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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Online citizens ridiculed by government

The arrogant American government officials like to talk about the constituents.

How quaint.

They always say, "Be careful what you e-mail, it might land on Constant's blog.
Assemblyman Willis Stephens says he thought he was sending the e-mail to an aide. Instead, he sent the note to nearly 300 people on an online discussion group that focuses on the community of Brewster.

The message included the comment that he was "just watching the idiots pontificate."
Let's talk about the legislators. Have you ever noticed how stupid legislators like to pretend they know what is going on?

I mean, these buffoons get lied to. We have people who are associated with MI5 who now confirm what the government has long denied: That 9-11 was an inside.

We've got multiple reports showing that things weren't being looked at; and all sorts of evidence showing that too many inconvenient facts get explained away.

So why are we to sit here and take legislatures seriously? These bozos in the legislature threw out the Constitution, blindly believed the lies about WMD, and approved legislation that undermines the Constitution.

So who's the one that needs a good lecture? The Legislative branch!

And who's in a position to give the legislatures a good, swift kick in the pants? The voters!

And who's getting lectured to? The voters!

So it should come as no surprise that we find that a legislator from New York are sitting around at their desk surfing the internet, all the while they could be focusing their attention on the real issues in the White House: War crimes, unlawful war, and threats and intimidation.

  • What's the New York State Assembly going to do about issuing a proclamation against this unlawful war on terror? No answer form the arrogant New York legislators.

  • Where's the plan of the New York State assembly to ensure that their state's citizens are only engaged in lawful wars? No answer form the New York State Assembly.

  • What's the plan for the state of New York to look into whether it is legal for the federal government to federalize state employees to be used in an unlawful occupation of Iraq? No answer from the legislature.

    Why? Because they're surfing the internet!

    But what do the legislators do? Besides the fact that they sit on their ass, and are afraid of calling the PNAC and RNC what they really are [brownshirts, Nazis], these guys like to sit around and blame the public.

    Wow, this is the same arrogant approach law enforcement takes to those who dare raise a point about an issue in law enforcement. Sure, government especially DoD and DoJ likes to put on a pretty face when it comes to public relations.

    But look at what they actually do: they abuse people, treat their own employees like shit, and then have the gall to actually blame the public that dares talk about the systemic legitimacy issues facing the legislature.

    How many arrogant legislators are out there talking this kind of bullshit about the public?

    What is the public to think when a legislature votes away the bill of rights, and then outrageously has the gall to call the public-on-the-net as "pontificating."

    The talking hasn't started! You guys still don't get it, do you?

    You morons in the legislatures were convinced, through the ruse of 9-11, to give up the Constitution. And you have the audacity, after than bungling-stupidity, to dare to insult those who can see what is self-evident:

  • The legislature is worthless

  • The legislature is no better than AlQueda

  • The legislature knows about the fascism and is afraid

  • The legislature has no plans to find real solutions

  • The legislature likes to talk about problems, but doesn't list

  • The legislature takes actions that are at odds with the Constitution

  • The legislature is a threat to the Constitution

  • The legislature votes for unlawful wars of aggression and, after finding out about that unlawful war of aggression continues to fund that war of aggression.

    Who deserves a good swift wake up call by the voters?

    New York State Assemblyman Willis Stephens!

    How many people in New York and the Congress are saying the same thing about the voters as this idiot is doing?

    Stephens, why don't you go run back to your cradle and suck on your milk bottle here. All the ilk like you in New York are doing is sending a bad signal: That despite the legitimacy problem with the entire US and state government system you guys still act like you "know better."

    Well, if you "know everything," why are you bothering to surf the internet reading chat room stuff?

    Oh, that's right. You must be addicted to those who dare speak out, because that's where you get your ideas; and then you turn around and have the gall to insult them.

    What's up with your head? And are you actually qualified to be a state-level legislator?

    Look America! The New York voters, as all of America, have voted people into office who like to talk down to you.

    But your President, despite his arrogance over 9-11, likes to negotiate with the freedom fighters in Iraq.

    Why do government official treat their own citizens with disdain, and treat the opposition with respect?

    It must have something to do with believing they can get away with doing it.

    America, it's time to send a signal: It is not safe for these fascists in the government to continue their reckless conduct.

    They will be exposed. The evidence continues to be collected.

    And in the end, despite their non-sense, they are going to be brought to justice.

    Game on!