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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hiding Gulags: US House Judiciary Committee in action

Do they have a clue?

News just in.

This is a multiple-choice practice drill for the Republican staffers on the House Judiciary Committee. This test has only one question. Choose the best answer.

If you pick the wrong answer, you will be assigned to the House Judiciary Committee microphone-detail. Choose wisely.


This news item is an explanation for how the House Judiciary Committee investigates:

Your choices

A. Torture in US Gulags
B. War crimes memos
C. DoJ OPR / FBI Morons
D. DoJ Prisons ["US Gulags"]
E. Human rights violations in US Gulags
F. President's war crimes while setting up and overseeing US Gulags
G. Travel on CIA Gulfstreams to "those other Gulags"
H. Staged interrogations with cooperative detainees at US Gulags

I. All of the above
J. None of the Above

K. GROUP 1: A, D, F

L. GROUP 2: B, D

M. Group 3: C, D, E

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