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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Blogger tells advertisers to screw off

Disclaimer: WHen I say, "Blogger" I'm referring to me, a blogger, not the blogging host called, "Blogger." Those are two separte things. I am a person; the blogging host is a corporation. I'm talking about me when I say, "blogger" in this article.


The rumors are swirling. We've finally found one who is willing to stand up to them.

We can now reveal what we've long suspected. This site is under surveillance.

Not just by the NSA. But national advertising firms.

Why? They want to buy ad space. The words we hear are, "Mutual benefit" and "opportunity to enhance your product."

What is our answer?

Fuck off! We don't take advertising, especially from media shills who refused to investigate the Downing Street Memo.

Where were you guys when the nation needed leadership?

The media wasn't' there.

So what's to be said for the advertising world when it comes knocking again?

They'll get the same answer. Every time.

So don't bother trying to hunt down the editorial team behind this blog. You'll never find it. And it will never respond to any brazen attempts or manipulation.

You go that?

Next time you want to talk about advertising opportunities, at least have the courtesy to make an open request. So the public can read your awful, gawdy proposal.

So that we might publicly humiliate you more.

Not do so with such awful, and slitheringness. Next time we find you running around whispering about advertising, we will just walk away.

We will not be corrupted.

Especially when the choice is simply between the Constitution or a tyrant.

You have already made your pact with the devil. We shall never turn to the dark side.

Take your blog-advertising proposals and shove them up your ass. Nobody here wants your money. And they don't want to be associated with anything that refused to stand up for the Constitution when this nation most needed leadership.

You made a poor choice. And you will never have the opportunity to advertise on this blog.

We will never be sold.