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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Conyers Blog falls down on subscriptions and registrations

If you can't get them to communicate, how are you going to get them to lead a fight for the Constitution.

That's not a question.

This is fair warning to all in the Downing Street Memo Coalition -- you have great ideas, but you need professional leadership and investigators to conduct the inquiry and develop a plan to lead the government.

At this juncture, your leaders have great ideas but are unable to do very simple things.

There's a big mission ahead. It is to fight for the Constitution, organize an inquiry, and then move forward with effective governance.

Despite the lawlessness of the Bush Administration, your leadership within the DSM movement cannot take the issues seriously, nor effectively communicate.

This discusses why Bush and the Republicans are going to easily spread more fascism.

The simple answer is: Those who might be a check on power are powerless.

This looks like the end of Constitutional System in America. Beware, America is running out of time for a free and open society.

I sent my registration in two weeks ago. Sent a follow-up to the website blogmaster and the political campaign office. I have heard nothing.

I'm not impressed. And I'm not waiting around.

Beware all. They're trying to have an inquiry, but they can't get a simple blog registration system to work.

They need all the help the can get. If you try to sign up and register for the Conyers Blog you may wait a very long time.

I'm no longer waiting. You certainly missed the boat on this one.

Enjoy your blog!

Well, it's been two weeks and that's plenty of time for a response.

But I've heard nothing.

Meanwhile, the official website has closed off responses. The public has no answers. And we've heard nothing on what alternatives there are.

So here we are, waiting for access and nothing.

What is it going to take?

Is there any information?

The waiting is over. The time to move on has arrived. And it looks as though people are not serious about getting people registered.

Going forward

At this juncture, it remains unclear how many other people have not been given access.

It is curious though, that during a time when they need all the support that they can get, what happens? An ineffective system to ensure registrations are timely.

Lack of guidance. No response. A system that relies on bandaids.

A very good indicator for the failed American model: An ideal system that only works in some very limited cases. But if you have a real problem, don't rely on the system to work.

Enjoy the fascism. The Americans have shown that they want only to hear the nice news. And the good news is that Americans, when left to their own devices, can certainly mess things up and make them worse.

Congratulations! You have successfully shown that the Republicans will outmaneuver you in 2006.

Remember, fascism doesn't guarantee profits or a stable future. It only means more lies and deceptions.

Despite the obvious problems, there's little that is galvanizing public support. If the opposition wants to rally the nation, they need to have the tools in place to facilitate two way communication.

Here's a hint. They're still not quite getting it.

You get what you deserve. America deserves a mess. And it's continuing.

Are you serious about an inquiry?

If you're serious about an inquiry, then I expect you to be serious about communication, inputs, dialog.

I don't see it.

I see the illusion of seriousness.

But America doesn't want to have a serious answer. That is fine.

If you're not serious about setting up a simple blog, then I have absolutely no confidence you or your staff or the blogosphere is serious about an inquiry.

It remains to be seen how many other important details are getting missed.

Remember, your enemy wants you to lose. You have no chance of winning if you don't take care of your own communication.

I can't solve that. Only you can.

If you want to win, you need to solve the small problem. If you demonstrate you can solve easy things, I might believe you can address the more complicated issues by organizing a litigation strategy to prevail over the White House counsel who appear to be better organized.

Why are you starting something that you're not demonstrating you're serious about?

If you're serious, the be serious in your planning and execution. You're running a rag-tag approach by government.

This isn't going to work. You need to have trained investigators do this, not a bunch of blogger-heads who are being denied access to information.

Do you want your Constitution? I don't think so. You're not serious about it.

I'll find someone else and another group that are willing to really stand up for it.

Fair warning to all: The Downing Street Memo crew is full of hot air, but they are poorly organized.

Real leaders are needed who can execute plans, organize staff, and translate plans into results. We have plenty of signs of a ragtag operation.

Remember, winning isn't just about defeating the opponent; it's also then moving to the next step and running the country.

You can't get a simple blog registration system work.

There's no reason you're going to organize a credible effort to rally the nation, much less effectively govern.

It's time to quiet mucking around and mobilize professionals to both defeat the President in an inquiry and then effectively execute a strategy to move forward. Good luck.

Fortunately, we have enough time to establish a credible plan that will assert the Constitution. Thank you for the fair warning.

It is clear we need new approaches with personnel who are more responsive and effective. The current crew remains comatose and not serious about the details.

You only get one shot at this: Pick a Tyrant or A Constitution.

You're failing to assert the choice you desire in your heart.

The tyrant is going to win, unless you get serious.

You've demonstrated you're not. Time to wake up.

This has been your last warning.