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Monday, July 11, 2005

WSJ proves once again it is a piece of shit paper

Look at this crap it writing, "that this case isn't about organized crime".

Sure it is! War crimes!

Disclaimer: The following editorial is my personal opinion and may or may not be shared with the entire world. Personal opinions are protected free speech.

WSJ has allegedly stated that Fitzgerald's investigation into the Plame leak isn't about organized crime.

That's absurd. Sure it is!

Let's look at the organized crimes in the White House:

  • Unlawfully invaded Iraq

  • Violated the Laws of war

  • Treated prisoners in a manner contrary to the Geneva Conventions

  • Used intimidation to silence witnesses

  • Had people taken from Italy to Egypt to face torture

    How many more crimes do you want, WSJ before you realize that these Nazis in the White House are a criminal gang?

    Besides, does the WSJ have all 8 pages that Fitzgerald and the court have sealed about the Plame Case?


    WSJ has no clue what is on the 8 pages.

    Thus, there is no basis to conclude that it isn't about organized crime.

    Rather, all the evidence that we have publicly proves that the Fitzgerald-approach is one that is organized to combat organized crime.

    Piece of Shit newspaper

    Let's talk about a piece of shit. It stinks. It smells. Just like these absurd arguments coming from the Wall Street journal.

    What do you do with shitty paper? You flush it down the toilet.

    Just as the Wall Street Journal should be: Flushed down the toilet for writing such absurd crap.

    What is crap. It's stuff that makes no sense. Has no legal foundation.

    Legal definition of crap: stuff that smells and is toxic.

    Is that the Wall Street Journal writing, "Toxic." Sure: It's toxic to your mind. It's toxic to good order. It's toxic to the idea of justice.

    It appears as thought the WSJ wants the world to embrace more bullshit. That's toxic.

    It's time main stream media wake up and quiet spewing for this bullshit.

    My toilet it getting clogged up.


    A piece of shit paper is a paper that spews forth bullshit.

    The Wall Street Journal, without evidence, asserts the prosecutor in the Plame Article has no basis to assert organized crimes are occuring. This is absurd.

    A fair reading of the UN Charter on Aggression and the Downing Street Memo shows the WSJ claims are absurd. Rather, there is a reasonable basis to allege and investigate the White House for crimes; and that there is a wider criminal conspiracy.

    A piece of shit paper is blind to the fascism. A piece of shit paper is one that continues to spew out garbage.

    A piece of shit paper is one that continues to pump out non-sense and deny the need to have an investigation.

    What is the Wall Street Journal? It is a piece of shit newspaper.

    And that's my personal opinion. If you don't like it, go shove it up your ass.