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Saturday, July 09, 2005

MI5 most likely behind London Bombings


GCHQ/NSA please advise Number 10 that apparent objective may be the larger shipping routes in and out of London.

I speculate that the initial wave of attacks are to test out the security services. I speculate these bombs were not intended to go off, but act as a test to collect intelligence on classified Kratos procedures.

There appears to be a concentration around irrelevant areas.

I speculate the real objective of the subsequent attacks will be to interfere with the bridges cross the Thames and materially interfere with the Shipping in and out of London.

I speculate that the goal will be to repeat the damage of the bridges done in Kosovo; recall how long it took to clean up the waterways.

Please do an analysis of a simulation of "what the bombers might be trying to do" in terms of analyzing the reaction times; and identify the times that someone outside the official system would conclude based on these preliminary studies.

Also, do a force-concentration analysis to assess the center of gravity and central areas that one would likely "test the reaction times to" in order to divert attention away from the primary targets.

This is to say that it could be that they are preparing preliminary attacks at this point not only to collect data; but to do a combination of attacks. First wave would be to divert forces from the bridges; then the second wave would be to go after the bridges.

Good luck.


MI6 asset linked with the bombings.

Too many things donÂ’t add up. And there are too many similarities to 9-11: Exercises going on; electronic intercepts not there as they should be; and post-event statements not making sense.

  • Map of the Bridges

  • Map of the most recent attacks.

  • Check the Port of London Leisure map on the left for the detailed views of the River: You can do a zoomscan. Notice the proximity of the second-wave attacks on 21 July to the bridges.

  • Here is Waterloo incident and the panoramic view

  • Here are the BBC' London Panoramic Views

    Other blogs discussing these bizarre issues.

    There's likely some 9-11-like data sources that are available: What money was transferred; which shares had an unusual number of stop looses prior to the event.

    Here are some signs they're chasing the wrong people without adequate judicial oversight:

  • Police kill man unrelated to bombing

  • One of the alleged London-bombers' passport matches the one for someone still alive. [How many times did we hear that in 9-11.]

  • Other theories on false flags.

    Is MI5 aware of Pakistani traning for the bombings? Most likely.

    MI5 history

    Shayler confirms MI5 was involved in other attacks in the past.

    You'd think that the rift between GCHQ and NSA wouldn't have come to this.

    More 9-11 exercises

    Remember those NORAD "exercises" during 9-11? Well, guess what. They were running "exercise" during the London Bombing as well. What better way to distract attention from the real problems. Video. Notice that the transcripts and actual wording do not match.

    Gladio documents have been declassified.


    It's been too long after the blasts for Echelon not to have intercepted something, either post-event discussion, or the pre-event preparation. Bluntly, there had to be some way to trace the person who posted the post-event message.

    But we have nothing? Get real.

    Pre-event notifications

    How were the Israelis warned of an event, but they knew enough to know that the pre-event indicators were unrelated to the exercises going on the same day?


    Echelon can track any website. It can hunt down a specific time that a person gets access.

    Why would they be foolish to claim responsibility on a website linked to Bush; and then publicly communicate in a manner that NSA could intercept? [ More . . . ]

    Answer: MI5 doesn't care if NSA knows who is making the claims.

    Rather, we've got two different groups fighting over responsibility.

    But NSA can't track them? Give me a break.

    Electronic emissions for timer testing

    But here we are, more than 48 hours after the bombing, and NSA hasn't got anything to report on the timers.

    Also, look at the testing required for the timers. They send out distinct signals. They would have been picked up during the testing phase.

    By now, they should have been able to pick up on where they were originally fabricated. But we have nothing.

    Lone Bomber Theory

    I do not find it credible that there would be a lone bomber. First, think about the number of explosives that had to have been carried.

    Then think about the number of bags or objects left behind. You're trying to suggest that on a crowded tube that nobody saw anything? I doubt it. Someone would have seen someone placing an object.

    Recall, there are numerous warnings about "unattended bags." Someone would have called in on their cell phone. No calls recorded.

    Where is NSA

    Notice that they have "no clue" who did this. That's a load of non-sense. Signals intercepts of the timing devices could easily have been pinpointed right now.

    Let's say this another way, when you've got an attack like this, all over actions are secondary. The entire GCHQ should have been focused on this one.

    But nothing.

    Mobilize the nationals

    This is exactly what MI5 wants: More distractions to mobilize the nation. Within days, and now the UK is blaming Muslims. How convenient. But there's no evidence.

    Why was MI5 behind the bombing of their own citizens?

    To piss them off. Make them react without thinking. To get the UK back into the active war against "whatever George wants to fight." Just think, the UK was pulling out of Iraq at the very time the Iraqis were calling for the occupation to end.

    To get them to give up their rights. To make the people more manageable.

    Rumsfeld can't decide if things are going to take a long time to sort out, or whether things are just about to end.

    They're just making this up to justify a war. Too bad that the war to mobilize the economy has taken on a life of its own.

    Yes, they do plan to impose more pressure on those who dare challenge the failed system which relies on war and abuse to assert power.

    They are not to be trusted. They cannot handle simple things like setting up websites.

    Why expect the State to actually be able to keep this MI5-attack-on-London covered up for ever? They'll dream up a new scapegoat to distract your attention.

    Indeed, at the very time that UK was withdrawing, the public now wants to jump back into the fight. Huh?

    They're going to get a green light to interrogate all foreigners; there will be detention camps; and there will not be enough room to hold people in the UK.

    Where to send them? To the remote holding locations in America. This will mean jobs for lazy Americans who cannot compete against the Chinese.

    Which ISPs

    The issue going forward for Americans and the British will be: Which legislation and “holes”in the Patriot Act are they hoping to “close”using this incident?

    If they’ve got a public website that was “used to communicate message,”are we all that far off from the government requiring website owners to register?

    What a great way to shut down public discussion about the corruption inside NSA and MI5.


    Do a stats run on these numbers and find out if the timing-separation is random or related to a common methodology.

    Early Morning Time Spaces

    US in 9-11

    8:46 a.m. -- Flight 11 hits the World Trade Center's north tower.

    9:03 a.m. -- Flight 175 crashes into the south tower of the World Trade Center.

    9:37 a.m. -- Flight 77 hits the Pentagon.

    10:03 a.m. -- United 93 crashes in Pennsylvania, 125 miles from Washington.

    MI5 in London

    All four London explosions occurred simultaneously within 50 seconds.

    Original time estimates

    8:51 a.m. -- London Underground train explodes 100 yards into a tunnel near the financial district.

    8:56 a.m. -- Explosion near the King's Cross station in north London.

    9:17 a.m. -- Explosion near Edgware Road station.

    9:47 a.m. -- Double-decker bus explodes near Tavistock Square.

    Informationn from Associated Press, 3:34 PM PDT, July 7, 2005