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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Karl Rove enjoys monitoring Al Jazeera

What's worse than a war criminal in the White House?

It's an enabling lap dog.

Karl Rove made a telling comment.

He said, "Al Jazeera now broadcasts the words . . . "

Karl, why do you rely on Al Jazeera over US media sources?

This isn't the first time Karl has shown he's out of touch with the main stream.

When discussing the freedom fighters in Iraq, Karl calls them jihadists and AlQueda.

Karl, why are you mixing up the Bathists with AlQueda? Karl has no answer. He's just hoping to confuse himself more.

Curious, when the President and his cronies come under the spotlight about war crimes in 2002, what do they do?

Run back to the 9-11-Reichstag and tell the world to rally around the burning inferno.

Karl, didn't you get the memo? That's right Karl, the 52 FAA warnings were there.

Who didn't you respond? Your master said to do nothing about the intelligence.

It is curious when the warnings came in that the White House exercised more than moderation and restraint. The White House did nothing.

Karl hopes to wrap himself so tightly in the American flag that it will be the needed kevlar protection from a war crimes indictment.

The White House failed. And the White House wants to brow-beat opponents into joining them in more war crimes and failures around the globe.

The nation sees the White House for what it is. It calls the most right wing conservative hawks "liberals" for simply saying what is self-evident: Bush is delusional, out of touch, and looking for more diversions.

The Constitution is far more powerful than any attempt to hide behind symbols.

We saw at Nuremburg that "greater causes" do little to destroy the evidence. Even if you have the FBI working on your side to cover-up what really happened on 9-11.