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Monday, July 11, 2005

MI5 changes the times

Remember right after the London Bombing?

Someone came up with a timeline.

But the problem is: Why did the times suddenly change?

That's what seems strange.

Because immediately after the events, people were posting pictures. They were live shots. And some of the blogs had specific times of when things happened.

So why did MI5 issue an update to times that didn't match the original announcements?

And what about the original blogs that asserted a certain time when things occurred?

That's what seems really strange.

It remains to be understood how many of the Flickr photo-captions or other blog entries talk about the "time of the event".

It seems strange that the public had to rely on the government "for the update". If the actual time of the explosion was what the government has revised it to be, surely someone who was blogging at the time would have noticed there was a change or difference between what they personally witnessed and what the government was either initially saying or revising.

It just seems rather odd that this many people with blogs, cell phone cameras, and actually writing comments about their experiences would know the time was one thing; but would say nothing on their own when their own times did not match either [a] the time the government originally reported; or [b] the subsequent update.

The public's comments and observations either match the original times; or the updated times.

Why wasn't the public noticing there was a difference between what [a] the time difference between their own observations and the initial reports [if the initial report times were false]; or [b] they personally were hearing and what they actually saw reported as the time updates [if the initial times were correct].