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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Is truth a path, a destination, or something we already have?

When we speak of the Downing Street Memo, there are issues of truth.
Is the past set in stone, and if we cannot change the past, why is that truth uncertain?

Perhaps if you could point to some specific comments that have been troublesome, I would be happy to review them.

I would be interested in hearing more about your views on the Downing Street Memo. Perhaps you have taken the time to outline your thoughts on what would be a more appropriate way to review these issues. Rabbi, by chance have you or your synagogue staff had the time in your busy schedules to set up a website or blog to share your views?

I would especially be interested in hearing your thoughts on the benefits of finding truth. Perhaps you are more familiar with the Talmud than others. The internet doesn't have much on this: [ More . . . ]

You respectfully mentioned that the board had degenerated. I look at it this way: This is a place where we can learn, even about those we may oppose. It is interesting what one can learn when we simply listen without trying to agree or disagree. [More . . .]

Thank you for sharing your views. I trust you'll accept my comments with the respectful intent they are sent.