny to others the right to oppose an unlawful war.

    Why the inconsistency?

    Why are family members thinking that others will not choose to enforce the law as opposed to continuing to support what is lawless?

    Their spouses and families have chosen freely and volunteer for an illegal war.

    Why should the public be expected to volunteer to feel sorry for those who freely chose to violate the laws of war?

    They ask us to give up our right to oppose unlawful wars, crimes, and tyrants because of their guided desires.

    They show that they are not fighting for freedom. But stupidity.

    And to the OSD media moguls: Clearly you were able to rally the nation to war based on illusions. Yet, today the nation is no longer supporting your failed efforts.

    What happened to your media connections?

    The big American Army can convince anyone of anything, but in 2005 it no longer can convince its own population to support the war.

    What changed since 2002 and 2005?

    The answer is the Downing Street Memo. Now we know that the military families want the freedom to support unlawful wars, but want to deny the right support the Constitution to other Americans.

    The military families show that they want double standards. That they want the world to support them as they support unlawful wars. But those others are not allowed to speak out about the culpability and alleged treason of those military families who continue to aid and comfort enemies of the constitution.

    It takes two witnesses to find someone guilty of treason. We have a nation of over 300 Million who can see the downing street Memo.

    It only takes two people. Out of 300 Million. Do you plan to beat us all into silence? Do you want the entire nation to remain supportive of that which should end?

    These are not issues of personal family matters. These are matters of criminal law.

    American fighting men and women have freely chosen to ignore their training. They ignored 5100.77 which prohibit war crimes.

    This nation now sees that despite this training, the military members freely choose to volunteer to continue illegal wars.

    These military service members who were trained on the laws of war ignore that training. Now they want us to support their ignorance.

    These military service members freely choose to engage in war crimes. They act in a manner contrary to the laws of war and their training.

    This military does not serve the constitution. It serves a tyrant. And to that end, the military families deserve no support. They have shown that they will choose a tyrant over the constitution.

    The American fighting man is being manipulated. The Army’s fine warriors are trained to stay with that which is illegal.

    They are trained to sacrifice for unlawful wars.

    Their sacrifice is a distraction from a tyrant’s attack on the constitution.

    Bush is using the military families. He hopes to get support for unlawful conduct. He hoes to get sympathy where the law requires no consideration.

    Bush wants sympathetic hearts to cloud already muddled minds. He hopes to gain sympathy where none is earned nor warranted.

    There is no reason to support those who support war criminals. It remains up to the military families to explain why they align themselves with war criminals.

    Their answer is that they only have one defense: They choose to be ignorant of the laws of the land. They know they are suffering. But it is not for freedom, but ignorance.

    The military families are the distraction from the Constitution and the violations of the laws of war. Bush doesn’t care about their suffering. He cares about himself.

    Bush has one goal. To ensure he escapes liability for war crimes. If that means he has to point to the suffering of those he’s left behind, he will do it. But he doesn’t care. More men and women will volunteer to commit more war crimes.

    Americans once had a notion of the laws of war. But with the likes of Spike Bowman we have seen that investigations into misconduct can arrive at creative outcomes.

    Americans should not be asked to support wars of criminals. However, when a president aligns himself with the victims of his unlawful wars, it is simply a sign of his desperation.

    There is no reason to have any compassion for the military families. They choose to align themselves with war criminals.

    Those who support criminals should be insulted as they are unfit to be models for a civilized society. Their children they have in school are learning bad lessons. It remains to be seen how deeply infected they become with this trauma. It may be decades before we see the fruits of this non-sense.

    I see nothing stopping the media from grilling the military families about their arrogance for supporting war criminals. But what is to be expected of those who have easily let their minds be controlled by those who call an unlawful war something other than what it is: A war of aggression.

    Military families have shown that their loyalty is not to the Constitution but to a tyrant and for that they deserve to be mocked. They are gullible. And their free choice to support an unlawful war of aggression is propelling them to be used by this President. They enjoy being used. Because their mindlessness is rewarded with cursory attention.

    With time, the military families will realize how they, like the 9-11 families, have been used to rally a nation for more unlawful wars. They will learn how they were used. But they were part of something larger to undermine the Constitution.

    I have no sympathy for military families. Your spouses, sons, daughters, and loved ones freely chose to continue fighting an unlawful war.

    There is one clear choice military families need to make: That between a Constitution or a tyrant. They refuse to face reality. Rather, it is the time that they are most vulnerable that their grief is used to further cloud the minds of those around them.

    Others, in your silence, area allowing yourselves to be used and drawn into the gray cloud of non-sense.

    Should military families be shunned? That remains up to you to decide. For they ask you to embrace absurdity and feel sorry for those who freely chose to embrace war crimes. If you like to be around people who live in a fantasy world, by all means: Allow yourself to be around those who choose to support that which is unlawful. But once you make that choice, you have chosen a tyrant over the Constitution.

    There is no reason to have any regard for military families. They have shown contempt for the Constitution. When the nation needed them to speak out about what was really going on, many were cold and aloof when they hear of their support for the Constitution.

    They know it is true. And they don’t want to hear it. They choose to be impersonal as a shield to accountability. For late at night it hits them: They have supported war criminals, just like the Nazi families in Germany did.

