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Friday, July 22, 2005

How Bush undermines American security, safety, and freedom.

American leadership continues to provoke actions that are adding fuel to the terrorism.

Will Americans learn?

There were two articles that caught my eye recently, and they made me wonder.

First there is the public concern that the Iraq invasion has made things worse.

Second, is the White House decision to reject any legislation that doesn't allow the US to commit torture.


The problem we have is that the "recent American concerns" about the Iraq war were reasonably discussed and raised Prior to the Iraq invasion. These concerns were rejected.

In hindsight, given Ambassador Wilson's reports and the Downing Street Memo, combined with the Rove revelations, we know that the Iraq adventure was at best unlawful and at worst a disaster. Here we are three years later, still trying to come up with the facts of what happened.

Further, let us remember why the London bombers are supposedly doing what they are doing. They're pissed off.

So it comes as a surprise that just as the US is trying to "deal with these issues" [by stonewalling an investigation into Downing Street Memo, and obstructing justice over the Plame-name-leaking and non-sense over justifications with war crimes, and distractions from the torture and Rove with a Roberts confirmation], that the world would miss the obvious.

The US botched the debate in 2002-3 with Iraq. The facts were twisted. Then after getting into Iraq, the US decided to Ignore the laws of war, use contractors to commit torture, and then stupidly take photos of their crimes.

The succinct story is: If the US doesn't want to have the "bad things related to terrorism to continue" then it needs to obey the laws of war.

However, if the US wants to come up with some legal excuse and say "the laws of war do not apply," then the US is simply doing more of what was the catalyst for 9-11: Being arrogant; ignoring rules of decency; and essentially fueling the fire for more outrage.

Further, if the President wants to ignore "the lessons of GITMO" then he needs to continue doing more of what is pissing off the world: Engaging in war crimes; abusing people; and detaining people who may or may not be related to "whatever convenient excuse the US wants to make."

It is clear that the President wants to continue with distractions from the Downing Street Memo, Rove, and war crimes by committing more war crimes, abuses, and distractions.

Going forward

It is absurd, and is understandably embraced, by the Americans that in order to "win" they have to continue doing what doesn't work:

  • Committing abuses

  • Legalizing unlawful acts

  • Ignoring the lessons of history

  • Not listening to the civilian population

    The Civilians are saying: "We're not seeing the benefits of this Iraq invasion. We have more problems."

    Thus, what is the White House's most likely conclusion: The one thing that will send the signal of:

  • We know better

  • We are ignoring you

  • We will defy reality

  • We will do more to make this problem worse

    What is the US going to do? It is going to

  • Pass legislation that will legalize torture

  • Sell the torture as "needed" even though it doesn't work

  • Require Congress to "go along" with something that backfires

  • Legalize methods and tactics that interrogators [experts] know doesn't work

  • Take these actions without regard to the consequences [pissing more people off]

  • Ignore the civilian population's concerns that these actions are making them feel less safe [ignoring reality]

    What to do

    Give the White House exactly what it wants:

  • Stupid people

  • Moron decisions

  • War crimes

  • Evidence of abuse

  • Information showing they are failing

  • Remind them that the London Bombings are related directly to what is happening in GITMO, Abu Ghraib, Iraq, and Afghanistan

  • Blind obedience to their arbitrariness

  • Mre approvals to launch more illegal wars

    What will that do

    It will make the world realize that the United States is out of control; is ignoring the laws of war; and has no intention of being restrained by any law or standard.

    Then the world will have to make a choice: Does it want to be invaded and have their citizens abused as they have seen in Iraq; or are they going to dare stand up to the lawlessness coming from the White House?

    Leaders who refuse to assent to the rule of law may find on the battlefield that they no longer command respect or obedience.

    But a far graver problem fro the United States will be when the world concludes, "The only way to preserve our own way of life is to declare war on the American people."

    That day is coming.

    This was a war of choice. Which American leaders freely chose. It is getting bad.

    The Congress is going to have to ask: Are we going to reign in this lawlessness; or do we require the catalyst of outside military force to compel our compliance.

    One is difficult. The other is deadly.

    If you choose to go along with this non-sense, the world will reasonably conclude that open combat and direct attacks on American civilians is the only way to end this non-sense coming from the White House.

    if that is what you want, do nothing.

    But if you want to stand up for your way of life, then it is time to realize that your leadership is not listening to you, and they are doing more of what is fueling the problem.

    They are a threat to your way of life.

    You need to decide whether you want more war crimes or whether you want a Constitution.

    Either way, it is going to be alot of work. One way is difficult. The other way is something that the RNC wants so they can continue to destroy your Constitution and mobilize the nation for perma war, and distract attention from their war crimes.

    The crimes have already been committed. The question is whether you want it to end, or for it to get much worse.

    Your leaders are not leading> They are not listening. If you fail to assert the rule of law, others from outside the United States are already moving to impose discipline where Americans refuse to submit to the rule of law.

    The one solution and saving grace Americans have: Fitzgerald. If he finds the truth, and ends this madness. Then American will be safe.

    But if this non-sense continues, then it is going to get far worse. This is all foreseeable, and you were warned.