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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

NSA Hearing Action Alert Archive Overview

[ For your convenience, there is an NSA Action Alert Archive; Click here to read other NSA Hearing Action Alerts.]

This is an overview of the archive being developed NSA Hearing Action Alerts.

This is not the archive. This is just an explanation of the Archive.

Where the action alert information is located: What you are looking for

The links in the Action Alert Archive will take you to the specific action alerts. The Archive is here at this link: click here.

Sample Archive: Where we are going, how this will look

To see a sample of what the action alert archive will look like click here.


The purpose of this Action Alert Archive Overview is to explain how the Action Alert archive will work, and what the action alerts are designed to accomplish.

The action alerts will give you suggestions on things to do to read, review, or call your attention to.

You are not required to do anything. It is up to you. You may or may not wish to participate. Your support is highly encouraged.

The Action alert archive is on the way.

Things to remember about the big picture

At no time will you be asked to do anything illegal.

Your job is to know that all action alerts will support one objective: Lawfully removing the President from office for violating his oath of office. The RNC and White House have no legal defense.

The White House legal staff is crumbling. They know their legal arguments are devoid of legal foundation. They selective pick and choose from the case law. They can only do what they've always done: Provide non-sense, and distractions, and make up stories why the rule of law does or does not apply to them.

We have plenty of evidence what the DoJ attorneys will do: Look at the Rendition, torture, and legal excuses for the NSA's unlawful conduct. The White House has no legal defense.

What to blog about

The action alerts will direct you to efforts to learn more. We encourage you to provide feedback -- using your blog or other messages -- to these action alerts:

  • What happened after you took the action

  • Did you get a response

  • What kind of reaction did you get

  • What did they say or do -- share the exact details of what was said, if possible

  • What information have they provided you

  • What the information helpful, or a distraction

  • Is the information something you personally saw, or was it something you heard from someone else

  • Is the information reliable

  • Is the information from the main stream media

  • Other information: Ideas, suggestions, or any comments you have. Anything is acceptable. It's your blog.


    The above information is not required. It is merely to give you an idea of how your involvement and participation will be useful. It's one thing to take action; the important thing is to share what you've done and learned with others.

    The goal will be to find what is working, and what the White House is doing to dissuade action, or create diversions.

    This is to be expected and can be understood.

    Good luck, and thank you for visiting the NSA Hearing Action Alert Archive Overview


    As new trends, developments and events occur, there will be updates to the content above. The overall archive will not change. However, the words above will likely be reformatted as the situation warrants.

    Thank you for visiting. The NSA hearing is the first step in gathering facts to lawfully remove the President from office for violations of his oath and rebellion against the Constitution.