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Thursday, July 21, 2005

America's solutions lie at home

Short version: Leadership in America is using all sorts of non-sense to distract attention from the Downing Street Memo and war crimes.

Americans sure like to pay alot of money for stupid leadership. This current momentum is not looking good.

What you see going on in Ohio is just more of the around the Country: High fees and salaries paid to people willing to violate the laws of the land. Americans show little inclination to restrain their nutty "leadership."

It's time to call this what it is: An unacceptable momentum toward totalitarianism. Bluntly, Americans are going to have to do some soul searching as the plans to intern Moslem Americans permeate.

Those internments are on the way. It is time to discuss this, before we are distracted by the turmoil of the event that could be the catalyst for this unlawful action taken against American citizens.


They've got all these camps.

Without any specific evidence, Americans are calling for military retaliation.

Also, some are suggesting nuclear strikes on Mosques in Mecca.

When the attacks occurred in London, the first questions were, "What's wrong with the Moslem community."

It appears what is likely to occur is an attack in the domestic areas.

This would likely be related to the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate the leadership structure is ineffectual

  • Spark a backlash against local citizens who just happen to share the same ethnic/and or background

  • Show the world that the western allies talk about freedom and democracy, but practice totalitarianism

  • Attract more people to the cause

    Here's the real problem

    Americans like to talk about the "great benefits of democracy" but the results are at odds with those principles.

    We see corruption and incompetence. The leadership and workers who are poorly disciplined and unresponsive blame the messengers.

    There is widespread stupidity.

    The economy has grown far faster than is sustainable. This means people who are idiots are getting promoted. Those who can see what is going on are then targeted.

    The leadership promises to look into things, but it doesn't. They don't actually do independent reviews. Rather, they rely on the denials of those why interview and fail to consider that those who are working for them are lying.

    The easy answer Americans take is, "There is no problem" or "The problem is with the messenger."

    That is more than a leadership and accountability problem. These are issues of responsiveness and legitimacy.

    Americans are notorious for finding excuses. Rather than compare themselves to the standards they freely choose to embrace, they shift the argument to justify their misconduct and abuses.

    Then they wonder what to do when someone calls them on their bullshit. The American's approach is to increase the pressure, even violating the law.

    That doesn't inspire confidence or respect. But understandable contempt.

    What is to be done

    If America and the west truly want to "win" a war on terror, the Americans are going to have to look at what they're doing to contribute to the problem:

  • Unlawful wars

  • Violating the laws of war

  • Making up rules that they selectively apply to others

  • Management and leadership problems with accountability

  • Failure to impose meaningful disciple for failing to meet freely chosen standards

  • Consequences on Americans who fail to impose discipline on those who violate their industry and professional standards

    It is absurd for Americans to talk about the benefits of democracy, only to dance before the world as if the rules do not apply.

    America has a problem. Its own citizens now question the legality of its own government.

    What is possible

    It is likely, in order to demonstrate this incompetence, that others would be motivated to exploit the well known weaknesses. Just as they did in 9-11.

    The reasonable question to ask is: What can be done in advance. Specifically,

  • What reforms can Americans make in their corporate governance and responsiveness to quality assurance and audit reports to ensure their practices are meeting standards and there are in-house plans to reform

  • What will be done to ensure that the leadership in the White House is held accountable to the rule of law

  • What will be done to impose some meaningful consequences on personnel who engage in corporate abuse and retaliation against those who speak out.

    The real risk is that those in power who are weak and stupid are going to use an event as a catalyst to clamp down on Moslem Americans, just as the Japanese-Americans were interred during WWII.

    Yet, at this juncture, it is clear there is no credible plan in place to win, thus little prospect the likely detentions will be finite.

    Rather, despite 9-11, America failed to mobilize. Hell, it's been almost 4 years since 9-11, and where's the hint of a resolution?

    Just think: Back in 1941: There were only 4 years ahead of them, and it was over.

    It is absurd that America talks about "what is great about America" when it can't even find the spare parts to outfit its own troops.

    Yet, what do the Americans do about the failed systems management an * and production planning problems? They blame ethnic minorities.

    Huh? That's absurd.


    When the attacks occurred in London, what was the basis to assert that those who were behind the attacks were of a particular faith?

    I see nothing before me that says that abortion-bombers are of a particular Christian faith.

    Rather, what is needed is to have the public speak in terms of "people who are violent, and assert they are acting in the name of a religion."