    What happened to those families in Germany who supported war criminals? Last time I checked someone in the American military can talk to you about the nice things this government did to those families who supported war criminals.

    Something about large buildings falling down. Big plumes of fire. And that sucking sound as the oxygen gets burnt up.

    Do I advocate such violence against the Americans who support war criminals? Of course not. For such would be contrary to the laws of war.

    Rather, those who commit war crimes should be held accountable; and those who support war crimes should be brought to justice.

    But the American government likes to pretend the fire bombing of Dresden didn’t happen.

    Let us ask: What were to happen if someone were to decide that America could not longer be convinced that it needs to end this war of aggression?

    Does another nation, like the United States in WWII, have the right to take action against the essential support allowing an unlawful war of aggression to continue?

    Do civilians, who support an unlawful war of aggression, become legitimate military targets? The evidence before us is that the American government has already decided that question: Indeed, once a nation or group of people chooses to use violence, then the laws of war which are violated get whittled away.

    There is something called the Geneva Convention. But when a civilian population proves instrumental in supporting an unlawful war, and is the resource for that war effort, the American government in Nazi Germany already said that it was “OK” to subject that civilian population to firebombing.

    They did the same thing in Tokyo.

    The time for Americans to stand up and think about these issues is now. For the longer the American government continues to spread nonsense and ask for more mindless sacrifice, the more people it is asking to be supportive of that which is illegal.

    Indeed, if the Americans choose to continue to wage an unlawful war of aggression despite no evidence of WMD and clear evidence that the law is without foundation, then I see little to support the notion of just war.

    But that is not simply abroad. Rather, it is also at home. Because when a nation like the United States, despite its membership in the UN and a signatory of the Geneva Conventions, continues to wage an unlawful war, but chooses to require its citizens to support that war through material and direct support for those doing the fighting, then I see a blurring between what is a legitimate and illegitimate target.

    Specifically, the issue becomes one of a threshold. How bad does the situation have to get. How many more people have to suffer. What is the threshold point at which civilians back at home become legitimate targets?

    I cannot answer that. But I do know that as long as the leadership in the RNC continues the demand the nation support that which is unlawful, the greater the risk the RNC is demanding the civilian population absorb the brunt of the consequences for the unlawful war of aggression.

    In short, the RNC and White House in their failure to conduct themselves and ensure the laws of war are followed, have subjected the American civilian population to lawful retribution. And there is little the international community is going to do to come to your aid when that is known.

    Indeed, we recall the images of Dresden and Tokyo. Clearly outrageous acts against a civilian population. But they were justified in that it was what was needed to end the support for the Nazi war machine.

    Is there a distinction in the United States? You’ll have to answer that for yourselves. But if you choose a tyrant and demand your peers support you in the unlawful wars, then know that you are whittling away at the protections once afforded to you under the Geneva Conventions.

    If that is the kind of land and society you want to create, then do nothing.

    But if you desire for those Geneva Conventions apply, then it is time to choose your constitution.

    For the Constitution is the path to ensuring that the laws of war are applied; and that your military members are brought to justice for waging this unlawful war.

    Now is the testing time. Will the Americans rise to the occasions and choose the constitution; or will you allow more excuses to float around to justify unlawful war?

    The American military families must make a choice. The longer they avoid choosing the Constitution, the greater the risk they expose their peers.

    For now the battle field threatens to widen. Not simply out of spite; but these are deemed appropriate “next steps” to ensure that there are consequences for violations of the laws of war.

    Americans must decide whether their own judicial system is sufficient; have the Uniform Codes of Military Justice been adequate in guiding military personnel in their responsibility to ensure their conduct is lawful?

    It would appear the system of justice has failed. Thus, to proclaim that the subsequent attacks on civilians are “barbaric” misses the lesson of the Allied forces in Germany and Tokyo. When a war machine continues without end and those leaders continue to fight unlawful wars and there is no regulation that causes these barbaric invasions to end, then those who support the unlawful wars are legitimate military targets.

    This is a result of the free choice you took to continue or cease supporting unlawful wars.

    If you would like the barbaric acts to end, then it is time for you to choose the Constitution over a tyrant. It is time for you to choose the laws of war over barbarity.

    But when a civilian population and its military families have no regard for the laws of war, arguably under the Geneva Conventions that amounts to material support for something that is unlawful.

    Who is the United States to lecture the world about “civility” when anytime civil law is mentioned, it is scoffed at in Number 10 or the White House?

    It is time for the American people to choose: Do you want a Constitution or do you want a tyrant.

    That is not a question. It is your free choice. When you choose your Constitution that will only be the beginning. For then the time for accountability will come.

    The question will be: Do you want to exercise self-rule and have those consequences and sense of order and discipline based on your own laws, or do you want that discipline imposed upon you form without?

    It would be far more prudent if you chose the Constitution and freely chose to hold your own accountable for the violations of the laws of war.

    But at this juncture, it appears both the Untied States and the UK governments are unable to ensure their military personnel or structures of government operate in a lawful manner. That is a poor consequences of 9-11.

    For recall the fine words at the National Cathedral. Let us not become the enemy. But that is what has happened.

    The American military families have supported unlawful wars. They are part of the problem. They choose a tyrant over the Constitution.

