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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Americans are violent and aggressive when it comes to honesty

Anonymously blogging about the truth.

Amazing what people will do.

Here we have a situation where someone sees a problem with the community, speaks out, and gets killed. .

The idea of speaking out is to get things improved. I've seen the opposite:

  • Elected officials promising to review matters, but nothing reviewed;

  • Law enforcement misconduct, but subsequent "investigations" change nothing;

  • Law enforcement engaging in misconduct; personnel do an "investigation," and the offensive party gets promoted;

  • Community leaders encourage the public to come forward with suggestions; but the land owners and corporations retaliate against those who point out the problems with need fixing.

    It's disingenuous for someone to agree or feign some "interest" in getting feedback; then only to use that public feedback as some illusory claim that "people want special attention."

    The public will figure it out:

  • You don't really want to know

  • You have no intention of complying with your standards or procedures

  • Raising issues with you isn't going to solve the problem

  • You're part of the problem not the solution.

    The arrogant "response" is for "leadership" to say, "If you don't like it leave." That's not a solution and doesn't solve the primary problem.

    How's that for unresponsive government and corporate America. Feigning concern with customers, all the while having no serious plan to address recurring problems. Rather, they're quick to shoot the messenger.

    They learn well from RNC and Mr. Bush in the White House. It is like a cancer. And when Americans convince the majority to go along with the non-sense, they march to war and buy stock in companies that are worthless.

    Who suffers? Those naive to believe the dreams; and those who don't realize how corrupt, arrogant, and abusive people will be in order to convince others that "they can't live without this leadership."

    American corporations and government send a clear signal: They are a ruse; and the most effective way to "interact" with them is to ignore them.

    American corporations and government are not reliable. You are better off solving the problem on your own. And if you dare raise a comment in America, you may be free to speak, but there is no protection against retaliation.

    It is an illusion. They do find a way to retaliate. The trick is to be more creative in how you raise issues; and also knowing when to simply walk out the door and fine a more hospitable and civilized society to join.

    America is losing the best and brightest. And those who remain are somewhat slower. The smart ones have left. The dumb ones are only just waking up.

    They're getting more annoyed and less inclined to support that which deserves no support. That is a legitimacy crisis. A failure of leadership. And a problem with responsiveness.

    And it also means many years of problems that haven't been solved have been building up under a mountain of diversions and excuses. Bad habits can be hard to break, especially when there were great rewards in ignoring reality.

    What to do

    Notice what is going on. The bullies will be the ones who will be probing you repetitively. Know how to change your pattern to keep them off balance.

    Watch those who are constantly probing you for information; and notice your reaction after you've interacted with them. The toxic people will leave you with a feeling of self-doubt, and you'll get focused on things that aren't in your interests.

    People will often deliberately ignore your requests, test you, and then blame "your reaction" as the excuse for them blowing up at you. If that happens, re-evaluate your situation and decide whether that relationship, interaction, or living arrangements are suitable for you. Changes may be needed in your schedule.

    Get help. Find a trusted person outside the situation. If you talk to law enforcement, don't go alone. Also, know that sometimes law enforcement will talk to the perpetrator about what they did and that may further enrage your assailant.

    You may be best to quickly leave the area, then talk to law enforcement after you are with a friend and have plans for a new living situation.

    Realize that people who are lazy and incompetent will screw things up. They've gotten where they are by blaming others. It's not about you; their reaction is their fear of finally getting caught.

    Sometimes the cess pool of incompetent people will clump together in common working areas, careers, organizations, facilities, and geographic locations. With time, you'll have a better sense where the cess pool is high, and where the conditions are more amenable.

    People, for the most part, will abuse and lie if they can get away with it. In the end, know that the easiest and fastest way to "solve" a problem is to take yourself out of the situation.

    However, when the conduct is pervasive, there are times when you know that continuing to "walk away" is no longer the answer. You need help.

    That's when its time to talk to a lawyer and look at your legal options. Know that some restraining orders are not effectively enforced; and that the attention of the court will simply make the attention and abuse worse.

