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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bush confirms US fascist state

This blog deconstructs the President's remarks about the relationship between democracies and their use of force and waging war.

This argument shows the President's statements are inconsistent with his own conduct. The only way the president's statements can be credibly interpreted is if the US is a fascist state.

Before the Dutch, Bush claimed that Democracies don’t invade each other.

QUOTE: "Democracies don't war with each other." Ref

Deconstructing the merits of this assertion

Wow. Let’s go through the logic train.

Assertion: Democracies don’t invade or war each other.


1. Equally dubious assertion: Haiti is a Democracy.

2. Fact: The US invaded Haiti.

3. Not-rule applied

If what Bush is saying is true, then the only way that the US could invade Haiti and be consistent with the rule that “democracies don’t war with each other”is if the US is not a democracy.

4. Political spectrum.

The only way the US calls right wing conservative hawks lefties is if it were right of a right wing conservative hawk. The only thing right of a right wing conservative hawk is a fascist.

5. Consequences

The only way that the US can both justify invading a democracy like Haiti while at the same time calling right wing conservative hawks “lefties”is if the US is not a democracy but a fascist state.

If the US is not a democracy, but it calls white wing conservatives hawks “lefties,”then the only way the US can invade a democracy is if it were a fascist state.


6. Conclusions

  • A. Bush has failed to correctly characterize the basis for invasion. Invasions are not subject to a political litmus tests. Democracies do invade each other.

  • B. Just because a nation democratically or indirectly elects its leader is no guarantee that the nation will be peaceful or follow international law. Conversely, just because someone lives in a democracy doesn’t mean that they will or will not be invaded by another democracy.

  • C. Claiming one’s state is a democracy doesn’t mean that the nation is not willing to take unlawful or forceful measures to overturn elections. Rather, a claim to democracy can be the basis to assert that unlawful action is needed to “preserve”that democracy, even when there is no democracy to preserve.

  • D. Just because the US talks about freedom and democracy, doesn’t mean that the US will not invade another democracy; nor does it mean that the US is a democracy in either form, substance, or ideology.

  • E. Democracies can turn into fascist states, especially when the leadership is convinced to pass legislation that negates the constitution.

  • F. Fascist states can put their loyalty to corporations over that of the individual or constitutional rights. In short, this is what defines a fascist state: Greater loyalty to corporate and state interests over the individual. Unlike communism which focuses on the ideal of helping the common good, the success criteria for a fascist state is whether the common good can serve the state.


    The President's statement is an illusory assertion. Democraceach otherr with eachother.

    Moreover, to assert that "because one has democracy there is peace" is inconsistent with the President's decision to use war regardless the legality of that war.

    This is not peace. It is George Orwell reborn as a fascist, but he pretends to be a Republican.

    This Orwellian has taken it one step further: Claiming an absurd relationship between democracies, when those states are neither peaceful nor democratic.

    They are fascist.

    As was democratically elected Hitler.

    Or are we to believe, per BullSHit that Hitler never invaded anyone because "democracies don't wage war"?

    suprisedwhy be suprrised when a fascist rewrites history. Not only do the democracies wage war, but they then remaind deluded about whether they are appropriately compared to the Nazis.

    America is not a democracy. It is a fascist empire. And it's military families continue to support troops who wange unlafful wars of agggression.

    Military familes should not be support until they choose to assert the Constitution over this tyrant.

    It is time for the military familes to demand from their Republican friends in Congress that the President be impeached.

    At that juncture, I might be convinced the United States is a democracy not a fascist empire.

    If that were to happen, I might stop calling military families [in their naive desire to rally public support for their spouses who freely choose to engage in unlawful wars] what they really are: Traitors.

    If you want to stop being called an alleged traitor for advocating support for unlawful activity, then you need to call your Republican friends and tell them it's time to put this war crimminal on trial before the Senate.

    If you refuse to act, you have aligned yourself with a tyrant and deserve to be held accountable for treason.

    It is time for you to choose: Do you want a Constitution or a tyrant?

    As long as you support unlawful activity and unlawful wars, you have aligned yoruself with a tyrant.

    You made a poor choice.

    Try again.

    This has only just begun. We will be relentless.

    Choose the constitution.