    When they suffer losses there is little reason to have sympathy for them. The evidence is in the Downing Street Memo: There is no legal foundation for this war.

    But the support for the war continues. Why does the support continue? Why do they freely choose to support war criminals?

    A simple message for American military families. Those who come to your aid enable the support system for war criminals to not only continue but to go unchecked. That is a problem. It is like a spreading cancer of the 1930s.

    It needs to end.

    But it continues. Thus, we can only wonder how the military families can justify supporting their own family members.

    I’m willing to listen. I would like to hear a very good reason. Something that makes sense.

    Keep in mind, if you ask the nation to support you in these unlawful wars, you need to make a very good case that that support doesn’t open the doorway to lawful sanctions under exceptions to the Geneva Conventions.

    I am not persuaded that the military families have thought this through. But that’s exactly what the White House and RNC have hoped for.

    Military families know that unlawful wars are unlawful. Yet, what is curious is that they ask the world to believe that their material support for those war criminals is not something that deserves rebuke, but deserves sympathy.

    Curious. Were the Nazi war widows in Germany less deserving of sympathy? Were those wives and families in Japan who lost loved ones less deserving of sympathy?

    On the contrary, they were all supporting unlawful wars. And that was the pretext the US used to firebomb civilians.

    Now, arguably in hindsight McNamara has said that if they lost the war in Japan that the US could be held liable for war crimes.

    Isn’t that interesting. The conduct was recognized as being unlawful, but the Americans did it anyway.

    Does this mean that the Americans would, in 2005, continue with unlawful conduct? Self-evidently, they are, even without regard to whether they are ultimately held to account at the polls in 2006.

    It is strange when you contrast the German, Japanese, and American war crime machines. All know their conduct is unlawful, but they find good reasons to continue.

    And the families are there. Crying. Asking for sympathy. In their grief, they want others to join them in supporting an unlawful war.

    Things are certainly complicated. Because in the “confusion” over whether the Americans are going to choose between a constitution or a tyrant, they now have to ask at what point will they switch sides.

    Will the American families continue to support war crimes and a tyrant?

    What is the threshold when the families will see that their contribution is fueling a tyrant?

    Do the Americans realize that by choosing a tyrant over a war crime that some view American civilians as legitimate military targets?

    War machines do not blossom out of the blue; nor do they remain sustained on the basis of some sort of divine intervention. These are the conscious decisions of people.

    The laws of war are there to ensure the conduct of war is prudent; minimized in scope; and keeps the civilians safe.

    But what is to be done when the civilians fuel that war machine?

    what is to be said of military families when the fuel a war machine?

    What is to be said of the RNC when its leadership continues to support an unlawful war?

    What is to be said of the RNC leadership who continues to spend money on what is now self-evidently a war of aggression, without any legal foundation?

    What is the point at which this ends?

    Do the American military families deserve congratulations for having continued the support for an unlawful war of aggression?

    How many American civilian lives are at risk because the American military families continue to support an unlawful war?

    How many American civilians are at a greater risk of a legal counter attack under the laws of war because the American military families have been selfish in asking the world feel sorry for their freely choice in supporting unlawful wars?

    The constitution is about free people coming together. Choosing to enhance their lives. The idea is that the Americans can come together under a Constitution and create a better place together than on their own.

    But what is to be said of military families when they ask for more support for unlawful wars?

    Is their demand that we support their efforts in an unlawful war something that is going to subject American citizens to lawful retribution for providing material support to that war effort?

    Secretary Rice talked about Mushroom clouds. Curious. Isn’t it ironic that this war fought over illusory WMD could very well escalate into what Rice threatened could happen?

    For if a nation proves it is unwilling to submit to the laws of the land, and ignore its constitution, it carries little favor when those war efforts do much to inspire the very contempt we supposedly fought.

    The easy solution to this is to choose your constitution.

    But now we arrive at a convenient paradox. Because now the RNC leadership would have the world believe that any effort to compel the White House to submit to the laws of war was an act of terrorism – that the desire to compel Americans to submit to the Constitution is related to an effort to intimidate a civilian population.

    Well, take a step back. Think about the idea of coercion. Coercion is acceptable in the courts to restrain someone.

    It is no different when the laws of the land are ignored. It is absurd to suggest that any effort to compel the leadership to conduct its affairs in conformance with the laws be something that is terrorism.

    Rather, it is civilized.

    Indeed, civilized nations compel their leaders to submit to the rule of law.

    And an uncivilized nation will give their leaders free reign to ignore those laws. As has the United States.

    It doesn’t look good for the American military. Not simply on the battle field. But in the relationship between lawful orders and the Constitution.

    They take oaths to support that document. But when they wage an unlawful war, they are violating a treaty. That is problematic.

    It is time for Americans to choose. Do you want a Constitution. Or do you want a tyrant?

    If you choose a tyrant, you are saying that you are going to provide direct support to an unlawful war. In doing so, you are then saying that in light of that material support to an unlawful war, we expect the world to take no action that would subject that support to sanctions.

    You are asking the world, in short, to tolerate your unlawful support, and reward it with acquiescence. That is absurd. Because we know from history that when the laws are broken, that any effort to violate those laws which goes unchecked will simply invite more lawlessness. That is not a civilized society.

