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Friday, July 22, 2005

Impeachment: NSA tapes reveal conspiracy to obstruct justice

Ref Looking for something on the scope of the Fitgerald investigation? Cick here


Others have been theorizing on the relationship/interaction between Bolton and Miller on the CIA leaking.

However, it appears as though there are other targets still within OSD, DoD, DOJ, CIA, NSA who have been gagged or intimidated into silence.

It looks as though there's some concern that the NSA tapes contain alot of information which could impeach the President.

Here's the major problem for the White House. Two of his closest associates [Libby and Rove] both in a position to act as important advisors during the Iraq invasion planning, have been allegedly found to have committed perjury before the Grand Jury and have not credibility.

Keep in mind, during the Nuremburg trials, those who were in a position to advise Hitler were also found liable. In other words, the issue isn't a deal with either Libby or Rove at this point. It appears the actual target of Fitzgerald's grand jury investigation is the larger conspiracy and obstruction of justice to not simply intimidate witnesses, but to protect the President from a war crimes indictment and investigation.

In other words, even without having an impeachment trial, it appears the scope of Fitzgerald Grand Jury investigation is much wider. Namely, the wider criminal conspiracy to protect the President, avoid liabilities for war crimes, and to intimidate not only individuals within DoJ and DoD to be silent, but to dissuade both the General Assembly from demanding a comprehensive investigation into the unlawful war of aggression.

Specifically, one theory is that Bolton had access to NSA tapes and interacted with the White House and miller using this data.

I suspect that the Bolton NSA connection has alot to do with the MI6 memo and the Attorney General concerns about war crimes. I would imagine that there is a similar set of memos and discussions that are not only documented, but contained in the NSA tapes. It remains to be understood to what extent the Grand Jury will get access to these NSA tapes.

Allegation: Rove's role was to test whether Bolton's leak was taking hold, or whether other efforts were required to get the smear against Plame to stick

It remains to be understood whether Rove was tasked to find out who Bolton was talking to; or whether Rove's actual role was to test whether the media was taking the bait from Bolton.

Allegation: Scope of intimidation efforts remains wide

One name that does come up is Fulton T. Armstrong. Perhaps he is an example of the "types of people" in the intelligence community who have faced threats of retaliation if they shared their public views on the problems with the WMD data.

Alleged method of smear, intimidation, and obstruction of justice

Here's an interesting question pointing to Bolton's intel-access:
how could Miller have gotten access to the Plame info without it being leaked to her

Evidence: Document handling slips

Following the State Department, implicated are allegedly INR, personnel connected with the briefing book, Grossman, and Libby.

Here's an interesting take on the paper trail. If we follow the line of people who had access to the State Department Memo, we can get some insight into who would be in a position to know.

This smells of trouble for those staffers who created the NSC and POTUS briefing books; and the Secretary of State's staff; and offers a reminder that Bolton's Chief of staff is former CIA.

Other parties and alleged co-conspirators

There is also the link between OSP, Miller, and Bolton here, further conforming DoD and NSA problems..

You'll also find some interesting questions about the possible interactions between Bolton, Rove, Miller, and the White House and VP staff on the issues related to WMD, war crimes, and efforts to dissuade efforts to hold the administration accountable.

The Washington Post covered this almost two weeks ago. What is news is that someone is asserting they have a source that confirms what the Washington Post said. Again, whether this source is real, or someone who works as the Washington Post remains to be seen.


The Roberts investigation is more about a distraction to protect the President than it is to protect either Rove or Libby.

Fitzgerald has his legal sights set on none other the President of the United States.

Going forward there are things that can be done:

  • Imagine you have the NSA tapes that outline the whole affairs: What questions would you be asking of the witnesses, knowing full well they are lying?

  • How would you trap all the conspirators into taking the bait?

  • Who would you make believe you are stupid or crazy?

  • What non-sense and false information would you leave?

  • What would you do to make your investigation target think they can get away with something?

  • How do you feign dissension, disorganization, and a communication problem to those who are attempting to investigate?

  • How would you send a sign of weakness to those under investigation to make them believe that you are disorganized and not paying attention?

    The answer is: You feign stupidity, ignorance, and pretend to be a moron.

    I'm glad that I have been able to make my contribution to impeaching the President of the United States.

    Rove and Libby don't realize how they got used: Some riddles have no answers. Then again, some riddles are not riddles.

    They're just questions. And the answers are already known. Except to those who are being set up.

    You lose.