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Monday, July 11, 2005

US convictions without evidence or crimes

Gone are the days when Americans are safe.

Your government will simply accuse you and the juries intimidated to convict.

It certainly is interesting to see the 9-11-non-sense.

People are simply targeted not on the basis of actual conduct, but on their ability to sell a program or get an informant a meal ticket.

It is curious how DoJ informants work. They regularly lie. They trump up the importance of themselves.

And then they pass on information. What does DoJ do? It laps it up.

There's something called veracity, credibility, and reliability. Small problem.

In the 9-11-era, those standards go out the window. No longer is DoJ willing to hold their informants accountable.

Rather, DoJ puts a premium on having access to personnel that are of the "targeted background" [Muslims], and would ignore the problems with credibility.

Why the change? Because DoJ has problems. It can't attract talent.

Muslims aren't showing up to support unlawful wars of aggression. So what happens? The pieces of dog shit called informants who can't get an honest job anywhere else show up and claim to have all these connections.

Small problem. Things don't check out. But what does DoJ do? Rather than cut these people off, DoJ would rather associate with stupid people who claim to have connections, than actually work with reliable people.

What happens? Well, in order to "sell their ability as an informant" what the informants are doing is lying about the target's capabilities and connections.

This means the informant gets standing, stature, support, and resources. And a small thing called a Informant Pay stub, or meal ticket.

So as you look around, know that the pieces of shit who can't get real jobs are the ones who are running to law enforcement and selling stories and fables.

Brilliant. American can turn honest people into crooks by splicing video tapes; and they would rather rely on the tainted information from a paid informant who has a veracity problem, than actually rely on the rules of evidence.

Where does this leave Americans? Well, know that your law enforcement is getting less reliable information, but trumping up charges based on fantasies.

Sure, in the short run you may get a few convictions.

But let the word go out to American youth. Your government is lying. They are intimidating the weak and incompetent to become informants, all the while the real crooks inside government are above the law.

How's that for accountability?

So when you're walking the streets of Baghdad, don't wonder why things are falling apart. It's because the real criminals inside the White House and DoD aren't being held accountable; and DoJ is looking for scapegoats.

Congratulations on being another patsy. Giving up your mind so that you can be safe.

How's that "safety" in Iraq? Too bad, it's now spiraling into a civil war.

You will return from Iraq, knowing full well your government has been lying. Did America do the right thing? Of course not.

America was used by Israel to impose order. But now it is chaos.

What is to be said of the "big American Army"? The officers are weak, unwilling to stand up against those issuing unlawful orders.

And they have once against lost the major battle for hearts and minds in Iraq.

Iraq is another Vietnam. And this time the failed civilian leadership will simply look for new scapegoats.

They're called American citizens. Unlike the Vietnam era when the majority party took on their own President, there's nothing the RNC is going to do to restrain this tyrant.

It's worse than Vietnam. It's Nazi Germany in the 1930s. But if you dare state the obvious, you will be targeted.

Enjoy the fascism. It's spreading and getting worse.