    Again, the choice is clear: Do you want a Constitution and the responsibility that goes with that; or do you want a tyrant and the accountability and liability that attaches to that choice?

    Either way, once you make your choice, there’s only more work. So the possible risk that there is work, or the task ahead may be difficult is a red herring.

    Either way, the task ahead is going to be difficult.

    For if you choose a tyrant, then you are betting that the world will continue to ignore your material support for a tyrant and unlawful war.

    Indeed, the issue is one of timing. If you choose your constitution, the consequences and responsibilities will be more immediate; if you choose a tyrant, the consequences will likely be delayed but more severe.

    I’m willing to bet that you’re going to side with the tyrant. Not because it is the right thing to do. But because you believe that you would rather have more pleasure out of avoiding immediate responsibility; than in facing the immediate problem of actually holding yourself accountable.

    Which is the heart of the matter. This is how corporate America works. You look for short term successes; and take action that will hide the problems; and then hope that nobody figures it out. By the time the cess pool surfaces, you’re hopefully out of there.

    Small problem. You’re in America. America is the one engaging in the war crimes. Where do you plan to hide?

    You can’t run away from this. Either way, you have to make a choice: A constitution or a tyrant.

    9-11 Lessons

    The military families have a problem. Because now they are asking the world to continue feeling sorry for them despite their material support for war criminals.

    But it doesn’t stop there. Because just as the bad news spilled out about what really happened on 9-11, so too will there be more pressure to find out what really happened in the Bush Administration.

    With time, the 9-11 families have learnt that they were used. That they were told certain things that turned out to be lies.

    So too is the same game being played with the military families.

    Bush is not concerned. He knows he will escape. If there is a problem with retribution on the American civilians for their support for unlawful wars, there will be new scapegoats.

    Bush will get the nation to focus its energy on another convenient target. All the while, this could easily have been solved had the nation chosen the Constitution and to hold its military members accountable to the rule of law.

    But why expect miracles when its far easier to pretend there’s no problem.

    With time, the American military family is going to learn more. There will be some hard lessons.

    The families will learn how their loss was exploited not just for politics, but as a shield to dissuade inquiry and prosecution for war crimes.

    The losses of the American military family are being used as a distraction form the needed inquiry and accountability on the civilian leadership in the United States.

    They swore an oath to the Constitution. And they have ignored that oath. They fixed facts. They waged an unlawful war. And now they want to distract the world to images of military families who suffer.

    But their suffering is the fruit of choice. A free choice to let a tyrant continue. A free choice by Congress to continue funding. And a free choice by military families to continue supporting an unlawful war.

    What is the result? We can only speculate. But it remains to be seen why those who continue to wage an unlawful war will forever have the harness of history to forever lead the facts wherever they desire them to arrive.

    For facts do take on a life of their own. Especially when GCHQ and the Downing Street Memos keep surfacing at inconvenient times.

    RNC Positions

    It is clear the White House knows the stakes. It has seen what happens when a civilian population is attacked.

    The only thing this White House knows is more war, distractions, and non-sense. There is no accountability for the lawlessness used.

    This White House and RNC has changed. It no longer looks at the Downing Street Memo and the public as a small opponent to be ignored.

    Rather, it remains a viable force. But it cannot be silenced. It is stronger. More adept. And far more capable than the RNC calculated.

    At best, the RNC has underestimated. At worst, the RNC and White House have created a monster.

    But no matter, for the White House and RNC have embraced the momentum and hope to spread the ruse that they are with the people and the Constitution.

    Again, the RNC and White House hope to create the illusion that anyone who dares talk about sources in the White House is putting the Constitution at risk.

    The simple truth is that the RNC hopes to create the illusion that anyone who dares speak out about crimes is putting their safety and freedom at risk. In short, that is intimidation. And the very conduct which we fought in 1776.

    Moreover, that abuse and intimidation is at the heart of Ambassador Wilson’s complaint. Because it is the non-sense war and conduct disconnected from reality which invites enemies to lawfully counter attack.

    Moreover, when the United States military and its civilian leadership engage in intimidation in the name of “freedom,” that only invokes greater contempt for the rule of law.

    But the world knows. It can see through the ruse. For the Constitution is a noble thing. Not only does it inspire this nation to assert the rule of law at home; it also inspires other nations to check the United States abroad.

    We saw the same thing in Vietnam. The Vietnamese were inspired by the US Declaration of Independence. They drafted their documents using the US model.

    Indeed, they were surprised when the United States did not join them in their struggle. But they learned that the United States has a funny way about Constitutions and freedom. The US only likes to talk about them; it doesn’t like it when those standards are applies to the United States.

    Curious. The dilemma of accountability. And the Downing Street Memo.

    Moreover, the US doesn’t like it when the world sees what is self-evident: That the Americans have embraced a tyrant, and know no bounds. Not even their own constitution.

    This is the curious thing about the American constitution. Because when it is ignored at home, it grows strong abroad. It inspires those to stand up, just as Americans did in 1776.

    What do the Americans do when slapped in the face with their own documents? Why they do what the British do: they claim that the matter will be settled; that the locals are not cooperating; that the state of affairs is confusing; and the enemy is disorganized.

    Surely, if that were true, then the decision to proclaim a victory would simply quiet the locals into submission.

