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Monday, July 11, 2005

Video and internet evidence: When will government meet the retention standards?

There's been some talk about video cameras on every corner.

What about the government officials having video cameras in their offices?

Funny thing about government: they like to be convinced of things in order to have contracts issued.

But what is to be said of those contracts? They're only to be applied to others.

But what about the civilians? Why should the public be subjected to requirements that the government is not willing to subject itself to?

If the government is going to mandate that all corners have video cameras, or that all internet and electronic information be retained, then why isn't government applying that standard to itself?

"Oh, we can't have that."

That's absurd. For if the citizenry are to be subjected to document-retention requirements, then so too should the government demonstrate that it is willing to meet that standard as well.

What to do if the government doesn't cooperate and meet the same standard?

Dump your shares. Divest. Quit doing business with America.

It's a shit hole. The workers aren't reliable. The government lies all the time.

It's officers of the court are not to be trusted. The Trial Court Executives lie about whether they do or do not know things.

Hay, their leadership likes to say, "If you have any questions, give us a call. We want to know."

Bullshit. They just say that to give Americans the run around. They have no intention of ensuring their staff actually comply with standards.

What happens in America? The "selling point" for Democracy, corporate America, capitalism, and a justice system is if you can convince people to have faith in the idea [but ignore the actual conduct] then you can keep them docile.

Well, let's call it what it is: America is a fascist state.

It spends more time convincing people it is good, than in actually demonstrating with results that it can be trusted.

Is this a matter of morality, politics, or perception?

You bet it is! And that's why America is a wasting state. A diseased culture.

If you actually look under the hood, you'll find a nation of really stupid people. All spending their time making up reasons to change the subject.

They do that because they're worthless people. Unreliable. If you actually hold them to the standards that the supposedly "are getting paid to meet," they whine and claim that they're being harassed.

Enough! Quit hiring these lazy bastards. Don't bother doing business.

Wonder why firms go overseas? It's because the labor force is responsive.

Don't bother trying to train Americans. They are lazy and will just come up with excuses to commit abuses, and blame others.

They're not reliable. They're incompetent. And they don't like the obvious told to them.

If you dare discipline Americans for their failure to meet the standards, they don't simply threaten lawsuits. They actually commit crimes of assault and battery.

They bring guns to the workplace to intimidate CEOs.

Americana are rather foolish and stupid. In this post 9-11 world, they have simply found new scapegoats to justify their abuse and conduct.

Yes, America has a leadership problem. Especially so when the smart ones have left and the ones left behind are the same morons who could only keep their jobs by lying.

What is to be done now? They have to keep lying in order to retain their power. And they're so used to getting away with it, that anyone that dares notice reality is pointed to as the problem.

What a crock of bullshit! American managers are undisciplined. They find all sorts of excuses. And when you actually ask them what is needed; they lie.

They say they can do the job. But what happens? You have to spend all sorts of extra time checking up on them.

Who needs that?

Paperwork not filled out as required. More excuses for being stupid.

Hay, Americans! If you really like being morons, why don't you compete for the contracts that let you work in the Advertising industry. I hear they've got some great contracts for you to work on.

But, then again Americans are too stupid to do that.

If America truly wants to have credibility, it's own government needs to start doing what it imposes on others:

  • Meet the standards of performance

  • Allow video evidence to be taken in offices

  • Mandate all government records be retained

    Until that happens, there's no reason to impose those standards on others.

    Then again, if you can convince the people to subject themselves to those requirements and then free-up the goverment form the same standard, why not do that?

    Why not, especially in the land where stupid Americans talk about accountability, but do nothing to ensure that the government is actually held to the same standards it imposes on others.

    Stupid Americans have a Constitution. A bill of Rights. But they've been convinced to subject themselves to those standards, and do nothing about the government that fabricates events, video, evidence, and other data.

    Why does the government get to impose rules it doesn't follow itself?

    Why is the public required to keep records that the government refuses to share with the public?

    Why should the public be expected to follow rules about evidence retention when the government refuses to meet those same standards/

    Why should the public be required to meet standards of conduct that the government cannot demonstrate it is capable of meeting?

    Why is the public required to meet standards that the government shows it is incapable of enforcing within its own agencies?

    Stupid Americans have no answers. They just obey the stupid goverment.