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Monday, July 11, 2005

US police state: A video camera on every corner, and then more

One of the arguments for having confidence in American liberty is that Americans are free from an oppressive free state.

Unfortunately, this is just a myth.

One of the myths floating around is that to be safe, America needs cops.

Small problem. There's no money.

So the argument goes, "Well, if we can have a cop on every corner watching, why not have a camera."

Logic disconnect

Small problem. If Americans are going to argue that there could be a cop of every corner, then America is saying that it could be a police state.

Then, taking it one step further, Americans then argue that what could happen, could be more effectively done using cameras.

In other words, what they're doing is using the hypothetical capability [of having police on ever corner] and the actual justification to have cameras everywhere.

Well, if you've got cameras everywhere, and these are designed to replace cops, then you have cop-like-video cameras everywhere.

I see no difference between a video-camera-state and a police-state, especially when Americans pretend that by having cameras "they're safer."

For your increased security, you now have a police state.

But who is going to review all those tapes? Why they then need to hire people . . .