    Small problem. The locals don’t like to be unlawfully invaded. Nor do they like to sit in 130 degree temperature and chase blocks of ice in the hot sun.

    They would prefer the power. They like air conditioning. And it is getting hotter.

    Meanwhile, what have the Americans brought Iraq? There’s a civil war spreading. And the hot summer sun is beating down.

    But to add insult to injury, now we find out that American troops sent to Iraq aren’t actually fighting. In some cases, they’re sitting in the middle of nowhere. Getting bored.

    I ask you. If the troops are in a location where there is no action, why aren’t there power plants being built there?

    Oh, but the Americans answer that building such a facility would only invite more attacks. OK. Why not protect them?

    But that would require more troops.

    OK. So the default decision they have is that they have a bad plan. But if they change the troop levels to something that would solve the power problem, then that would just admit that up until this point that bad plan has been in place.

    Brilliant. So what they’re actually saying is that a bad plan to begin with means that we must remain silent about that bad plan or the enemy will figure it out.

    Guess what. The enemy already knows. And they’re pissed off. It’s hot. They don’t need to be shown the plan. They don’t need to have access to the plan. They can see it before their eyes: Heat.

    What is the RNC and White House response? They change the subject from Iraq and war crimes and start talking about the “need to protect whistleblowers.”

    Again, this is a distraction. But bear with me: If you think about a whistleblower, what a whistleblower is . . . is someone inside the system that is talking bout a problem.

    But the goal here isn’t to protect whistleblowers. [Although that’s needed when they are working in an abusive system like the American system].

    The real goal here is to take action that solves problems.

    So what the RNC and White House are doing is changing the subject form whether or not government corruption is or is not getting addressed.

    And they’re changing the focus to something else: Can Whistleblowers get protected?

    Wait a minute. Why is the RNC and White House suddenly “concerned” with whistleblowers?

    Answer; they’re not. Because if they were truly “concerned” about whistleblowers, there won’t be anything to complaint about – they’d put the proper attention on the problems driving the whistle blowers to work outside the unresponsive system.

    And, wait for it: . . . Solve the problem. But not the RNC. Not these buffoons in the White House.

    In other words, if government was truly responsive and the RNC was doing things right, government would increase its responsiveness and thereby reduce the need to be concerned with whistleblowers.

    But the problem is so large, that the only option RNC and the White House have is to admit the self-evident disaster on their hands: The Downing Street Memo is raising many questions about responsiveness, law and order.

    Moreover, given the widening gap between the public and the government, what is happening is RNC and the White House know they are running out of options. The only thing the RNC and White House can do at this point is to align itself with the very forces that are attacking, in the hopes of manipulating that public outrage over the Constitution.

    But this is a ruse. Because there remains no real concern whether or not Whistleblowers will or will not be reported in the Press. Rather, the RNC and White House hope to manipulate the press to fight for a false “right to have access to whistleblowers and be secure in their right to protect witnesses” as a way to distract attention from the real problem: That the Press knows about crimes and does nothing to ensure that government corruption is stamped out. Rather, the media puts a higher value on the access to information than it does in using that information to hold the government accountable.

    In short, the media has lost its way. And the RNC and White House have been the ones that have been right there to distract the media from their primary role and lulled them into embracing an absurdity: That if the media is silent about White House crimes and sources, then the Constitution will be protected.

    Again, that is absurd. Because by being silent about sources, all the White House is doing is saying, “We want more green lights to trash the constitution without any consequences.”

    In other words, the RNC and White House goal at this juncture is to:

  • A. align themselves with the opposition behind the Downing Street Memo;
  • B. distract this opposition and make it believe that it is asserting their interests; while it actually hopes to
  • C. dissuade action that would hold the White House accountable; and
  • D. distract the public from taking action with non-sense expressions of interest and concern for whatever principles they think people will lap up and believe.

    So the question comes down to this: Despite all this non-sense going on: Where has the media been?

    Suddenly, the media is now crying that they claim there is a problem. But their crying is misdirected. The problem isn’t the prosecutor. The real problem lies with the tyrant in the White House.

    Indeed, it has been the mindless media coverage that has fueled this lawlessness, fascism, and sent a green light for more war crimes.

    What is happening? The White House and media are under needed public scrutiny. And instead of the media and White House sitting back and saying, “Gosh, we need to do the right thing,” the RNC and media have joined forces in saying, “How can we find a scapegoat to distract attention from our failures?”

    The common enemy the White House and RNC have are: The Constitution, the public, and the prosecutor.

    The easiest way to cause the most confusion is to align oneself with the greatest two forces and face off and strike down the real power-broker: The prosecutor.

    What is going to happen? The media and White House know that their real power and foundation rest upon illusions; the last thing they want is realty to show up.

    Small problem: The Downing Street Memo. More questions. Thus, how to get the two other forces to gang up on the Prosecutor?

    Why you convince the civilian population that you are fighting for their constitution, and then continue with more non-sense.

    Small problem. It doesn’t add up. We know that the White House is manipulating the media to “fight for” principles that are at odds with the Constitution.

    Bluntly, what is happening is the White House in this sorry state is convincing the press to put up a show about “we’re here to fight for the Constitution,” all the while what is actually happening is the media is remaining silent about criminal conduct.

