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Thursday, July 14, 2005

National Policy: To encourage RNC politicians to defect

It is time to lay the foundation for impeachment and conviction of George Walker Bush, 43rd President of the United States.

All citizens should be encouraged to support their RNC elected officials in withdrawing from an unlawful party and join alternative parties.

The time has come to recognize that a free nation must have free leaders.

This RNC is antithetical to freedom. It is equivalent to tyranny.

Thus, it should be the sense of the American people that all RNC party members should be actively encouraged to defect from their party and become either independents or join the DNC.

Either way, there should be a clear message that the 2004 election was based on a fraud. Not simply in the voting booths, but in the information the public was provided.

No leader who elected based on fraud should be bound to any party when that party proves to be contrary to the laws of the land.

The public should continue efforts to:

encourage the Senate to stop all debate on nominations until the House Judiciary Committee launches an investigation into the Downing Street Memo and allegations of war crimes by the Bush Administration.

encourage the RNC elected officials to give up their loyalty to the RNC so that another party might form a majority in both houses of Congress;

encourage the RNC leadership resign as the first step in bringing the United States back under the Constitution and International law.

It should be the stated objective of all free people to actively encourage all RNC elected officials to defect, especially so in the Senate, so that the nation's leadership is no longer bound by unreasonable loyalty but brought under the rule of law.

There should be no mistake that the rule of law will continue. And there should be no doubt that the pressure will be fierce.

RNC members must either reform their party from within, or they must resign. The current path leads only to more lawlessness.

Drumbeats: "Quit the RNC . . . Quit the RNC . . . "

Wilson made me think. And I offer you a potential solution. It should be the stated policy of the American public to actively encourage RNC elected officials to defect and lay the foundation for an impeachment. [More . . .]

If the leadership won't lead, we will lead the leadership. They've failed.

It's our turn.