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Friday, June 03, 2005

US losing friends and assistance around the globe

How is the CIA and NSA still able to recruit people?

One of the major selling points about the United States during the Cold War was the sense of freedom and having a more effective society.

Today, I'm at a loss how the NSA and CIA personnel are actually able to go to work each day.

Look around you:

  • Your leadership doesn't listen to you
  • They come down to your work areas and are abusive
  • Then they blame you for their own policy failures.

    Then, on top of that, after they launch an illegal war, they then shift attention to your organizations.

    I don't see any different between the NSA/CIA/FBI and Dilbert. Your organizations have, apparently, screened people to get into the various agencies.

    But what happens after they show up?

    It's a little troubling that, despite the rule of law, and the "oath" that you took, that your conduct day in and day out goes to support a system that keeps chipping away at your rights.

    Not "our rights," but your rights.

    Forget the fact that I disagree with the United States' lawlessness and aggressive war in Iraq.

    Just focus on yourself. Your rights.

    is this the kind of place you wanted to create when you thought about "what it meant" to stand up against "whatever enemy you thought of". . .?

    Let's take a big picture approach to thing. The United States has a strong military. For now. The problem is the military forces are overstretched, and there's insufficient funding for those forces.

    On top of that, there are inadequate funds for training. That means as the requirements and hatred for the United States increases [because nobody is willing to discipline/hold accountable those who violate the laws of war], then the United States is simply digging itself into a hole.

    What does the United States really have to offer?

    Look around. Are you going to start digging up holes and physically moving the "quality of life" to other regions of the globe?

    I don't see that happening.

    Rather, I see the United States simply creating more excuses to continue with arrogant treatment.

    Think about the policy papers that show up in your work centers. Forget the fact that those contractors are former employees with your agency. They are getting paid more than you; and you have to wade through their non-sense.

    Why is the United States trumpeting "we are the example" when the United States' example is:

  • Abuse

  • Lawlessness

  • Arrogance

    You can't keep turning back to the legacy of WWII. That was 60 years ago. Today is 2005.

    We have a constitution that is till in force.

    Sure, like Ollie North and others have argued, "Sometimes you have to cross the line" or "there are time when national security comes first."

    But who's national security? Yours?

    National security is about preserving our freedoms, our sense of self-respect.

    What do we have lately? More non-sense to "justify" intrusions. And where does that information go? Into your work centers.

    You get to review tapes and transcripts, just like this one.

    Are you impressed with the fine technology you have? The ability to monitor everything?

    Yet, at the critical moment, when you most needed it, where were you on 9-11?

    "Oh, you don't understand." Sure I do: There country was spiraling into a depression. The "solution" to this problem was to mobilize for war.

    So, what's going to happen "next time" the country goes into a another problem? Are we going to create another "excuse" to mobilze for war?

    If that's "really how things operate," then stop pretending "we don't know." Because we do.

    The country can only get out of problems by mobilizing for war. But the problem each and everyone of you have is: How far is this going to go?

    How many countries are going to get invaded?

    What new excuse is going to get created?

    If you think "it's all going to go away" the moment you retire, or go to a new area. Surprise! It's not going to change.

    The very moment that you "most need your mind," it's not going to be there. Why? Because all this time that you've put up with this abuse, and let "the man" beat you down, that's going to spill over into your private life.

    And it doesn't end. The mess you don't fix in house, continues. It's just called something else.

    Oh, sure. Look around at the billboards. Listen to the radio. Watch how happy people are on TV. Guess what: they're trained to be happy. The audience is coached.

    All that "happy energy" that you hear are from actors.

    New SEC Chairman

    I don't know about you, but if your idea of a "just war" is so that you can get profits from defense contractors . . .fine.

    But how many people, like those who invested in Enron, are sitting around you waiting for their retirement check?

    Answer: Nobody. The money is gone. Just like it would be with social security.

    If you want to parade the United States as 'the best,' let's see it. Let's see the rule of law prevail over the forces of anarchy.

    As I see it, the NSA and CIA can no longer simply point a finger at "someone else" and say, "Look what they're doing."

    The real answer is: What are you going to do with what you have to stand up for the constitution? If you don't fight for it, why are you there?

    As the rest of the world observes what is going on in the United States, ask yourself why your agents in the foreign embassies should really expect people to come forward.

    Sure, you can pay them alot of money. Just like you paid the Afghans alot of money to throw Arabs on the street and then send them to Guantanamo.

    But what is that going to solve? It's just going to sew the seeds or more contempt: That the only way the United States can 'win the hearts' has nothing to do with freedom or democracy.

    It's with the dollar. With gifts. With promises.

    But who needs the money? There are times when no amount of money would justify working with any person or organization. Especially when you have a choice.

    And you do have a choice. Remember if the American system is "truly as great" as you want the world to believe, then surely you could get another job outside government. In a place where you are not ridiculed and ignored. A place where your talents and education could be put to use.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the non-sense continues. What are you going to do to ensure that you are living up to your oath, preserving that document?

    I grow tired thinking of the law students who show up at the clerks office, and in just a few short years, they turn into people who are willing to compromise the constitution,to pen their name to document that justify lawlessness.

    Is this the Constitution and America that you want? Then if so, then I encourage you to move to Iraq, and build more of that there.

    There is no need for this non-sense to continue. I encourage you to review your constitution, think about the Federalist papers, and ask yourselves, "What are you really fighting for" . . .

    It is a shame that despite winning the war against the Nazis; and prevailing over the Soviet Union during the Cold War, that a nation would embrace that which we supposedly fought.

    We can do better. There's no need for you to continue living a lie in the NSA or CIA. America is more of a bogey man today that it was at any point in its history.

    America is the enemy of the Constitution. Congratulations on making it self-evident which side of the line you are on.

    You not only crossed the line on integrity, but you have also cross the line on the law.

    The time for talk and pleading ended in 1776. There's no reason for you to have a debate in your work center about ethics or "the right thing." It's all there, in the constitution.

    And you swore an oath to preserve it, defend it, and if needed stand up for it.

    As now.

  • If you don't stand up for it, why should others?

  • If you don't defend it, why should your informants spend time coming to you?

    There is no reason. You need to act.

    If you don't, there's no reason the globe should continue paying homage to that which doesn't deserve respect, allegiance, or loyalty.

    The United States' own citizenry refuses to show the example.

    The world can find other leaders, better models, and stronger goals.

    If you want to stand up for the of law, then stand up for it. Otherwise, you have nothing to offer others.

    You need to stand up for the Constitution. Bush needs to be impeached.