    That doesn’t protect the Constitution. It emboldens tyrants to continue to undermine that document.

    So, the media and White House are now joining forces to protect “their right to protect criminals” and are mobilizing the civilian population, feigning their actions are to defend the Constitution, and going after the Prosecutor.

    Do you see why the world thinks the Americans and RNC are morons? Two of the greatest centers of abuse and incompetence [White House staff and RNC] are now painting themselves as if they actually have something to offer.

    But let’s look at the Downing Street memo. What did the White House do? It made up stuff. It lied. It launched a war that had no legal foundation.

    And it did so knowing full well it was unlawful.

    That’s stupid. Because they were dumb enough to believe that the memos, once classified, would never see the light of day.

    Small problem: The Downing Street Memo. And GCHQ. Which has copies of all the data.

    Will NSA be able to control all the meeting minutes in the UK? Self-evidently, there’s a rift in the UK and US intelligence communities. It remains a question whether this rift means that information is no longer freely flowing.

    The American media is a little slow. Despite all the problems surfacing in the Downing Street Memo, the media still has to be reminded about the larger issue. In other words, even though the RNC and White House are behind the unlawful war, there’s little discussion about actually imposing meaningful consequences on the White House or civilian leadership.

    The American media may have just gotten the wake up call: That the White House is behind some nasty stuff; and there needs to be an inquiry to look at the issues.

    God knows the media, as they have been, when left to their own devices seem incapable of giving the RNC base the information needed to show them what their leadership is doing.

    No matter. Why expect miracles from the media when they hitched their destiny to a tyrant.

    Now that the American media has gotten a wake up call, will they come forward with a plan? Don’t bet on it. They’ll take too long to figure this one out.

    The only thing that is going t get the word out will be people simply speaking out and sharing their views and observations on this matter.

    The American media isn’t there when you need it. And now that they feign victim status and are under attack, there’s no reason to believe the civilian population is going to understand the situation, unless they choose to see through it.

    In other words, the same American media that pumps out non-sense, is the same media that will not look at what it is doing to contribute to this problem, and will feign an illusory attack from a prosecutor, thereby drumming up public support in the “media’s battle against the prosecutor.”

    Oh, what a farce. For the real responsibility for this lies with the editors. Years of issues without challenges. The editors were the ones who were more loyalty to their government sources that they were to outside information.

    Sure, tiny small things get missed. But the public knows that if you talk to an editor all you get is non-sense as to why that issue has or hasn’t been covered. Rather, the editors like the American government have a default position: It’s not of a concern to us; and we can’t do anything because the problem is too large.

    Wake up! Problems don’t’ appear out of the blue. They emerge. And it is ridiculous for editors to continue to dismiss information on the basis of it being “not relevant” and then when the problem is so huge for them to claim, “It’s not our problem.”

    I give up: Why don’t the US American media editors just go home and not bother. All you’re good at doing is pumping out material that keeps your advertisers happy. Where were you when we really needed information about what was really going on?

    ”Oh, but we were all fooled.”

    That’s a load of non-sense. Because we do know that questions were not getting straight answers. Where was the follow up?

    “Oh, but the government said. . .” Exactly, my point. The government says something and you blindly print it.

    Where’s the fact checking of the government?

    ”Oh, we can’ t do that . We might upset our source.”

    Oh, you mean the sources that are giving you non-sense might get upset? Wow, that sounds like you have not only an unreliable source, but an emotional unstable source.

    Yet, look at all the energy they put into protecting a source that is not only abusive and unreliable, but is demanding that the media remain silent about crimes, and then compel the media to hit the wires and spew forth non-sense to dissuade a prosecutor and public from looking deeper into the Downing Street Memo and BCCI.

    There is absolutely no credibility behind RNC ‘concern” with the Constitution. They have shown and demonstrated that they have no regard for that document. The didn’t care about it when they were engaged in unlawful wars of aggression, spewing forth propaganda, or overseeing institutions that committed war crimes.

    Look! At the funding that still goes to this unlawful war. What is to be said of the RNC and the House Appropriations Committee. Who are they to have the gall to let anyone believe that they are for the Constitution.

    They take whatever non-sense they have, throw it into the Committee and rubber stamp continued funding for what is unlawful.

    The media still is afraid. Why does the RNC based sit around “waiting for answers” when it is self-evident the answers we get are non-sense.

    Indeed, the Downing Street Memo shows us that the illusion is large. The press remains disconnected from reality.

    Yet, despite no meaningful coverage in the Press, the public wants to have an impeachment if it were shown the President violated the laws of war.

    The point being is that despite the press being out of touch, the public isn’t stupid. And this is more of the disconnection and gap between the public and both the media and the RNC.

    The RNC and the media have enjoyed their comatose state. They hope the coverage remains scant. They don’t want more people talking about the Downing Street Memo.

    The RNC and media continue to spew forth non-sense about “how their actions” are going to protect the constitution. Oh, please! Your conduct shows you favor a tyrant over the Constitution; and you are lulled into asserting “whatever you find is the flavor of the day” to avoid accountability for years of worthless coverage of the WMD issues.

    “Oh, we’ll just blindly print whatever the White House tells us. We’re not going to bother asking any follow-up questions about the issues which raise doubts about the veracity of the claims related to WMD. We’ll just go along with this war because there’s nothing we can do.”

