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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Draft: Why would we draft anyone, but not give them equipment to succeed?

The American military is broken. It doesn't have enough troops, equipment, or reserves.

But America isn't serious about winning. A draft is needed, but America isn't willing to do what else is required to sustain the fighting forces.

American leaders have been dancing around the argument over a draft. Some say draftees don't want to be there. So they're not reliable.

One argument against it doesn't make sense.

First, even the ones who are in Iraq don't necessarily want to be there, so there's no difference in terms of "willingness." Further, some who are in the stop-loss program also "don't want to be there."

Second, the argument incorrectly assumes that draftees have lower commitment to objectives. That is absurd. Once they go through their training, they're helping each other out. They know if they refuse they can be shot. That's an incentive.

Third, the argument incorrectly ignores the evidence from Vietnam. Draftees made fine soldiers.

I'm not for a draft. I am for a debate based on sound arguments.

But I'm also against a military being stretched so thin that it is broken.

I think a draft is needed. Not because I want it, but because I think we need additional manpower to cover the current requirements.

If Congress doesn't want a draft but wants to send troops into an illegal war, then we should not wonder why this nation is held in contempt.

I can't make Congress do the right thing. Nor can I make them see the benefits of a draft.

If and when a draft comes, I'm not worried that the draftees will have a commitment problem. I see the morale of the American fighting units increasing: They'll know their time in Iraq is not infinite; and that there are fresh reserves on the way.

It may not solve the problem in Iraq, but at least a draft will do something to solve the manning problem.

Where's the equipment

However, my greatest argument against a draft is one of equipment. Currently we don't have enough equipment to train and equip the existing forces.

I would hate to find out that despite a draft to get additional manpower, the draftees don't have the right equipment.

We need to make sure that if there is a draft, those we order into battle have the equipment they need to succeed, not hold America with more contempt.

America needs to choose whether it wants to give support to our fighting men and women. If there is no draft, then the US has a broken military.

And if there are no equipment purchases and production, then it makes no sense to draft anyone.