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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

NSA Hearing Action Alert Archive

[ For your convenience, there is an NSA Action Alert Archive; Click here to read other NSA Hearing Action Alerts.]

Welcome! This is the NSA Hearing action alert archive.

The purpose of this archive is to organize action alerts by date. To see a sample of what this archive will look like click here

You will see there is a reason why you are asked to do certain things.

Last update: 31 Jan 2006

Action Alerts

[ ] To be added

NSA Hearing Announcement [01 feb 2006]

Announcement of the NSA Hearing effort. [31 Jan 2006]

[ ] To see a sample of what this will look like, click here.

Ways to take action

Letters to editor

Other Action Efforts


Purpose of this action alert archive

This will provide a record of what is happening. The purpose of these action alerts will be to mobilize voters like you. Your job is to decide what you want to do, take action, and then share with the world in your blog or in message boards what you have done and the results.

If you have questions about the Action Alert archive, there is more detail at this link: Click here

How these action alerts fit into the 2006 election

We expect the President to be lawfully removed from office by January 2007.

Remember, your voting at the state level will determine who is in the House of Representatives. We expect the President’s lawful replacement to be picked from a member of the US House of Representatives. They will be elected in 2006.

The next President of the United States will be elected to the US House of Representatives in 2006.

Your role in the action alerts

The action alerts will be organized by date, and also by focus area. You'll see that there is a pattern. The dates will correspond to when the action alert was announced. The focus areas correspond to the overall support area to lawfully remove the President from office.

With time, you will see how the action alerts fit into the 2006 election process, and how the NSA hearing data will fit into the State proclamation efforts calling for impeachment; and the House and Senate coordination during the trial on the Senate floor.

You as a voter will have the chance to use this information to mobilize your friends in your neighborhood to make informed choices on who you trust to adhere to their oaths of office, not just at the state level, but Federal level.