    That’s right! There’s nothing you did, so why are we to expect, as the situation is far more difficult, for you to be there and do anything now?

    Give yourselves the benefit of the doubt? The doubt is so deep, you can soak your tiny brain in it.

    Going forward

    So what’s the media actually going to do? It really doesn’t matter. They’ve already shown they’re unreliable.

    What we do know is that the media isn’t going to go after the government. They are too concerned with protecting sources than in ending corruption.

    Self-evidently the corruption problem is so large that the media is now threatening to “not cover it” as a way of showing “what they can do” as a response to be held accountable for protecting sources who are linked with undermining the Constitution. No, the media isn’t going after government; they’re going after those who dare shove the Constitution up the media’s rear-end: The prosecutor.

    Will the media go after information? Of course not: They want to be spoon fed, just like the FBI.

    Will the media serve a useful function? Of course not, they shall remain just a platform for advertising. The only function the media services is an outlet for more non-sense to keep people from waking up to he abysmal media coverage.

    The Downing Street Memo and the prosecutors’ motion [to have the reporters jailed for refusing to reveal a source] are the needed catalysts for the media.

    But it will take them a while to figure things out. Time to sort through their own mess. Time to figure out that they can’t keep rolling over believing the nightmare will end on its own.

    No, it requires a choice: A constitution or a tyrant.

    In short, the public outrage over the Downing Street Memo that is directed at the White House and RNC is a sign of things to come for the media.

    The media is now more openly held in contempt. The media is no longer seen as reliable, nor an ally in asserting the rule of law over tyrants.

    Yes, the media does roll over and do nothing. They lack the imagination to seek other sources.

    The media appear to be afraid of their own shadow. Afraid of asserting the Constitution. And afraid of holding tyrants to account for their lawlessness.

    Who cares about sources that are out to destroy your right to enjoy liberties?

    Why does the media give any deference to those who have the demonstrated intent to destroy the constitution?

    They have no answers because they value the source more than they value the Constitution.

    Again: The media should be fired. They chose to embrace a tyrant over the Constitution.

    The press corps likes to act stupid. When the Constitution is shoved in their face and they are told to choose between a Constitution and a tyrant, their loyalty lies with the tyrant.

    And what is done when this is known? They claim they won’t cover problems. That their “response” will be to stop covering issues.

    See the media for what they are: They are willing to deprive the public of worthless information as a “threat” for being held accountable.

    Good! Let them stop doing what they are doing: Let them stop spewing forth non-sense.

    The media despite this slap in the face will still be worthless and will not change. It will require far larger, direct, and more immediate abuses to be inflicted on the media by this tyrant for the press to wake up.

    But this tyrant already has them lulled. To accept more absurdity.

    A brave media will dare challenge a tyrant. But this media would rather assist a tyrant than choose a constitution over than tyrant.

    The media need to be flushed out. The world needs a new method of getting information. And this current approach to information is not working.

    It is absurd that an exposure of crime is called a “chilling effect” on information. For they would have us believe that compelling one to hold criminals to account is contrary to the public interests.

    But the public interest is in government accountability under the Constitution. The public doesn’t care what “the source” is for the information. The public’s greater interest in that the tyrants are compelled to grovel at a Constitution.

    Thus, to anyone who claims that “revealing the truth about corruption and criminal acts” will have a “chilling effect” on information self-evidently shows us how corrupt things have become.

    Because the only way the media have “figured out” how to find out things is to cooperate with those how, arguably, belong in jail.

    What does that say for America? What “Fin example” is that for the Iraqis?

    Again, the “example we given them” is the Constitution. It is not our system as it is practiced. A system that rewards corruption; and one that has so much corruption, that daring to speak of the corruption will shut down the information.

    Then stop relying on sources who are corrupt! And start reporting on them. Get it out in the open.

    But the moment you compromise yourself and “choose to be silent” in order to “go after b bigger fish” the longer you’ll delude yourself to be silent.

    For “how big” of a problem does hit have to get before you’ll speak out? In this case, we have war crimes, but the white House and RNC have convinced the media to remain silent or “run the risk of losing the source.”

    Who needs a source that violates the law?

    That source needs to be thrown in jail. And the right answer is to take this investigation out of the media’s hands and turn it over to professional investigators that can get answers: Wire taps, hidden informants, and other methods.

    Yes! This is about the Downing Street Memo. And the American media has been the illusory investigative body and the mechanism this White House and RNC is using to dissuade a professional inquiry.

    Isn’t that curious: The incompetent media is left to bounce around and find no answers; then dutifully report, after getting lost in the maze, that there’s “nothing to be found.”

    Indeed, fools lost in paradise complain the colors are not what they expect, so shut the place down and turn it into a parking lot.

    The Downing Street Memo requires a far more professional investigation. The current morons in the media have no talent, ability, or comprehension of the disaster they are a part of.

    It is time for some perspective, not more blind-leading-the-blind.

    If you want a white wash, ask the Media to investigate a very narrow problem, then don’t give them enough sources to confirm anything. The media will run back to the editors and say, “There’s no problem. The real problem must be with those who raised the point. We’ll go after them.”

