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Friday, July 22, 2005

Suggestion for Congressional hearing chambers

Perhaps the Committee hearing rooms could be slightly adjusted to send a signal of seriousness.

I noticed the Congressional hearings and realized that the people sitting on the floor are important people.

They're the ones who do the grunt work to capture images, sounds, and other documentation of what is going on.

I had a thought looking at the image. I would like to see there be some changes in how these people are treated.

Namely, it would be nice if there was a "place under the ground" that you could put them.

What I mean by that: What if there was a way to redesign the committee hearing room so that at the base of the wooden table, there was some sort of underground catwalk.

That way, these people could be out of the way, but have free reign to walk around, take images, and look through some portals.

I don't have a solution.

But I do know that it would improve the appearance of the committee hearings.

I like to know that the staffers and media who are doing work are treated well. And I would also like to see that those who are in a position to document events do so with respect to the Institution they are covering.

Thus, I believe it would be fitting if there were some effort to improve the appearance of the committee hearings; and better integrate the technology and media into the design of the hearing room.

Perhaps there could be a separate room behind the Committee, as they have in courtrooms; and include in them either two way mirrors, or special slats for unobstructed views.

Also, I would encourage that continued use of "camera clicker-silencers" [those special covers for cameras that make them soundless when you use the auto-wind].

I don't care how the issue is solved.

But I do know that if the appearance of the committee hearings was improved, it might add a sense of dignity and seriousness to the proceedings.

Perhaps the this might do a little to send the signal to the world; We're serious about good media coverage and we are serious about ensuring we are on the path do being a dignified nation that both talks about standards, but does things that shows we're willing to elevate the proceedings to some dignified level.