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Thursday, June 09, 2005

NSA Domestic Spying: White House knows it's caught -- Where is Bolton's blanket?

Bolton likes to have NSA contractors translate his information from Purtuguese to English.

But what does Bolton look like wearing diapers? Post our photoshop images and see how many of them show up in his NSA file.

White House refuses to turn over the NSA transcripts showing how NSA uses "training" as an excuse to engage in domestic surveillance.

Bolton got into trouble when he used the NSA intercepts to go after political targets; some think he had NSA intercept data to go after the Brazilian who wanted to look for Chemical weapons in Iraq.

So what's the news? Well, NSA has the tapes. The White House reviews them along with DoD and various State Department.

Small problem. Bolton said in public what has long been suspected: That the NSA has intercepts of civilians inside the US that Bolton asked to review.

So a couple questions come up:

  • How did Bolton know to ask about something that "wasn't supposed to be going on"?

  • What kind of information does NSA have in their training files about domestic surveillance?

  • Would the CIA be foolish enough to set up bogus blogs on the web in order to track and monitor the blogging community?

    I guess you'll have to ask the NSA and Bolton. Last thing we'd want to learn is that the NSA is engaged in double deception to confuse bloggers.

    Surely, not that! Keep on your toes out there. Remember, those "nice people" you are talking to on the internet may not only be undercover FBI agents pretending to be AlQueda, but they could also be NSA-contractors from the mid-west who are pretending to be fascinated by your latest revelations.

    Gosh, I wonder how they do that?

    Hay, NSA-contractors: Kiss my ass. Tell your boss you read it on Constant's blog.

    You want Bolton to get confirmed? Then turn over the documents showing NSA spies on Americans. Maybe the bloggers will have a chat about that one.

    Got you!

    No NSA tapes turned over? Guess what . . . Senate Filibuster. And we can always change the rules about NSA-CIA funding.

    How many more bullshit "fixed up files and evidence" are you giving to the "white washers" on the Senate Intelligence Committee to get rid of the 4th Amendment?

    "Oh, we can talk about our deceptions in public that's secret; but we want the power to deceive and intrude on the private affairs of private citizens."

    I give up NSA-contractors: How do you honestly justify to your children that are going to school every day that "it's important to study hard in school" or "you need to grow up and not be like Mommie?"

    Here's a hint. There are plenty of Blue Collar jobs that pay decent money in the construction business. Why don't you just get a another * job that you might enjoy, instead o living this lie.

    That's alot of money $50-70,000 per year. Outside. Away from the computers and your bullshit meetings. No more of this living a double lie. You can actually feel good about yourself when you go out in the sun, rip up some buildings, and lay down some really nice new roads for people.

    Think about it. Until then, come back often. Hay, if you really get upset, you can always start blogging about it. And be sure to link back to me so I can wish you well. Maybe one day we'll get to ride our Harleys together and we can zoom all the way to the North Pole.

    That's right on motorcycles. Didn't you hear: All the NSA's bullshit contractors have so much hot air coming out of their heads, that there's enough to melt the ice caps.

    SO, next time you're back at home and your brother stops by, be sure to tell them another lie about what you do. And read the Dilbert cartoons.

    Remember, "it's all a training mission" and "the bloggers will never find out."

    How many of you think Bolton looks like a walrus? I'd like to see some photoshopping of what that man might look like with his mustache in more creative places. Oh my!

    And what happens when he gets older. Will Bolton shave his head like a certain Polar Bear on a certain commercial that I just can't get enough of?

    Hey, Bolton. Why don't you get your motorcycle, join us at the North Pole, and we'll see how accurate those photoshop pictures are. Don't forget to bring your diapers, God knows you like to shit on people.

    Even yourself? A man your age may be having some problems. Go read that in your NSA file and tell them "Constant" was the one that gave you the idea to look yourself up.

    You're welcome. Oh, and are you interested in reading any more transcripts from Brazil. Remember, the stuff you're reading is translated from the original language. Not Spanish, but Portuguese.

    Thought I'd point that out.

    Os contratantes do NSA são provavelmente povos muito profissionais. Remanesce ser compreendido a que extensão violating a lei chamando o surveillance doméstico uma missão do treinamento.

    Wow, com todo esse turnover, de onde começam possivelmente os analistas? O Oh, aquele é direito. . . com 9-11, agora o NSA mantem os mais melhores povos qualificados sob a revisão. Assim quem está indo manter América livre e cofre dos doeers evil?

    Oh, aquele é direito. . . é composto toda para justificar o alot da despesa do dinheiro para começar os E. U. fora de uma espiral débito-debt-deflationary. Isso é direito os edifícios não foi suposto para cair para baixo e nós sabemos sobre o retrofitting A3 em Colorado. Você que gosta deste?

    Kiss my ass!

    Oh, and don't forget to hire some English to English translators. You have to give them green cards as well.