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Monday, July 11, 2005

Israel: The justification to bring security to Iraq -- So where's the security?

One of the arguments for US intervention in Iraq was to bring border stability to Israel.

Stupid Americans. Iraq is spiraling into a civil war. What's Israel's excuse now?

Israel was pushing for Saddam to be removed. The fixed facts in the Downing Street Memo was partially done with the goal of protecting Israel.

Now Iraq is spiraling into a civil war.

Does Israel have a plan for that?

And Iraq is signing a military cooperating treaty with Iraq. Wait a minute. Wasn't the justification for arming Iraq in the first place to prevent Iran from getting powerful and invading Israel?

So what's Israel's solution to this one?


Mossad has a nasty habit of really mucking things up, just like MI5.

We could expect to see Mossad interfere with the Iran-Iraq peace accord.

What to do about the spiraling situation in Iraq? I'm sure the Israelis are cooking up another plan to meddle in this one.