    This doesn't mean do nothing. It just means that know there are limitations to some of the options. Again, you may choose to simply walk away and rebuild your life elsewhere.

    Then again, if you enjoy asserting yourself, there's nothing wrong with you making people do their jobs.

    What a concept. Remember, their reaction is about them. The reason they are abusive is that is the only way they perceive they can get "what they want."

    In the end, the problem that they have is that they haven't realized that "what they want" is already inside them. Nobody, not even you, can "make" them feel inferior to "justify" their lashing out.

    Only they can do that to themselves.

    Americans are some very flawed and messed up people. They're not all that bright. They will abuse others. And they don't like to face reality.

    Don't get caught in the denial mode. Because if you make it a habit of "going along" with "those in denial" you may be the last to realize that you're holding the bag.

    There was a trick that swindlers used when selling pigs. Rather than put a pig in the bag to a buyer, they would put a cat in the bag.

    When someone "let's the cat out of the bag," it means that the ruse is found out. But if you're "holding the bag" it means they've got your money, still have the pig, and you have a kitten.

    Remember, their goals it make you lose. Sometimes you just have to know that there's a game going on and just keep walking. Don't look, don't give them a second, and do whatever you can to move on to other things.

    America is the land where crime and swindles abound. People are not to be trusted. And they will abuse those they call their friends.

    What you can do

    Use your mind.

    Notice reality.

    Learn what bullies and abusive people do.

    Be mindful of the warning signs.

    End relationships and interactions early.

    Answer your own questions.

    Keep track of your concerns and solve your problems on your own.

    Choose your associates carefully.

    Put yourself first.

    Be willing to change your pattern and schedule without explanation.

    Have places where you can go and be safe to think, recover, relax, and think through things.

    Take a trusted friend with you when you go to law enforcement.

    Learn about the law and know more about your situation and those who are "professionals." You have to be your own advocate and expert.

    Learn what other people are supposed to be doing. They will likely not be doing it. You may have to find some backups and alternates to pick up the slack.

    Some communities, corporations, and people will listen but that is rare. Look for other outlets for your abilities, insights, and solutions.

    You only live once and you only have so many hours in the day. There's no reason to beat your head against the wall trying to make anyone understand.

    Don't try. They're stupid and/or they don't want to know or care. Maybe their supervisor can help; then again, in America the lazy employees and pieces of shit who work in government will likely get to 'their boss' before you do and spin the story 'their way' to make you look like the problem.

    What to do? Reverse yourself and thank the employer for hiring such a fine employee. It will throw everyone off.

    Remain calm. Yes, they will think you're nuts. And that's the point. They won't bother you.

    As much. This is why the greatest power sometimes belongs to those who say positive things. For everyone secretly fears that you're setting them up.

    They should be worried. You are.

    And then you can unleash the truth, rally the troops, and it will be selfevident who the morons are and who's worth listening to.

    Many will choose the deception. But the ones who have their heads on will know what is going on.

    Never worry about "their reaction" to what you are doing. Simply do what is in your best interests.

    Remember, they want you to lose. So surprise them. They are idiots and fearful. Use that to your advantage.

    Especially as the grand jury gets closer and the war crimes indictments loom. The rule of law prevails, even over those who subvert it.

    We may be silent, but we will not forget. Lawful paybacks are certainly annoying, especially when they run the risk of being unable to continue financing a mortgage and are looking at their cell mate wondering if they're going to get taken advantage of again.

    Ouch, and to think they could've avoided all this simply if they hadn't been such an asshole. Their loss. And why care about them. They brought this on themselves.

    Care less about their reaction. Care more about yourself. They'll continue to beat up on you until you put yourself first and move without regard to them.

    In the end, only you can make it happen and take care of yourself. Nobody is coming. You have to do the work, and find the answer inside yourself.

    It is there. Then, the trick, is to learn to apply your wisdom to your situation; and see the relevance of your experience to what you are in.

    . . . as we muddle through . . . we're all making it up. Some just look like they're not.

    If you don't take care of yourself, why should anyone else? Treat yourself with the respect you desire; whether others cooperate or not is outside your contorl.