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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Echelon: Confirmation NSA spies on Americans

We have confirmation that the NSA spies on Americans and intercepts their private communications in and out of the United States.


How NSA intercepts are used to go after political opposition before Iraq invasion
Bolton told Congress last month that he asked the NSA for the names of Americans in raw intel reports . . . Senate intelligence committee's chairman, Pat Roberts, and its top Democrat, Jay Rockefeller, got a closed-door briefing on Bolton's NSA dealings from the deputy intel czar, Gen. Michael Hayden. The senators agreed Bolton's initial NSA requests for U.S. names were legitRef

All those years we were told we were fighting tyranny. In fact, it simply moved from Berlin to Washington.

Why didn't the White House listen to the NSA about the:

  • Rafik El-Harriri [ Hairari العربية ] assassination;

  • 9-11 warnings from overseas intelligence; or

  • 52 FAA warnings prior to 9-11?

    We now know NSA spies on Americans. What does America get in "return" for that "added safety" [of having their privacy intruded upon]?

    No protection in re 9-11; and more lies over WMD. Thanks alot!

    Where's the next group of "leaders" that might actually respect the constitution? Or are we saying that we only respect the "rule of law" when it's convenient as a standard to ignore?