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Sunday, July 10, 2005

UK Dossier on Muslims misses the point

Its' far more interesting to read the dossier as if it were a mirror: What is being said about the fascists in Number 10 and the White House.

As written, Dossier misses the point. The real aim of the dossier isn't to solve problems, but to dissuade others from addressing the real issues: War crimes by the White House and Number 10.

Full dossier

The reason people in general, regardless their religious status, are disaffected has nothing to do with their "lack of education".

Rather, it's simple: You morons in government are supposed to be there to follow the laws; but what have you done? You've ignored them.

So quiet you belly aching about "why people should or shouldn't be disaffected."

Your own MI5 gets ignored. What's the point to justify "get more education" when the fruits of that education are self evidently ignored?

The morons in Number 10 and the White House have no answers. They just want to do more studies.

Hay: Here's a clue. Why don't you open up yourselves to truly independent reviews. Stop editing the CNN tapes after they visit Guantanamo.


4 of 16 talks about guidance when entering Mosques.

And in return, there would be similar guidance for the public when they do audits on JTTF and DoD war criminals: "Be careful, these guys are White Nazi fascist thugs and violate the law; beware, if you say something about procurement fraud they might send out goons to stomp on your face."

They talk about a "model interaction" program. I'll say: How about this one for a "model interaction": It's called the US Constitution.

But what do the white Nazi fascist protestants from Yale do?

"Oh, the laws don't apply to us. Just to Moslems who we want to abuse and blame for our own incompetence and stupidity."

"We have no plan; we just want to find scapegoats."


9 of 16 talks about the various deprivation factors.

Huh? What is the excuse for the stupid white fascist Nazis who engage in war crimes? Were they "deprived" of something?

Yes! It's called "oversight" from Congress! It's called "Inquiry and accountability for war crimes"!

13 of 16 talks about volunteering. Why would anyone want to "volunteer" for a system that openly advocates invading other countries on the basis of illusory evidence? No answer.

16 of 16 says Muslims should "do more" to integrate.

Huh? Why would the white protestant Nazi fascists have any credibility with that? Do they want people to blindly obey fascism more?

"Be like us. Blindly obey the leader."

Outreach programs

2 of 16 talks about Embassy outreach. Give me a break! This is just more bullshit because the UK is looking for a distraction from their own misconduct, war crimes, and abuse.

13 of 15 has a number of outreach programs.

Instead of spending all your time trying to "outreach" to Muslims, why don't you "outreach" to your own MI5 agents who know you're full of crap and don't listen to them.

How about some outreach programs for those in DoD in the US to not commit war crimes and not put people on leashes?

I've got an idea. You guys stop your lectures about "outreach programs for Moslems" and we'll stop calling you Nazis.

Here we go again: White House and Number 10 make up a story, and then spend all their time trying to "find the problem out there." Wake up!

Your own parties are disaffected, regardless their religious standing.

Why should anyone really believe you're going to listen to those outside your own system?

When you say, "We're here to listen," your actions show the opposite: That you've already made the decision and the "request for inputs" is made without any expectation that anyone actually respond to tell you the truth: That you have your head up your arse and refuse to hold your own personnel accountable to the rule of law.

You don't need any more studies and interviews. You need a war crimes investigation and people thrown in jail.

Lack of places to vent

5 of 15 shows how clueless people are. They talk about a "lack of place to vent." Of course!

Anytime someone dares take to the street to express their outrage at these unlawful wars, and non-sense government abuses, what happens? Law enforcement cracks down on things, puts people in jail.

And what happens if someone dares express another point of view? Oh, my! The community starts screaming, "Suspicious." Hello! These old maids haven't been out of their homes in ages, and suddenly they start noticing their neighbors who've they ignored all these years.

And now, suddenly they use their "sudden awakening from their comatose state" as an excuse to start calling the local law enforcement and neighborhood patrol because of something that has been going on for years but they "suddenly decided is unusual."

Get real! You've got untrained people calling into police; and the law enforcement isn't competent. They assume that any call that comes in and reports "something unusual" is reporting a bonafide problem.

How many times have government officials called up security under the pretext of "suspicious behavior," when the actual reason was that a constituent has shown up to make a complaint about being complete blown off by the government?

Here we go again! An incompetent, unresponsive government uses its own stupidity as the excuse to engage in more mindless accusations.


