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Friday, June 03, 2005

Abu Ghraib videos released: Planet of the Arrogant Americans

Wonder where they got that idea?

Rotten PNAC to the Core

Judge Alvin Hellerstein has ordered more videos and 144 stills released within 30 days.

The gleam in their eyes looks very familiar.

This Administration has a bad habit of copying and pasting documents from law firms.

  • Which outside lawfirm drafted the memos for Gonzalez saying it was "OK" to commit torture?

  • How many M&A's did this law firm do that supported PNAC contractors?

  • How many law firms [instrumental in drafting torture guidance]:
    - actively lobbied to invade Iraq;
    - funded publicity campaigns to drum up the "popular" support for the war;
    - contributed funding through lobbyists to provide false statements to Congress;
    - stood to benefit from lucrative energy contracts;
    - were getting kickbacks in the oil-for-food program;
    - provided legal advice to the RNC and NYC police stating it was "OK" to lock up protestors; and
    - drafted legal memoranda for the Vice President arguing that their attendance at these planning meetings is protected?

  • What new excuses will PNAC dream up legalizing criminality?

    The governments "attorney" Sean Lane said:
    that releasing pictures, even in redacted form, would violate Geneva Convention rules by subjecting the detainees to additional humiliation.Ref
    What a load of non-sense: This government was rsponsible for training teh troops of the laws of wars per 5100.77; it engaged in war crimes; and now it wants to hide the evidence.

    It is absurd to believe that the very goverment that shows no regard for human rights is "suddenly concerned" about complaince withe the Geneva Convention. On the contrary, it is only that there are photos of these crimes that the Government is given pause.

    All PNAC is is a group of arrogant lawyer-defense contractors who have gotten together to legalize unlawful wars. That's not America. It's fascism. Hitler also "used legal arguments" to "justify" the Holocaust.

    Lawyers are paid to assert positions without regard to their legality. Their attitude is, "Let the other side lose."

    I see no evidence that a conspiracy to deprive citizens of their human rights or contributing to a criminal enterprise is somehow "private". These are matters of criminal law.

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