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Monday, July 11, 2005

Americans willingly silent about fascism

The last thing the gullible want to do is upset a fascist.

So rather than talk about it, they're hiding their T-shirts.

Notice what is going on. The fascists have a nasty habit of getting angry.

And the powerless, knowing they would rather be safe, are doing what they have to do to "not upset" the fascists.

What do they do? They hide what heeds to be said: They hide the T-shirts and bumper stickers talking about Bush's war crimes.

"hay, we don't want to upset them."

Why not? Why are you afraid of letting the world see how abusive these people are?

Not only are you afraid of them, but you're afraid of others seeing what you've put up with: The abuse and your silence.

Why are the foolish Americans afraid of letting the world see how they've been lied to? Because the foolish Americans do not realize that the world already knows the Americans have been lied to.

Americans aren't fooling anyone. But themselves.