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Monday, July 18, 2005

US JTTF confirms web monitoring of blogs

American Nazis surf the internet, but are lazy pieces of shit when it comes to actually doing their jobs.Fuck you JTTF. You guys are reall jerks.

You can kiss my ass.

Why are you guys so lazy?

Intimidation to Silence Oversight

JTTF surveillance and intrusions are effort to dissuade real discussions on the real issues:

* Excuses to intern people who disagree

* Rove, war crimes, impeachment, and Downing Street Memo.

* Decision to go to war without adequate planning; and the real possibility of a draft without enough equipment to provision the draftees

* Unconstitutionala abuses and misconduct at home to distract attention from the leadership and accountability problem in government and corporations.

* Similarities with the Enabling Act and consistent with Nazi Propaganda

They can't do anything about information coming in about 9-11; people show up in your offices to provide information and you ignore them; and to find out that you would rather surf the internet that build bridges with those you are supposed to serve.

Why do you spend so much time talking about "preserving a way of life" only to spend time dissuading the public from speaking out against fascism?

What's the point of "preserving a way of life" when that is only accomplished by suppressing the very dissent you are supposed to be protecting?

oh, that's right: You only like it when people kiss your ass; you don't like it when people actually exercise their freedom and challenge your bullshit about 9-11, RNC Demonstrations, or the Patriot Act.

Where's the evidence?

None: You just keep suppressing those who speak out about the explosives placed into the WTC building.

What's your problem?

You guys are losers.

Kiss my ass.

Oh, why do you have such a hard time getting new recruits? Because your most experienced losers have reserve-guard duty and are working in Iraq.

How many standards do you have to lower to attract losers to law enforcement and the FBI now?

"Oh, we can't talk about that."

The idiots who are running the show are, well idiots; and the ones who are new are idiots.

See a common pattern here: People with guns, in law enforcement and JTTF, are losers. And they want us to "grovel" at their feet.

Get a real job.