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Monday, July 11, 2005

More media spin over moderate Supreme Court justice

The same stupid Americans who can't figure out whethere the Supreme Court Justice is retiring, want you to believe they can figure out the future.

When pigs can fly.

What's most amazing, is that stupid Americans keep buying the bullshit.

Take the recent announcements about the imminent retirements.

The media and blogs keep getting it wrong.

Yet, the same media now claims there is a moderate in place.

Huh? Again, the same media and blogs that can't get the information about well known public corruption and changes about the Supreme Court would like the public to believe their forecast is correct.

Give me a break. Because if it were "self evident" that this was the outcome [that there would be a moderate] there would be no reason to have talking points: Everyone would already know it.

But this isn't "well known" because it isn't a foregone conclusion.

They don't have a clue when Rehnquist is going to resign. Why believe they have a clue about what the results will be?

If certainty was the monopoly of those who claim to be "in the know," then the "ones if the know" about Iraq should have simply asserted 'victory' and that would be the end of it.

Self evidently, the desired outcome should not be confused with what is most likely to be the outcome: A civil war in Iraq, and a fight in the Senate over an extremist-conservative White House appointee.

The White House controls all three Branches of government. Why expect them to do anything that will unlock that hold on power well into the middle of the 21st Century?

What's worse than a naive, stupid American? It's someone who actually believes that a pendulum is the standard by which one can forecast.

Republicans use guns and don't stop there. They then lie in court. And then they fabricate evidence.

They're Nazis. It is foolish to believe in what you desire; focus on what is actually happening: They're consolidating their power.

At your expense. And there's nothing you can do to stop it.