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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Reality vs Law: Evidence is based on reality, not speculation

One of the tricks people like to pull is to focus on something other than reality.

Rove continues to be defended on the basis of non-sense arguments.

We've seen editorials talking about what the legislative intent of the statutes were.

Interesting, but irrelevant.

In the Plame situation, we don't know what Fitzgerald is looking at, what evidence he does have, or what other crimes he's going after.

Also, we don't know what information is on the 8 pages of non-released motions.

It is absurd to talk about the statutes "intent," when the actual scope of the grand jury inquiry and investigation is beyond the scope of public understanding.

Thus, to editorialize on the "appropriateness" of action at this juncture, is not only premature, but asks us to evaluate one set of uknowns against a criteria that may be totally irrelevant to what the final convictions are.

Regardless the law as we think it to be, the court has already adjudicated on the matter. There is an uncooperating witness in jail.

The court has reviewed the law and evidence and rendered judgment.

What some have not understood is that if they choose to second guess the court, they may not only be found in contempt of court but actively engaged in obstruction of justice.

Do not render judgment based on the law, but based on the evidence.

We are a nation of laws as a guideline; and we are a nation of law based on evidence not fiction.


#43 Yawn.

What's worse than being "ignorant of the law"? It's being ignorant of reality.

What force does an editorial have against a US prosecutor like Fitzgerald? Selfevidently none:

* There remains evidence which the editorial-writer hasn't seen

* Judith Miller is in Jail, thanks to the court's blessing

* The grand jury continues reviewing evidence of additional crimes

* The White House remains under siege

* Fitzgerald continues to gather evidence for indictments

On one hand we have the Constitution and Joe Wilson standing proudly with Conyers and those who assert the rule of law.

On the other hand, we have people who support tyranny.

Pick. The train has left the station. Start running.