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Monday, July 11, 2005

US Attorneys are fabricating the successes in the war on terror

Juries intimidated. Entrapment. Using unreliable informants.

Is this Nazi Germany?

What is to be said of US Attorneys who use innuendo from unreliable informants?

Why they're given high praise.

The US attorneys know that the public is afraid. And the juries are no different.

Juries around the country are being fed unreliable information and then the leading jurors are targeting those who want to assert the rule of law.

DoJ has a credibility problem when it advertises one thing but actually does another. But what is to be expected of buffoons.

DoJ is going after people who might do something. But what about those who have already committed war crimes in Iraq? "Oh, we can't talk about that."

That's right. The real criminals face no sanctions and the scapegoats are those who the Americans simply make accusations about.

DoJ sets people up. Warning to all: Americans are not reliable to interact with. They are liars. Their words is not to be trusted. And their contracts are not effectively enforced.

There's no reason to do business with America.

The Patriot Act is used to start investigations into anything. But they don't pan out. What is to be done?

Well, the government will find some irrelevant issue unrelated to terrorism to justify the harassment.

Strange. American government officials talk about the "need to have effective oversight," but when they are challenged to have video cameras in their own offices to monitor them, they scream, "How dare you."

But the same arrogant government is all too quick to introduce video cameras in a police state.

Why the inconsistencies?

Americans are a worthless lot. It takes alot of money to check things out. You have to already know the answers to questions before you ask the question.

Americans are unreliable. They are lazy. And then they use all sorts of tricks to get out of agreements.

Don't bother associating with them. Yes, they are a cess pool. They make up information.

They talk about principles, but don't practice them.

They look for scapegoats.

Assume that anyone associated with America is a crook. Run from them.

If you are being pestered by someone, assume they are an FBI informant. Tell them to fuck off!

America is simply putting more people into the meat grinder. They promise all sorts of things. One day, you can be retired.

"Then all the non-sense will end."

No, it continues. But it gets worse. Because then they argue, "Hay, you don't have to work, so you can put up with this."

Fuck that bullshit!

America has passed its peak. It is no longer able to stand on anything related to justice, freedom, or good order.

It has become a place where nothing is reliable and all rules are speculative. This is no different than Russia.

So much for civil order and society. America is a myth. It's rules and justice system are a joke.

Beware the Americans. They are not to be trusted. Ever.