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Friday, July 15, 2005

American e-mail compromised: What impact to government oversight and ongoing investigations?

The issues are very large. It remains to be understood how this many e-mails could be blocked and "nobody would know".

Subj: Does the conduct amount to deliberate efforts to obstruct justice?

  • A. Duration of problem

    How long has this been going on; why didn't it get caught; what fees, if any, were awarded to Comcast on the basis of their reporting that they were meeting X-performance standards?

  • B. Contract oversight

    What checks were done of their performance relative to these standards?

  • C. Government reviews and audits

    Who in the government certified that Comcast was meeting requirements?

  • FBI/DSM: Obstruction of Justice?

    Above and beyond the Judicial Watch lawsuit, has DoJ and/or Congress [Judiciary, Government Oversight, Intelligence] looked at the efforts of various people under FBI-surveillance/investigation in their desire to interfere with official inquiry into their conduct?

  • What is Conyers blog-registration system using

    Does this mean that Conyers blog is using Comcast; and this explain why I heard nothing back? [Torqued -- please look at the Conyers blog and discuss this with admin]

  • Foreseeable that other disruptive efforts are possible

    Does this qualify as one of the methods to disrupt the Roadshow? [Please discuss methods to use non-email like blogs to disseminate information]

  • Interference with communication

    Does Ambassador Wilson have Comcast? If so, please find another way to get this link to them. Thanks!

  • White House interference

    I've written about the NOCs role and likely White House efforts to intimidate them into silence stateside. [More . . . ] How does the Comcast issue fit in with this:

    - Is Comcast under some sort of "incentive" program to target specific personnel who know about WMD, DSM?

    - How is the ChoicePoint and SAIC computer bungling fitting in with this?

    - Who let the contract with Comcast; how was it determined that their performance was meeting contract requirements; to what extent is the "problem with DoJ oversight of ChoicePoint and SAIC" fitting into this problem?

  • Echelon/Carnivore to trace; and Comcast to block?

    I'm wondering how this problem fits in with the carnivore-JTTF-email screening tools?

    Was this an WH effort to not only track information [through carnivore] but actively disrupt information through Comcast?