    You morons! And you wonder why people give up talking to you. Because you are idiots. You don’t investigate. You just lap up whatever your told, and encouraged to get lost.

    Then they use their confusion and incompetence as an excuse to cry, “Fine. We’re so upset about being held accountable, that we’re not going to cover the issues. Wah, wah.”

    Who needs their coverage. They’re lazy. They have more loyalty to corrupt institutions than to the Constitution.

    Who needs the media? Government: So it can avoid consequences.

    What’s the media there for? They have no clue. They say to spread the news. But is that news really information that we can use?

    No, it’s just non-sense government propaganda. Look at the Downing Street Memo. They had this all planned out.

    What does the editor then do when they have their face shoved in the Constitution? They claim that everything is so confusing. It’s all unclear. They whine about the Prosecutor.

    I see nothing stopping the media from using unreliable sources or rumors and saying, "This is just a rumor, but if you have heard something like this we’d like to hear more.”

    Get everyone to share information. And then when the information is flowing around, the world will see there is a large gap between what America talks about and what it is able to do.

    “Oh we can’t have the truth out.”

    Curious, that’s not what we went to Iraq to give them: Wasn’t it about freedom and the power to have truth in newspapers and the media?

    Apparently not. Truth and freedom are just nice to justify unlawful wars; we don’t actually want anyone to use those principles. For it might mean someone might be held accountable. And we don’t want to do that in America: Because then someone in the White House might actually end up going to jail for war crimes.

    Bring it on!

    Why don’t we have more media discussions with the prosecutors? Why aren’t media sources funneling information into the prosecutors so we can have more grand juries and lock up more of these corrupt officials?

    Apparently, the media has “all this information,” why isn’t that information getting fed to those who most need it: Members of the grand jury.

    Here’s an idea: Why not have the media publish the information it has received and encourage the grand juries to dig into the issues and get more information. That way the government will face even more questions and we’ll have those who lie brought to justice for fraud and corruption.

    How about that!

    If you’re on a grand jury and you want to know more: Just wait for a blogger to blog about it and boom! You’ll get more information than you know what to do with.

    Just put out your lists. Raise questions. Get the grand juries to anonymously blog about stuff they want to know about. And then encourage bloggers to come forward with information so that the grand jury will find out where to find the real stink.

    Grand jury blog: If you want to get the stink fast, just ask a question and the world bloggers will be there to help you throw the stink inside government in jail.

    Give me a good reason why the public shouldn’t simply blog direct in response to grand jury questions: Let the grand jury sift through the rumors; and really stir things up. How you liking this?

    But what does the media do? “Oh, we can’t do that. . . “

    Why not? Why can’t grand juries have blogs?

    “oh, but we like the confusion. . . “

    That’s right. The media pleads ignorance. All this confusion. All this uncertainty. Everything is unclear.

    That’s why a Downing Street Memo inquiry is needed: To get answers, but no thanks to the media.

    They’re lazy. Despite all the open sources, they ignore it.

    What’s most amazing is that the stuff that is in plain view, the media scoffs it off as “minor.”

    Well! Small pieces add up.

    Why is the media lazy?

    Why is it full of inaction/

    Why is there no follow up?

    Why does the media argue about rights, despite no actions to ensure those who are violating the Constitution are brought to justice?

    Why does the media act like law enforcement and “ask them directly”?

    Why doesn’t the media turn its attention on those in government that refuse to do their jobs, don’t look into matters, and spend their time spewing forth non-sense? Why not tell it like it is.

    How bad does a situation have to be? Why not just print it all.

    How many indicators of problems have to surface before the media will budge? Why not just print everything.

    If one sources dries up, who cares – there are open sources. And there are other people who can see what is going on.

    What if the media told the truth?

    It is clear that the media has chosen to put its loyalty to corrupt sources over the goal of civil society to report things.

    When the media isn’t getting information, that’s information. When a source is threatening a reporter, that’s information.

    And when the media is told, “We can only tell you this, but you can’t name us.” That source needs to be identified. And the media, that does or doesn’t get results should also be publicly talked about.

    Look at the American media. It has all these channels to place ads; what is going on with that it can’t find the time to get reporters to find real stories, so all it can do is take press releases and copy and paste them?

    What’s up with that?

    The Downing Street Memo shows that America is one big propaganda machine. And if you dare discuss reality, you get labeled a “problem.”

    Fine! America doesn’t want to know it has fascists in the white House.

    Last time I checked, when a nation continues to wage unlawful wars, McNamara came up with some really nice excuses to attack civilians.

    It’s time to choose: Do you want a Constitution or do you want a Tyrant?

    The Americans don’t want to answer that. They know they can lap up propaganda, get into a mess, and get into deeper and deeper non-sense; but that non-sense will not get them out.

    All that propaganda.

    Small problem. The Downing Street Memo shows up. And now we find out about MI6’s operation mass appeal.

    Now with the DSM, reality shows up. And it’s not looking good. Not for the White House, RNC, nor for the military families.

    All joined together to distract attention from war crimes, and get more public support for things that should never have happened.

    The Downing Street memo shows us that propaganda doesn’t solve problems. It merely hides the stink coming out of the White House and RNC.

    That stink is the smell of criminal activity. Time for a professional inquiry and enough of this non-sense from the media. They are part of the problem and a barrier to prudence.