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Friday, June 03, 2005

Guantanmo and US Prisons: How much abuse goes on?

Someone needs to explain why urine is in the ventilation shaft, on the prisoner, and on the Koran.

This link analyzes why the government's version of "how the urine got on Guantanamo prisoner" don't add up.Is this a frequent occurrence in US prisons? Apparently, some would like to think it is isolated.

Here is the story on the urine on the Koran and detainee at Guantanamo.

See the stupid guard

We have a pattern of conduct. Guards continued to do it. The guards were moved out of Guantanamo.

  • Where did they go?

  • Are they doing the same thing in US prisons?

    The two word obscenity was: FUCK YOU.

    And the the person who wrote it in the Koran was an ASS HOLE.

    ["it's OK to write in the Koran; the "free" American media isn't allowed to say it." Not good enough for Americans to get exposed to; but it's OK to write that in the books of those you buy and sell.]

    Why are guards urinating near air vents?

    Doesn't the "mighty American military" have enough money to pay for toilets?

    Oh, that's right: The most important combat warriors [fighter pilots] don't even get enough money to train. Who cares about the army. They're stupid.

    Don't give them toilets. Make them urinate where the air supply is. Did they put a fan there?

    Guantanamo Air

    What's the average airspeed or wind speed in Guantanamo?

    What is the average height of a "ventilation vent" off the ground? [more than 3 feet]

    How does a Caribbean sea breeze move urine from a height of three feet, upward?

    Is this the magic urine, like the JFK bullet?

    I just have a hard time believing that an army grunt, as stupid as they are, would be urinating near an air vent that is supposed to be very high off the ground.

    Were these prisoners [who were supposedly getting their air vent urinated in] actually under ground?

    And I like this quote,
    Some have been there more than three years without being charged with a crime.

    No! Most of them have been detained without being charged with anything. They're simply being held without evidence. Not even using allegations. They just got sold.

    "Bring out your Arabs."

    Here's a thought: Why doesn't Congress give the money they give to the CIA for black program, and create a special Gulfstream network that takes these abusive interrogators on vomit-comet rides until they throw up?

    It's not a gulag. It's a concentration camp bent on torture. I grow tired with the excuses and drive from the Americans.

    When will the country simply shut it down, admit it botched the 9-11 defense, and announce to the world, "We're stupid"?

    It's reprehensible to have torture going on in America. At military bases. And in US prisons.

    How many other prisoners is the US treating this way. "Sorry about that Urine comrade. You should be happy being a prisoner in America. You get to watch American Idol."

    That's enough to make anyone vomit, Jack. Or would you like me to call you cracker?

    They also keep talking about "Free to practice their religion." What a crock of non-sense. If they were "free to practice their religion" they wouldn't have been picked up in the first place -- they'd be back in Pakistan.

    Americans don't even let their own troops practice religion. What do the American say to their own "warriors" who are going through training? They say, "If you are not Christian you are going to Hell."

    That is not freedom. That is more of 13th Century arrogance of the crusades.

    Arrogant Americans!

    What did the President do

    But let's put aside the niceties. What on earth did the President actually do when her "found out" about the Abuses?

    I see nothing to suggest that he did anything to ensure the misconduct stopped. ON the contrary, the troops in the field still didn't know their rules of engagement; and didn't know how to treat prisoners.


    Oh, and what is really going on with the domestic propaganda?

    How about those videos showing the arrogant American dogs abusing people. What fools! And to think they are doing this to make themselves safe. This only inspires your fellow citizens to not care if you get hurt.

    Who are these idiots to think that they can do whatever they want?

    How can the guards say that the facility is safe?

    Why should the directions of war criminals be followed?

    Why should anyone show respect to Americans?

    Why can't the American war criminals be spat upon?

    The people causing the problems are the guards. Safety issues are because of the guards. They are cowards. They cannot unrinate straight. It is because they have problems [ you know where ]. They have medication for that. Or are the doctors not willing to help you, only catholic priests can do that. They can straighten you out, dog.

    Why do people who are being abused have to be quiet?

    The guards are allowed to be unruly on detainees. Why can't the detainees be unruly?

    Barney is allowed to sing on American Televisions. Are the detainees not allowed to sing with joy like Barney?

    If all the rules can be changed without warning, is the US really a nation of laws?

    I don't think so.

    Arrogant American dogs!