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Thursday, June 02, 2005

War crimes purge: General demoted for speaking out

Looks like DoD is cleaning house. Using Flag Officers as an example to the rest of the troops: "Continue to blindly obey a tyrant or face the rath of Kahn [correct: "wrath of Kahn"]."

It's a sure sign that the internal machine is eating itself when the Generals get demoted for doing exactly what contractors are doing.

The General spoke out about a manning shortage, but DoD told him to use government workers. Small problem. There aren't qualified employees do do the job.

SO here we have a general who speak out about a manning problem. What do they do? They tell him to solve the problem using the very resources that have been sited as having the problem.

Classic case of: Raising an issue, and they shoot the messenger.

Silence will keep the birds quiet, but it doesn't keep the cat from prowling.


What's worse, both are going on:

  • Military manning problem

  • Cutting back on training for those who stay behind?

    Because of funding required for Iraq, money is getting taken out of the O&M accounts for DoD. That means less training time for the fewer number of troops remaining.

    Extreme Left side: More power, slower speed

    It means that as the US annoys more people, the chances of combat requirements is rising at the very time that manning and skills are falling. This is called being "behind the powercurve" -- when the more you try to 'do good' the worse it gets.

    If you look at the far left side of a power-performance chart, there's a region where this occurs. As you increase power, you would rise up to the left, and go slower. This happens just before a stall. This is where the United States military finds itself: Too many requirements, stretched thin, and the real prospect that requirements are going to increase as the force implodes in terms of both numbers and skills.

    Thus, there's no merit to the argument that Bush is transforming the military in the right way; he's making it worse and this asserttion is ridiculous.

    What's unfortunate is that now the flag officers who attempt to speak out about this problem are not only told be be quite, but they're forced to deal with this unsolvable problem head on: What better way to expedite the rush to the exits of those who dare see what is self-evident.

    When leaders are afraid to speak, the troops suffer, the mission is at risk, and the objectives are undermined.

    One-half step forward in Iraq, two steps backwards worldwide.

    This was their choice. What a waste. This "leader" needs to be forced to resign. He's squandering the nation's good will, and now the troops he calls on to sacrifice their lives.