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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Patience can be a trap

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Waiting will get you more of the same. If you want a constitution, you have to fight for it.

Subj: Patience implies an expectation of an outcome; the RNC fascists are not cooperating


Nice quote. And with some effort, they removal can be accelerated.

We saw that "patience" can lead to complacency. That is not accpetable. They need to be actively defeated; "patience" at this juncture will simply send a green light to more tyranny. [More . . . ]

That's what they want. Chip away at the document. The time to be "patient" is over; for look what they have done with that patience up until now: Taken advantage of it.

Subj: Speaking out to correct problems of Tyranny that threatens your Constitution


Notice what is going on above. The country relies on the idea of prudence.

This means that people exchange information, solve problems.

What does "anonymous" want? He wants the world to be silent. To not use blogs, to stay silent.

I see nothing before me that says there is a restriction on anyone from speaking out about the problems with the e-mail; the apparent roadblocks to communication; or the stifling oppressive government.

We speak to solve problems.

Yet, notice the RNC strategy. It is to assume that "public disagreement" is a problem.

Alas, to what might we be afforded this privlege and insight? The RNC goons would ask that, like all non-sense from auditors, analysts, and other fiduciaries like ABA-trained lawyer-goons, that the "intricacies of problems" be relegated to the back rooms.

But we've seen what happens when the debates are shut down and there are only whispers:

- The nation is intimidated to be silent bout war crimes;

- The JTTF goons fabricate evidence form the RNC demonstrations to silence those who dare speak out.

What is wrong with remaining silent? For we have been given freedom; then, gosh dare: Use it to speak out about what a solution is.

And what does the RNC propose: Just burn the Constitution. That is not a solution. That is tyranny.

And they have made a poor choice. RNC personnel who read this blog. To those accountants and legal consultants reading: Ask yourself, are you willing to continue supporting a cause that will destroy your rights.

Are you hoping that the world will not see that you are contributing to something that will make your own life and liberty unpalatable?

Think about the legacy you are leaving. The world and future generations will know that it was your contribution to tyranny that left them the mess to clean up. They will know. And they will find out the truth.

It is only a matter of seconds, and the entire world gets copies of the RNC talking points. Your own staffers have defected; they know their days are up.

But what does the RNC want? They want the world to be silent bout the domestic abuses; to not talks bout the patriot Act; to be silent about the JTTF intrusions and the misconduct.

I ask you, if JTTF was truly "on our side" wouldn't they be taking the information we were freely giving them? The answer is: They continue to ignore the information; they have no adequate information management systems to manage the incoming information.

So why do they need "new powers" to get "new stuff" that they already show they can't manage?

They don't need more information; they need better leaders. Ones who actually know the MAOP; ones who are willing to not lie before Congress; those who are willing to comply with the existing discipline standards within the DOJ OPR.

But what are we given? More non-sense from the DOJ OPR saying, "Trust us." Yet what do we have? Sibel Edmonds gets the run around; the whistleblowers are ignored.

Is that an entity that needs more power? No! They need to be put on a tight leash; and the whistleblowers need to be listened to, not shut away in some box.

So let's see the sunlight. Let's see something about the Patriot Act. Let's see something that would justify burning the Constitution to chase ghosts; while at the same time the arrogant American govenrment approach to all of this is to continue to point to "Moslems" as the problem; when, in fact, the real problem is the arrogant government that promises to "do something" but they never hold people accountable for abuses unless its caught on tape.

That's poor oversight. So the last thing anyone should do is blindly sit back and let this "goon government system" run by RNC fascists make the case that "they are to be trusted" when all the evidence form the 9-11 investigations and white wash investigations of the intelligence community show that they are continuing to abuse their power; and are not to be trusted.

They need oversight, not free reign to walk around and be given more power to abuse.

Do you want your children to scorn you, and see right through you knowing full well you destroyed the constitution?

If you do, then do nothing. But if you want your children to respect you, then defeat this bill and put an end to this fascism in the White House.

There needs to be a Downing Street investigation; and there needs to be a filibuster of this Supreme Court nomination until the House Judiciary Committee is forced to review Rove, the unlawful war of aggression in Iraq, and the Downing Street Memo.

If you want to read more, read my blog. If you don't want to read my blog fine! I don't care either way.

It's your choice: Tyranny or a Constitution.