    Yes, it involves more words. And it is also important to see the comparison between abortion-clinic bombers, shoe bombers, and subway bombers: They are using violence.

    But it is outrageous that those who are misguided into using violence, suddenly become the "label of all" in that particular faith.

    Moreover, not all Arabs are Moslems. Some are Christians.

    The problem is that America is overgeneralizing, not using its mind.

    Is the President and Rove using this for their own purposes? Sure, they can rally those who are easily manipulated to support more distractions.

    What's needed

    America needs to realize that it is doing something to contribute to the "loss of confidence" problem.

    Americans need to decide if they are serious about standards. If you are serious about standards, then they need to be enforced.

    If you're not serious about standards, then stop waiving your flag as a symbol of those standards.

    Standards that are there, but not adhered to are worthless.

    That is why the world is outraged. Americans talk about principles, but do not practice them.

    For there to be a swift end to the world outrage and contempt for America, there needs to be accountability within America.

    The longer Americans fail to see the connection between their failed systems, unresponsive management systems, and arrogant patterns of finding scapegoats, the longer it will be for the world to believe America.

    America has a credibility problem. And as long as the Downing Street Memo, Constitution, and war crimes in Iraq are not brought together under a serious inquiry, the more the world sees that America is not serious about the rule of law.

    It is more serious about resting on its laurels.

    Those laurels have long withered. Let us hope that sanity, reason, and discourse inject a national commitment to get with the program.

    We would hate to hear in the years 2030 apologies for "being sorry" about locking up Moslem-Americans simply because the American leadership and corporate governance failed to assert the rule of law.

    It is likely there will be another attack; and that Moslems will be rounded up and put in internment camps.

    It is also reasonable for all Americans, regardless your connection to Islam, to ask whether you want to continue to support a system that supports scapegoats.

    Just because there are casts of thousands who are willing to take our place doesn't mean that "your place in America" is necessarily something you should continue to cherish.

    It may be time to pack up and no longer have any contact with Americans.

    Is there a future for America? Sure, but it appears to be one based on tyranny, abuse, scapegoats, and total arrogance against those who simply shine the finest mirrors.

    That does little to inspire confidence that the leadership will be receptive to real feedback.

    America freely chooses to wander aimlessly, and ignore the lessons learned of those they train.

    The smart ones are abandoning America. Those who remain are zombies, incompetent, and unfit to govern or administrate.

    America will face some difficult choices ahead. IN all likelihood, Americans will find a scapegoat. Let's hope you've left America before the crackdown begins.

    It is coming. And the leadership not only wants it, but they hope to exploit it to ensure the valid complaints about their incompetently are drowned out by distractions.

    You will then have to ask yourself: Are you willing to support a system that imposes this kind of discipline on the wrong people; and a system that continues to abuse and not remedy the inhouse problems that are contributing to this problem.

    America of 2005 has become Nazi Germany of the 1930s. It may take many years for this tiger to get tamed.

    And it is more ironic that America in 1941 had moral authority, mobilized the nation, and quickly ended the hostilities within 4 years.

    This leadership enjoys the muddling through because it is a diversion from their failed leadership.

    Perma war and arrogant leadership in Washington DC under PNAC and the RNC.

    Americans choose to ignore the rule of law and they inspire the contempt which fuels greater outrage.

    America should not be surprised why the London bombings occurred. America should ask whether it is serious about freedom all the while it continues to plan for the internment of peaceful Americans who have nothing to do with violations of the law.

    The right people to put in jail are those in the White House. And America needs to fix its own credibility problem.

    The non-sense going on in Ohio is just a symptom of a diseased and misguided system that continues to actively plan to do outrageous things. Indeed, the lessons of the Japanese internment will be lost.

    Those in power, like the Nazis in Germany, would welcome a terrorist attack. It would be the needed catalyst to lock up those who dare hold the leadership accountable for the unlawful wars of aggression.

    Let's hope the people willing to assert the rule of law in Ohio are successful. If they fail, it's a clear signal to the world: The Nazis in America are ready to stomp their boots not just on the Constitution but the next scapegoat.

    Time to choose: You want a constitution or a tyrant? If you want a constitutuion, it's time to speak out and demand Ohio hold its "leadership" accountable for this lawlessness.

    Tony Blair got it right: It's time to be calm and go about our business. Not overreact.