Let's talk Demographics. How many stupid white government officials are there? Alot.

Let's look at stupid white-men extremis: They invade other countries using made up evidence. What's being done about that? "Oh, Congress keeps voting them more money to invade more countries." Brilliant!

Who's being an asshole? You guys in government are.

9-11 Escapes

Oh, and then the government like to talk about the "protection" that some are affording to terrorists.

But what about the US and UK inaction about terrorism? It's typical of the US and UK to point fingers about "who is aiding the terrorists," but who let the people out of the country after 9-11? The USA!

And who's the one that's not taking action against the white men in the Pentagon for waging this unlawful invasion of Iraq?

Stupid white men in Congress who call themselves Republicans, but who are actually Nazis.

And who's the one that won't look into the Sibel Edmonds claims? Stupid white Protestants. Sibel tells us that the stupid white protestants are the ones who have certain business interests that covered up the real 9-11 facts. What's up with that?

What's all this bullshit about religion? Why can't Muslims point the finger at the white protestant Nazis in congress; but the world is able to point at Muslims? What's up with that double standard on "who can point fingers over issues of religion."


Take a look at 8 of 15 and look at those statistics on attitudes.

Now, think about what is going on in 2005. Remember all those Zogby polls about "attitudes about impeachment against Bush." What's up with those polls?

Why are UK and US leaders focusing on polls about Muslims, but when there's a growing groundswell against UK and US when it comes to issues of violations of war crimes, removal from office, inquiries, and leadership accountability . . . Suddenly the "polls don't matter."

What a crock of bullshit! Of course the polls matter, otherwise you wouldn't be spending time worrying about "Muslim Attitudes."

We have yet to understand why there's a double standard. "Oh, it's OK to impose some absurd study on Muslims, but don't dare do the same with the stupid white protestant men who are from Yale. Can't do that."

Fuck that! See how this is! More double standards. And you wonder why American's are so docile. It's because they talk about religion as if it were some sort of clothing item; but when you talk about stupid white protestants, suddenly that's "racists."

Get real!


Then again on 8 of 15, they talk about "reason for getting attracted to extremism."

Huh? What about the US and UK "attractions of the unlawful military" and the "attraction of JTTF"? Why is it "OK" to be "attracted" to committing war crimes in the US military or commit 42 USC 1983 claims in the JTTF, but it's "not OK" for others to do the same if their organizations are "called seomthing else."

What a load of bullshit! Your military is hired to be racists! You gun people down without thinking. You arrogantly point to people you invade as "bad guys."

Get real! You're the bad guys. Look what you do all the time at Waco, in the streets of RNC. That's not people of color doing that.

It's stupid white protestant males on the JTTF and the law enforcement that are gunning people down, abusing them in prisons, fabricating evidence.

Small statistics

10 of 15 says that the number of extremists is 1%. OK. Fine: That's a small percentage.

But look what's going on. We're only talking "only 1%", but the world is suddenly blaming Muslims for everything.

Now, keep that 1% number in mind. Look at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Think about the torture problems. What does the US and UK say? "Oh, it's just a few rotten apples."

See how that is? When the problem is shined on America and the UK, they both say, "Hay it's just minor."

But when the same percentage is applied to other cultures, "Oh, my! We need to spend upwards of billions of dollars to stop that."

Why the double standard?

Why are you willing to spend billions to hunt down "extremists" overseas, but you won't look at the issue at home?

"Oh, we can spend money for contractors that we are invested in; but there's no profit to be made in an inquiry into Bush. In fact, it would be a real negative for stocks."

There you go! Now we know the real reason why the stupid white protestant fascists won't do crap: There's no money to be made.

Wake up! That's what fascism is. When stupid white protestants combine forces between the government and business to blame the world and launch illegal wars.

You liking this?


10 of 15 also emphasizes that people criticize foreign policy.

In other words, when foreign policy is illegal it should be criticized. But now the stupid white protestant Nazis, when they engage in illegal actions, are now using "the public's questioning of that illegal policy" as a basis to do a study to "figure out ways to mitigate that questioning".

Huh? You want to have free reign to commit war crimes; and then have consultants paid alot of money to study "why people are upset with that."

What are you smoking? You must be joking!


11 of 15 also points out that there is perceived bias.

