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Monday, July 11, 2005

Iraq: Prime Minister says they're spiraling into civil war

Even the Iraqi leadership is openly talking about it.

Civil wars don't appear out of the blue.

How many more people do you need to tell you things aren't going right in Iraq?

Part of the success of an invading army is their ability not only to impose order, but to sustain that order.

But the arrogant Americans can do neither.

Not only do they unlawfully invade, but they now assert that the idea of freedom is one that will pacify the locals.

Where are the tiny little American flags? Rightfully so, they're getting burnt.

Where's the big stability in post war Iraq?

one of the responsibilities of an occupying power is to ensure stability. Not to point to the instability as evidence that the locals hate the Americans.

Indeed, that may be true. But the larger issue is: The Geneva Conventions.

The Americans unlawfully invaded. And now they have unlawfully allowed the domestic situation to spiral into chaos.

What is to be done? The Americans have no answer. They just keep saying that things are getting better.

Wow. I'd hate to see how bad things would have to get before Americans would admit there is a problem.

Oh, that's right. They already had 9-11, and have pointed to that bungling as evidence of how great America is.

Sure. Whatever. Big "fine, great" America finds scapegoats. But still can't explain who put the explosives in the WTC.

Yes, 9-11 and Iraq are related: The Americans are the common element. Americans can't plan. And American's can't defend themselves.

What to do? America will do what every other dictatorship does: Over expand, have it's lies discredited, and then find new scapegoats to ensure no one dares talk bout the truth.

Wow, this is sure starting to sound like Yugoslavia. How many people have to be disappeared in America before there's some concern about the fascism?

Hay, they have big deserts to bury alot of bodies.