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Monday, July 11, 2005

DoJ told to prevent another 9-11: Then why the reluctance to reform?

Following 9-11, DoJ has been charged with preventing another 9-11.

Yet, with that sea change, why is DoJ and the rest of the government unwilling to reform?

You'd think that if the President was serious about "preventing another 9-11," then they'd have credible investigations to look into the matters.

But the investigations have been a whitewash.

So what's to be said of the original post-9-11-mandate that DoJ "prevent another 9-11"?

It's clearly a farce. Because while DoJ and JTTF personnel and informants are making up stories and entrapping people, the system they rely on to bring those convictions isn't reforming.

Look at their software upgrades with SAIC. If DoJ was truly serious about "preventing another 9-11" we'd have better contract management. Not seeing that.

SAIC allegedly delivered software that doesn't work. All that "new intelligence" that they're collecting? DoJ can't get access to it. Brilliant.

If America is truly serious about "preventing another 9-11" then it would not simply make that the standard.

Rather, it would take action to conduct credible inquires and get real facts.

The White washes show DoJ is not serious about preventing another 9-11. They are serious about not being held accountable for their inaction prior and during 9-11.