You're darn right there is. Anytime a stupid white protestant Nazi walks across the Parliament or the Halls of Congress, everyone is just groveling at the ground, "Oh, yes. . . here's another crumpet for you ... and what nation shall you like to invade today, sire?"

But when there's someone who dares stand up to that non-sense, what does the same media do? 24-7 CNN and Fox coverage of the "rogues" and the "disaffected."

Where's the coverage of the stupid white protest fascists who are disaffected with the laws? the ones who like to invade countries without any legal foundation?

Why isn't there they same scrutiny into "their disaffection" with the "lack of freedom to invade unlawfully without consequences"?


11 of 15 talks about people feeling concerned that there is alot of suspicion.

Indeed! And the stupid white fascist protestants should be asking the same thing, "Why isn't anyone suspicious about me for violating the laws?"

Oh, but they are suspicious of you. It's just not "politically correct" to talk about white fascist Nazis who are violating the laws.

Wake up! Why isn't there just as much suspicion about Congress for waging unlawful wars as there are against those who dare stand up against that and protest?

Why are those who speak out against war crimes put under JTTF surveillance?

But the stupid, white fascist Nazis are given the right to threaten anyone who dares speak out about that?


11 of 15 talks about people becoming radicalized. Indeed! When they have a country that requires people to obey the laws; but those stupid white protestant Nazis then go out and invade other countries without any legal foundation . . . who isn't going to be upset?

Why aren't the British and US citizens just as upset about the Republican and Blair violations of the law as they are with any other violations of the law?

What's up with that double standard?

"Oh, it's OK to be abusive to those we accuse; we just aren’t allowed to be accusatory toward those who are in charge."

What a crock of bullshit!

gaining a sense of purpose

11 of 15 acts confused as to "how these groups can attract followers."

"They're looking for a sense of purpose."

Indeed! It's the same motivation that the white Nazi fascist protestants use for joining JTTF, covenants, or joining the military.

Admit it. American white males are I N C O M P E T E N T and can only find value if they can find other groups to pick on, bully, ridicule, and mess with.

And you call yourselves compassionate! Indeed, and how many napalm bombs did the arrogant white fascist protestant Nazi grads from Yale drop this month on the innocent civilians of Iraq?

"Oh, we can't talk about that." Get real! We already know about it. It's out.

Public Outreach

13 of 15 talks about the outreach programs for Muslims.

OK! What are you going to do to outreach to the stupid white protestant male Nazis in the US who think it is "OK" to torture; and "OK" to commit war crimes; and "OK" to invade other countries without any legal foundation?

Where's the "outreach" for those groups?

Why is there a difference?


14 of 15 talks about intervention programs to avoid letting some into the extremists groups.

Great! And what are you doing to stop the white fascist Nazi protestants from falling into extremist groups like JTTF, DoD, and other hate-organizations in the US who are bent on destroying the constitution and invading other counties without any legal foundation?

All this weeping and crying about "what we're doing to fight extremism" should be applied to the ignorant white protestant Nazi graduates from Yale who now work in the White House. Where's that intervention effort; and why is there a double standard on whether you're going to act on someone who is showing tendencies of violating the law?

"Oh, we can't do anything about that; our job is to find people who are isolated and not protected by the US government."

Sense of injustice

I'll say there is! 15 of 15 talks about the outreach programs to address the sense of injustice.

Where's the same thing directed against those in the RNC who have this arrogant "I'm a victim; and need to lash out without regard to the laws of war" kind of non-sense?

We've been hearing this "Woe, I'm a victim" for years; all this from DHS, "Don’t you know what's happened."

Hell! All we hear is, "Don't you know the world has changed since 9-11!" I'll be it has. Now the stupid white protestant Nazis in DoD, DHS, and JTTF have a new excuse not to do their job; and a new way to lash out against those who dare discuss 42 USC 1983 claims against them.

When is this going to stop? "Oh, only the JTTF is allowed to escalate. Everyone else must be sheep and bow down to those who put a plunger up your rear end in violation of civil rights."

Give me a break! you want some real solutions to this "disaffected problem" try policing your own arrogant white protestant Nazi fascist thugs in JTTF who like to show up at movie hoses and intimidate people not to attend.

"Oh, we've heard reports . . . "

Yeah. Whatever. You're just making up more bullshit like you always do. Move along, Officer! Nothing to see here. There's some meth labs down the road. I think they're calling your name. Remember, there's a drug war on. Don’t want to miss the chance to grab some meth, so you can pay your police to sit around and do nothing.

