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Friday, June 03, 2005

3/4 of states could change constitution: War crimes as an impeachable offense by the ~26 States~

Federal government refuses to hold the President accountable? Time for the states to start voting.

Let the debate begin: A constitutional convention to make war crimes an impeachable offense by either the Federal government or a simple majority of the states, just 26 states to vote him out of office for war crimes.

There's been alot of talk that "nobody can do anything" and "There aren't enough votes to impeach the President."

OK. So what is to be done now that the Federal Government refuses to impose consequences for war crimes [false claims to Congress; wars of aggression]:

Let the word go out, when 3/4 of the state legislatures say, "Enough is enough, we can have a constitutional convention and change it."

If Congress and the Federal Government want to let the war crimes go unpunished and not hold "the commander" in Chief accountable, then lets also get the state-level involved.

Time to remind Washington that the Constitution is ours, not something for law clerks to ignore.

The Vice President threatened the Nuclear Option. Time to remind Cheney that we can also change the rules as well: Just 26 states, and that would be all that would be needed to convict a sitting president.

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