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Saturday, July 09, 2005

American media faces prospect of lower advertising revenues

Who cares if the media is or isn't able to get information.

The key is whether they provide information.

The American media continues to spew forth non-sense for failing to assert their interest in getting government to be accountable.

Self-evidently, the media likes what it has: Corrupt government, worthless propaganda, and a failed system of checks and balances.

What's the fallout of the pressure on media to keep quiet about confidential information?

Ideally, it should put pressure on the media to mobilize the public to call for real reforms in government oversight and an improvement in checks and balances.

But the media will have none of that. They prefer to see their advertising dollars fall as the content grows more bland, readership falls apart, and the American system of checks and balances fails under the weight of unstoppable forces of Corruption.

The American media now confirms that it no longer can report on the failed American system.

The oversight and investigations are ineffectual in combating crime.

America remains the land of the fraud.

The only way that anything was reported in the past was through the corrupt access of those who were part of the system.

Now the media whines that it cannot get information.

That's the story: That the only way to fill up the advertising space is to rely on a corrupt system.

Better yet, why doesn't the media just tell the world: "Hay, quit working for these corrupt systems. Don't invest in America. It is all based on corruption and lies."

But they don't want to do that. They like the corruption so they can complain about it.

Well, will the American media start putting pressure on the oversight and investigators to actually get solutions to these problems?

Of course, not the media is lazy. They dare not upset the sources of information that refuse to give them access.

So, how about it. Let's have the media engage in more self-censorship so that it becomes self-evident that the only way to get news is if the media opens its mouth and lets the criminals in government leak the information.

"We can't dare run investigate pieces" is just an excuse to not ask questions.

Does America have a plan to clean up the corruption?

No, and that is the story.

America has for too longer perpetuated the myth of a "Free and open society" that as the corruption, inaction, and incompetence became the standard that anyone who dared showed up and believe that government officials and American corporations can do anything were then blamed for their naivete.

Well, time to wake up: American corporations are worthless. They burn more cash than they create; and they write off things.

Think that most firms eventually go out of business. Why? Because, in the end, they destroy wealth.

Who wins? Those who set up the fly traps and cash out first.

Time to wake up America: The Media is part of the problem. They've been spewing forth so much non-sense that now they don't have enough content to justify the advertising rates.

Looks like advertisers are going to get a really nice discount. And those media outlets that can't compete are going out of business.

Who loses? Why government does: Because the media won't have the money there to continue pumping out the government's propaganda about 9-11 and the unlawful wars and occupations.

The balloon is falling. And the American media will continue to face margin pressures as advertising revenues plummet.

Sucks to be in a cess pool like the American media and government. It was your choice!

Indeed, Americans don't want a system of checks and balances. They want fascism. Congratulations! You succeeded.