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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Bamford: Bush conduct amounts to high crimes

Congressional representatives have been meeting with Intelligence Writer James Bamford to discuss pretexts for wars. Looks like moderates are getting serious about impeachment.

The article gives a quick overview of the intelligence issues and deceptions leading up to the Iraq invasion.

Goes into some discussion on the pre-war MI6-memo discussions between US and Israel to reshape the Middle East. Many things were fabricated to "justify" the war. There was no lawful reason for war, simply a desire to use force.

It's likely the intelligence community is going to get some backlash over this. Watch for White House directives about document retention and release.

It appears as though the intelligence community has swung their momentum behind the impeachment efforts. I don't think they appreciated the VP intrusions; and to get smacked around this month for simply doing what they were told to do . . . that's really got to have them burning.

I would imagine that there will be additional information soon given the intelligence community knows where the smoking guns are located.

Bush has burnt the wrong bridges.

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