Government advocating denial

You want to know how problems spread? It's when there's denial.

Check out 1 of 15 where it says to "not make a bid deal" about the issues.

Bullshit! The reason why white Nazi fascist thugs in the US Congress, JTTF, and DoD are still following the PNAC game sheet is that they're not being taken to court for violating the laws.

You're doing nothing about it! That's what sews the seeds of outrage against the US and UK.

Notice what they say, "Avoid defensive tones." All this does is encourage JTTF and the White House to be belligerent. Hello, wonder why DoD Rumsfeld and VP Cheney are so arrogant? "Because they don't want to sound defensive."



4 of 15 talks about the propaganda problems.

Oh, so you mean the "office of special plans" propaganda is OK? Well! No wonder there are no consequences on stupid white fascist Nazis in JTTF or DoD.

Some propaganda that motivates a nation to unlawfully invade another country, or "justify" shoving a plunger up someone's rear end is good; while other propaganda that talks about reconciliation and peace is "bad".

Huh? What's up with the RNC "justification" for detaining people simply because they speak out against what is unlawful?

"Oh, we can't talk about the double standards in JTTF. We can only blame others for our incompetence."

Stupid white incompetent Nazi fascists indeed!

Belief Systems

5 of 15 talks about a belief system.

get this! The people writing this dossier are the same people who have the belief system that it is "OK" to commit torture; unlawfully invade other countries; and make up information.

Who are you assholes to talk about "belief systems" when your own actions clearly show your conduct violates your own laws?

That's not a belief. that's a fact. And its on video. And your own FBI 302s show that you’re belief systems are perverted: "It's OK to commit torture, just as long as there are no videos to document the facts before the Supreme Court."

What a load of non-sense! Who are you people to be preaching about "flawed belief systems." Your own belief system is a farce.

And then for you to arrogantly lash out against those who say what is self evident [That your belief system is flawed] further undermines your credibility.

You are not only small minded and incompetent; but anytime someone dares challenge you on your own conduct, you then use that well-deserved outrage as more excuses to beat people down.

This is no different than apartheid: Simply using the public's reaction to your outrageous conduct to continue your outrageous conduct.

Screening process

7 of 15 talks about the screening process to take people along the road to indoctrination.

This is no different than the propaganda you give your own JTTF to justify abusing those who dare speak out against your lawlessness.

How do you justify the arrogant treatment of those who speak out?

Why, you engage in the same formalized study and then twist things around to suit your own ends, you white fascist Nazi protestants!

The process is no different than the propaganda coming out of the White House. The only problem is that the White House and Number 10 don't like the message. So they call in the gun ships, JTTF, and Delta Force to change the channels.

Here's a hint! Why don't you clean up your own channels first and then maybe the rest of the world won't have to talk about your war crimes, you fascists!

Think again

12 of 15 talks about a "Think Again" CD-rom.

Wow! There's an idea. Why don't they have the same thing for the stupid white protestant Nazi fascists.

"Think again, before you unlawfully invade, Mr. DoD war criminal."

"Think again, before you put the plunger up their rear end in the Bureau of Prisons, Mr. JTTF white protestant Nazi."

"Think again, before you fabricate evidence in the run up to the war, Cheney."

"Think again, before you lie to Congress, Bush."

"Think again, before you intimidate the public to be silent about your war crimes, Bolton."


Your own actions are contributing to this extremism. Quit pointing to Muslims as being the problem.

Your white protestant Nazi fascist Yale graduates are the ones who are fueling this outrageous conduct! It is sheer lawlessness!

Why should anyone bow down to those who violate the laws of war and call it "freedom".

You're assholes!

How do you have a "relationship" with people who are war criminals? You don't! You send in the investigators and have them hauled of to jail.

Quit this bullshit about the "need to have a sensitivity session.”

No we don't. We need to have an inquiry, find out what happened with the Downing Street Memo, and hold these white Nazi fascist protestants to account in the courts of law for their unlawful war of aggression and war crimes.

Why do you have a hard time understanding that?

You can either have a tyrant or a Constitution.

What is it going to be?

"Oh, we want to distract you from that decision by blaming all problems with the stupid white protestant Nazis on the people of color."