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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

DoD treating FBI agents no better than Guantanamo prisoners

Now we now why we have a problem. Professional investigators, trained to gather facts and make reports, are getting ignored.

Part of the problem with getting government to be accountable, is that it refuses to be accountable.

One of the tricks DoD uses is to accuse the witness of having a problem. All that does is shift attention from DoD to those who are in the know. That's not a solution, but a diversion.

Because DoD does this all the time, this is why there is oversight: That's why you have other people come in and take a look.

What is most outrageous is that when FBI agents are brought in to gather facts, DoD is now second guessing these personnel.


Look at this: "investigation could not confirm an FBI agent's allegation that detainees were left in this position for long periods" Ref

FBI agents don't make allegations. They report facts.

FBI agents were there doing an investigation.

It is irrelevant whether DoD can or cannot "confirm" anything; the FBI agent has already submitted the signed 302 under penalty of perjury.

That DoD will not agree with the findings is the real issue: It shows that despite outside reviews, it will not assent to the findings of independent bodies.

Warning to all! DoD is still in the cover-up mode and are not to be trusted.

DoD's comments are telling. What this incident is saying is that even though the FBI has been trained to gather information, and submit evidence in 302s under penalty of perjury, DoD is ignoring the information.

"We can't confirm" isn't a resolution.

Rather, the disagreement needs to be brought before a court, not the Congress: Who do we believe: FBI agents who are trained, or DoD personnel who are potentially criminally liable for war crimes?

Quit the DoD-non-sense. This needs to be taken out of politics and thrown into the court before a jury.

Let the court decide: What the facts are, and what remedies to impose on DoD.

These are not political issues. These are matters of criminal law.

Dod Is treating FBI agents as if they were Guantanamo Prisoners: To be ignored simply because the information isn't consistent with the DoD public relations efforts.

We should not be surprised why contractors refuse to bid on the DoD PR contracts and why DoD has to renew their PR-contact with Leo Burnett in Chicago: DoD is a crappy client to be associated with, especially when it spends more time covering up problems than in following the laws.