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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

DoD Credibility problem: They keep switching stories on FBI agent reports

DoD has a major problem right now.

They've blown off FBI reports. Now they want to blow off the Public.

We just blogged about DoD ignoring FBI complaints, evidence, facts and investigation results.

Now DoD is reversing itself saying that "some" of the conclusions have been accepted.


Get real, DoD! You've already confirmed you blow off the FBI. Don't change your version of events just because the public now knows you're full of crap.

Either you did take the investigations results in 2002 seriously when you got the information through Army CID 6th Group; or you didn't.

Clearly, in 2005 you're still arguing over whether or not you're going to admit you did nothing.

Right now, it is outrageous that DoD is pointing the finger at FBI.

America, wake up. DoD has known about the GITMO problems since 2002, and cannot get their story straight.

Just as there are calls to investigate Rove and Halliburton, so too should there be Senate Pressure to break down the Pentagon doors and find some real answers.

DoD has been screwing around for the last 3 years, committing war crimes, and playing stupid.

It is time to match the FBI statements in the 302 against the GITMO approaches and DoD evidence.

It is clear that DoD is more interested in a whitewash than accountability for war crimes.

DoD you have annoyed the wrong country, and the wrong citizen. We have blogs. And you're going to learn the hard way what it feels like to get blogged to death.

This has only just started. And we will be relentless.

You wished for this.