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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

9-11: DoD reviewed NSA tapes of PA shootdown

Does someone have a perjury problem before the 9-11 commission?

Strange how those tapes show up at such an inconvenient time.

Apparently, NSA has been passing around tapes of the F-16 pilot shooting down the jumbo jet over Pennsylvania. That would explain why the debris was scattered all over the place.

Then again, there are eyewitness accounts of a A-10 in the area.

What was NSA listenting to?

Recall Rumsfeld's slip of the tongue. He was actually saying something more.

Does this mean that Rumsfeld personally listened to the NSA tapes and lied to the 9-11 commission? I think it is likely.

More broadly, the existence of the NSA tapes relaying the fighter pilots voice and telemetry data indicate something far larger.

Recall that the 9-11 timeline was that the jets "didn't have time." Indeed, the convoluted logic was "despite the advancing warning from overseas and the 52 FAA warnings, the jets didn't take off "in time."

Now the story gets even more absurd. The jets, despite the "official stand down order" that they denied existed, still had enough time to scramble, intercept, shoot down the commercial airliner.

This version of the timeline contradicts the testimony of the F-16 pilot.

How many other timelines are false?

It seems likely that the Secretary of Defense would have been briefed by General Hammon of NSA of these tapes. As in the KAL007 shootdown, it is likely that personnel within NSA and/or contractors transcribed the tape.

Not only is the tape and copy floating around, but there's a written recrord.

What we know:

  • NSA has tapes of the shoot down

  • Rumsfeld made a slip-up about the shootdown

  • NSA spies not only on Americans, but diplomats and all traffic in and out of America

  • NSA pressures political opponents to justify aggressive wars.

    Who's actually running the country?