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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

DoJ ruses to Congress to destroy the 4th Amendment

America's enemy lies inside the White House and DoJ. They hope to scare Congress into passing legislation that would water down the 4th Amendment.

Small problem, Acts of Congress do not trump the Constitution. DoJ hopes the public doesn't figure this out.

DoJ is up to its old flip flopping tricks. More ruses and delays are on the way. All DoJ wants to do is get the legislation passed, then spend years avoiding consequences for the misleading statements to Congress.

Remember those 10,000 AlQueda that it couldn't find? DoJ says the problem is that Americans are now supporting AlQueda.

Both fantasies remain fiction

How convenient. Just as the US couldn't find WMD in Iraq but invaded anyway, so too is DoJ arguing that despite no AlQueda to be found, America deserves a police state.

In other words, the decision to destroy the constitution already exists. The only problem, just as there was no WMD in Iraq, is that the goons in the FBI "can't find" the scapegoat.

What to do? Create a new scapegoat.

DoJ now says, despite not being able to find 10,000 AlQueda, that the problem is actually that there are 1,000 Americans. Why the ruse? DoJ needs an excuse to throw before Congress to justify taking away the Fourth Amendment in Patriot Act 2.

this is simply more deception to ramrod legislation through Congress, just as the Patriot Act was ramrodded through in the wake of 9-11.

The MI6 memo should give pause to the 1,000 claim. There have been US attorneys resigning. Perhaps they have copies of memos confirming the DHS-DoJ ruses to scare congress into compliance and a quick vote.

However, this week we also learned that Bolton was requesting NSA to report names of Americans that it had intercepted. The Senate, understandably concerned that there was public knowledge of this allegedly illegal NSA-domestic-espionage, was forced to point to the heavens and wait on the Bolton vote.

DoJ is simply following DoD's lead: Change the argument to satisfy the objective: Destroying the Constitution.

Weapons of Mass Deception

When DoJ is unable to find facts, like the White House, DoJ will use deception and unlawful means to persuade Congress.

There's a small problem with false claims to Congress. Granted, every attorney knows that they can only be held liable for false claims if the statement was "knowingly" made. Small problem if the attorney has been directly discussing these issues with the RNC as a method to achieve the White House objective.

This is simply the FBI weapons of mass deception. If they can't find the original evidence, they'll be sure to accuse those they are sworn to "serve" as the "must be" targets.

Strange, it takes the FBI two years to get evidence against two people. At this rate, it will take 500 years to capture "all" 1,000 Americans who are hiding, eluding DoJ control, but "they know they're doing it, gosh darn."

This isn't the first time DoJ has flip flopped over war crimes and AlQueda. Despite FBI agents in 2002 being present at CID interrogations in Guantanamo, DoJ would have the world believe "they didn't know" about the conversations.

DoJ would also have the world believe that the problems that they " should have known about, reported, but failed to report" were simply isolated. Small problem. Why were there sufficient "problems" warranting DoJ, NAVY IG, and Marion E. "Spike" Bowman to make special visits in advance of a Senatorial Staff visit before November 2002?

Shifting arguments about "certain" enemy

The flip flopping on AlQueda isn't isolated to either DoD or DoJ. Just last month, DoD claimed that there was a fissure in the AlQueda Arab-Asian leadership. That proved to be ridiculous as AlQueda doesn't have a central leadership; and the riots in Uzbekistan proved that "despite this problem with AlQueda" that would self-evidently generate public outrage, the governments in the region still have to use force, lie about it fueling public support for AlQueda.

Indeed, despite the US government's claim that AlQueda is centrally controlled [which it is not], now the US Government has changed its tune again suggesting that a new phase of the "war on terror" is needed.

No longer calling it a "war on terror," DoD and DHS are now combining forces in the new war: The war on radical extremism.

Why the name change? The White House states that the new strategy is needed because, unlike the claims about Asia-Arab "fissures," AlQueda now has an amorphous leadership.

Why the flip flops? The US has no leadership, nor a coordinated foreign policy. Rather, it is simply making up things as it goes along.

Congress, given the occasional spring showers, doesn't seem all that inclined to ask any tough questions.

The public should be skeptical of DoJ's accounts and claims that there are 1,000 Americans supporting AlQueda.

There are far more supporting unlawful wars of aggression. Strange it takes many years to get copies of the transcripts of torture in America, just as it's difficult to find a copy of the NSA tape which reportedly shares the sounds of the F-16 shooting down Flight 93 over Philadelphia.

the US has no clue about AlQueda. One day its certain; the next day it is looking for a new scapegoat.

There is no basis for the numbers.

Convenient timing, like the terror alerts

The timing of these announcements is simply for political objectives: To pressure Congress to pass the Patriot Act 2, which will destroy the Fourth Amendment.

The same non-sense created to "justify" the war of aggression in Iraq, and justify Powell's lying to the UN about those Iraqi officers "hiding" WMD, is the same nonsense getting spun up to claim 1,000 Americans.

DoJ has no credibility. It is time DoJ explain why it should be believed. In the absence of any credible evidence, DoJ should be assumed to be the same as AlQueda:

  • An ever present threat

  • Leaderless

  • Poorly aligned

  • Intent on destroying the American Constitution and way of life.

    It remains to be seen whether Congress and DoJ get the stories straight. It is curious that the Patriot Act does contain a definition of terrorism: When action occurs to intimidate a civilian population.

    DoJ Terrorism

    Perhaps if the weather cooperates, Congress might be inclined to look into the matter. Even on clear days, Congress will point beyond the horizon to the rainmakers.

    Indeed, if the weather is too favorable, its likely Congress will call in more voodoo and rain dancers. Just in case. Don't want to do anything controversial like holding DoJ accountable for its misleading statements and ruses to intimidate a civilian population.

    Can't do that in America. Especially when there are clouds forming. On Mars.

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